Why after the outbreak, the hombuilding industry is preferdo

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摘要:opened in 2020, a sudden pneumonia epidemic sweeping the country, was caught in the line of stores selling a standstill, and therefore many SMEs go bankrupt. At the same time, many had originally intended to join the investment at the begin

   opened in 2020, a sudden pneumonia epidemic sweeping the country, was caught in the line of stores selling a standstill, and therefore many SMEs go bankrupt. At the same time, many had originally intended to join the investment at the beginning of entrepreneurs is also caught in a dilemma, and some even had to give up the idea. After knowing the organic will risk.

   n gives rise to the so-called, is thought trapped changed. We also see good at-risk have found "machine".


   So some people will certainly have to ask, after the outbreak of the "machine" Where will it? Do not worry, Xiao Bian now to answer 鈫撯啌鈫?

   after a catastrophic disaster, is bound to trigger peoples pursuit of quality of life, and the lives of the home building industry would certainly usher in a new round of outbreak .

   can be expected that, after the outbreak, the home building industry is undoubtedly the first choice you venture! Still hesitating whether to join the home building industry intent agents have to seize the opportunity.

   Why do you say that? Xiao Bian is not unfounded, I believe after reading the following, you will be given entrepreneurs who suddenly see the light!

   One reason: home building materials is a rigid demand will be late but never absent

   For previous years, the spring people decoration home renovation, decoration marriage room of the season, but this year due to epidemic seriously affected, many forced to stop renovation project period, the industry into the "Ice period", many people mistakenly think this a great opportunity to dissipate.

   In fact, in the long run, home improvement, home building materials are durable consumer goods, with FMCG, hotels, and restaurants, there are essentially different. FMCG, restaurants, hotels and other consumer characterized by "after this village, no this shop," just to be part of home building materials home improvement, Xiao Bian believe demand will be late but never absent.

   we can first look at a set of data:

   authority of the media industry in the survey, nearly 36% of households have expressed planned renovation demand in February or March, the renovation budget in 10 more than million households accounted for Qi Cheng. Only 38% of households said they would abandon the original renovation plans. In other words, more than sixty percent family will not give up the epidemic decoration. After the outbreak, the renovation market will usher in a "lag outbreak."


   It can be seen during the epidemic during the traditional Spring Festival plus pent-up consumer demand for home building materials, home improvement, will be at the end of the epidemic, spurt broke out, this time, it should be this year, next six months.

   Xiao Bian opportunities words:

   so-called "free market do not invest," Investors believe no matter what industry first element is to first consider the investment market prospects. If there is no market what about sellers? How to profit? Sometimes choice than to select a considerable prospects for the industry last harvest is visible.

   before we could because the industry is unknown and there is a certain risk, but now the question is no need to worry in the investment process, whether it is from a big data or from the social status quo, the prospects of home building materials industry It is visible.

   Two reasons: the real estate business delayed opening the second half will focus on the outbreak

   It is understood that since the new crown epidemic broke out, the real estate market turnover fell sharply. According to the Chinese New Year holiday compared to 2018 volume of commercial housing 88 major cities monitored during the Spring Festival to reduce the 63% portion of the four-tier cities zero turnover. Most of the real estate plans to postpone the opening after To.


   According to the current market situation, despite the current real estate holds on the phenomenon, it is believed that with the end of the epidemic, the introduction of the national housing demand related consumer policy, residents will return to the market.

   Xiao Bian opportunities words:

   real estate industry has been a hot industry, because of the outbreak temporarily delayed, but I believe that with the introduction of small series of related policies, the second half will be more demand for real estate strong, according to Ping An Securities Research estimates, a huge assembly building market space, is expected in 2021 will exceed 1 trillion yuan. New real estate home building industry is the incremental market!, Then, as downstream industries home building industry will certainly become more fiery.

   At the same time, home building industry as a high-profit industry, although the large upfront investment, but back to the fast. As long as there is demand, dealers do not have to worry about the money back to the question. Besides, now that many companies have introduced preferential policies to join, join now also save a lot of investment opportunities only once, missed pity.

   Three reasons: home building materials industryPromotional peak season now open the door to join the popular

   in the home building industry, the holidays are often the best time for promotion of major companies. For previous years, the spring is often the sales season, this year due to the impact of the epidemic, many promotional activities have been held in abeyance. Many companies have said that March sales season is over, but the node after the epidemic is the focus of the direction of its development effort. Golden Week

   2020 is definitely not the same as May Day, this year, affected by the epidemic, the government is stimulating domestic demand, in previous years, instead of the three-day holiday for five days, no doubt for home building materials dealers a great opportunity to extend the holiday means consumers have more time to look at the store household items, I believe this will be the first season after the outbreak within the industry. For several months did not go out of consumers, families want a brand new heart should be unique, after all, all day long in the same home environment, there will always produce visual fatigue, and the more you use the old furniture.


   At this point they are definitely choose the most urgent time to buy household goods. By then, the market demand will be very strong. And with the second half of the electricity supplier successive node, as well as numerous postponed the wedding, I believe that peoples desire to shop will only increase.

   Xiao Bian opportunities words:

   Pasha shop the most? Of course, the customer is not it! Investment Entity industry fear most is no one home. No one to hoard it means that the product will not sell. Investing now home building industry will not have to worry about this problem. After the epidemic, people want out of the desire to shop is absolutely unique, household goods as during the epidemic have the most contact items, is bound to become the preferred shopping list.

   market is like a spring, is pressed longer, the higher the rebound. Plus a variety of promotional activities uninterrupted holidays, peoples desire for consumption is very high. So now it is the sooner the more it can seize the shop to the first wave of business opportunities.

   Four reasons: the national good frequent policy for the development of the industry into the tonic

   With the gradual domestic epidemic prevention and control, and anti "plague" has entered a new stage, boost the economy and the resumption of production return to work has become a priority at this stage. Home building industry has become the focus of attention object.

   at the State Department on joint prevention and control mechanism of the press conference held on March 18, the National Development and Reform Commission, Ministry of Commerce releasedA series of positive signals, but also reveals the future business trends.

   Ministry of Commerce, Consumer Division is responsible for the promotion of human Wang Bin said at a news conference: policy measures will promote further research to mention cars, furniture, appliances and other key consumer goods with the relevant departments.


   Xiao Bian opportunities words:

   After the outbreak, the country will launch a number of policies to stimulate consumption, but also to relax the requirements of the business. This is an unprecedented good opportunity for investors, always follow the partys direction to go right drops. Home building industry as the government focuses on objects where business opportunities can be imagined.

   So what the industry after the epidemic good investment? Of course, it is the home building industry. Not only large market demand, as well as government "promise" not to invest now to join now, when? Epidemic will pass, wealth of business opportunities ranging from people, seize the opportunity to win!

   want to join in order to help entrepreneurs better understand the market, identify opportunities, China Building Material exclusive planned to market after the outbreak inherent in "money" King-themed series of reports, a comprehensive analysis of market conditions , intensive market policy, carefully selected high-quality brand, dedicated to entrepreneurs to open up a bright road investment. Foresee more business opportunities, stay tuned follow-up stories!

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