Water purifier entprises to develop the -svice- marketing

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摘要:For ordinary people, the life is three things: get married, have children, buy a house. Completion of any one thing is worth celebrating. However, there are times when some unpleasant things happen, your happiness will add some less harmoni

   For ordinary people, the life is three things: get married, have children, buy a house. Completion of any one thing is worth celebrating. However, there are times when some unpleasant things happen, your happiness will add some less harmonious colors.

   weekend to go to new homes cousin, fresh and bright, simple but elegant, heart Antan, if I could live in this house thousand million. When expressing wishes to cousins, cousins 鈥嬧€媠ays, "You do not know me much suffering, the house is good, but this water ah, suck." Further inquiries and found out, the original home installation of water purifiers Something went wrong.

   cousin are all doctors, all drinking water has a deep obsession, when he can not wait to get the key of a water purifier installed. In his words, water purifiers, ah, not cure, but can be less sick. However, after a period of time, found that a little water seepage water purifiers, they find aftermarket, replacement of hope, but the seller does not agree, he has been stiff. Cousin kept sigh, sale, must pay attention to ah! Look outside not ah!


   Indeed, the water purification industry is now known as the last pot of gold at the home appliance industry, attracted numerous investors flocked to the current water purifier manufacturer of more than 5000 large and small, all kinds of water purifier market dazzling array of products, people more and more selective and demanding higher and higher. In addition to product quality, constitute the first consumer desire to buy is often a product of design. Of course, the ultimate desire to purchase or perhaps landed on the service sales staff. Rather than buy water purification process is to understand the product, as it is to feel the service. Good service often allow consumers to benefit, not only to understand the performance of the product, but also to feel the warmth of the enterprise in a harmonious atmosphere, which is often an important factor in consumer choice of products.

   the purchasing power of decision to the aesthetics of the product according to the recommended water purification capacity

   consumer preference for water purifiers ware is based on the price sensitivity of consumers purchasing power of the consumers decide selecting for aesthetics. For the relatively strong purchasing power of consumers, their first concern is the appearance of the water purifier, then aesthetics determine their buying behavior; and for a higher price sensitivity of customers, they will be in the price affordable range, select your favorite water purifier ware. So for us to grasp the spending power of the terminal is recommended purifierThe key products.

   focus on water purification products enterprises to develop after-sales service marketing

   For consumers, in addition to high-quality products, but also good after-sales service. Today, consumers are looking more than just buying products, while valued, as well as after-sales service. In the past, buy a water purifier is go to the mall to buy a single-family, and a separate one by one to buy, now, more marketing, consumers in order to plan a benefit, prefer to buy ware package, and select holidays or concessions days purchase, and some even participate in the purchase online buy mode, which reflects the modern service marketing, so that consumers get the best, most satisfactory products and professional services.

   At present, some large water purifier brands more emphasis on service, courtesy, standing guests a view to solving real trouble decoration, but most small brands can not reach this effect, the product quality management and application show less satisfactory, the attitude can not keep up, the ratio between them, on the impact of the transaction effects. As a highly competitive marketing of water purifiers, and more efforts in management and marketing, product quality assurance, service quality improvement, market competition is a good advantage.

   Now, more and more consumer choose to buy a water purifier, just to give your family a healthy drinking water protection. Water purification companies should harbor one for the family to drink water, health beliefs, genuineness services for consumers, in order to win the trust of consumers, to win the market.

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