Water purifier leaks hurt the cabinet who is responsible foa

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摘要:consumers say: due to leaking and damaged water purifier cabinet, who will repair reporter:? Tell me about what happened. Ms. Chen: In March this year, I bought a water purifier treasure in Unilever Lynx mall, installed in the kitchen cupbo


鍑€姘村櫒婕忔按浼や簡姗辨煖 闄勫姞鎹熷け璋佽礋璐? /></p><p>   For convenience, aesthetic considerations, it will generally water purifier mounted in the cabinet. But in that case, if the water purifier failure, users may also be difficult to detect, or even so bring additional losses. This does not, Ms. Chen, who lives in Gongshu to run into. </p><p>  

   consumers say:

   due to leaking and damaged water purifier cabinet, who will repair

   reporter:? Tell me about what happened.

   Ms. Chen: In March this year, I bought a water purifier treasure in Unilever Lynx mall, installed in the kitchen cupboard. In mid-August, I found leaking water purifier. As the water purifier mounted inside the cupboard, leakage of water accumulated on the wooden plank, plank many long flooding began foaming, peeling.

   Reporter:? How did you deal with the

   Ms. Chen: find the leak, Ill call the telephone service brand, the next day, Cao master-site maintenance staff to discharge water purifier under and reinstall. After water purifier repaired, but the damage of the cabinet who will be responsible? Cao master and I make it clear, he took a few phone site map, said that he would report the situation, the company will send someone to deal with. How to deal with the results of

   Ms. Chen::

   reporter? After a while, see no maintenance staff to repair the cabinet, I will call the telephone inquiry service, the staff said they would report the treatment, so I wait. Now in the past more than three months, I played four or five times before and after the telephone service, the staff gave me the answer is the same. I think businesses are deliberately shirk. I hope to be able to home repair business cabinet as soon as possible.

   business, said:

   whether due to leaking and damaged cabinets,

   professionals need to verify

   receivedAfter Ms. Chen telephone complaints, the reporter was removed links to the maintenance workers Cao master Miss Zeng Geichen provide maintenance services.

   Reporter: Will Chan damaged home cabinets are caused by leaking water purifiers do

   Cao master:? I just shot down the field, to help her situation to the higher authorities. Were just a repair station maintenance tasks are the boss faction. Our boss and many manufacturers have cooperation, factory repair services are typically communicate directly with our boss, we do not direct contact with customers. Ms. Chens case I have talked to their superiors, deal with the situation back I do not know.

   Subsequently, the reporter dialed the telephone service, water purifier brand, the number who claimed to work for the staff to answer the call of 8538, Ms. Chen to reporters ask for information such as phone number, after inquiries Ms. Chen does have a record of incoming calls.

   Reporter: Ms. Chen case is true, as reflected in how you deal with

   staff:?? The telephone number you provided, registration information is indeed found two telegrams to repair. One is in August this year, the other one is September 21, customers of the problem "because the leaking water purifier so the cabinet is damaged, so far no one to repair" of. Specific treatment we need to keep contact your local service station.

   staff expressed the need to understand the handling of the event, in order to reply. After one hour, the reporter called to ask again, turn-by-phone customer service supervisor who claimed job number 8521 for staff to answer.

   Reporter: Ms Chan said she call the customer service feedback has been more than three months, but no staff to attend to her, why you going to do next

   staff:?? Chen Ms. I already know that we have the appropriate records, local maintenance staff also presented a live picture and note. Receive customer feedback, we generally will be processed the same day, but due to the special circumstances of Ms. Chen, professionals need to be verified. According to my understanding, Ms. Chen addition to requiring repair water purifier, but also make a claim, which requires the company to get in touch with the terms of the insurance company, and then communicate with the local service station. More intermediate process, affecting the processing speed. I will apply to the company, accelerate deal with the matter. Staff and maintenance staff will then Contact Ms. Chen further communication.

   Consumer Protection Committee say:?

   because of damage to the product and generate additional losses,

   businesses can not pass the buck

   So, the damage to the product produced collateral damage that this indeed is who will bear consumers may face practical problems.

   with reporters the day after the customer service contact, Chan told reporters: "There is an insurance company staff home, check for damage to the cabinet, take pictures, they said, are water purifier and talk business the issue of compensation, but no one to talk to me cupboard maintenance issues, I had to wait. "

   in such cases Chan, and how they deal with? reporter consulted the consumer protection Committee, vice Hangzhou Secretary-General Chen Hang.

   Chen Hang: losses caused by the product quality issues businesses should bear, no doubt.

   and now people are more frequent online shopping, online shopping, but some products, service not perfect. For some emerging products and home appliances products, before consumers buy must understand the products, service processes, so as to avoid unnecessary trouble. In normal use of the product, if there is damage or even damage to the product due to generation of additional losses, users must be timely evidence and contact businesses, actively communicate with business consultation, clear lines of responsibility. If the two sides to communicate without result, consumers should select a valid means of rights. If Chan damaged home cabinets are caused by leaking water purifier, there are certain businesses that came with maintenance responsibility, as a business, should be timely, proper and reasonable settlement of consumer disputes, not prevarication delay.

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