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摘要:a consumer consumers errors while back there were reports that some consumers because they do not know how to pick the right home water purifier, which they considered the most expensive brand product is the best, in fact, this is . as the


a consumer consumers errors while back there were reports that some consumers because they do not know how to pick the right home water purifier, which they considered the most expensive brand product is the best, in fact, this is .


as the weather changes, water has become a very important thing. Consumers pick for water purifiers, the best choice is the big companies and big brands, good product support services provided by the company, do not dumped because of small and low-cost extract, but not the more expensive the price it can The higher the reliability, the consumer must understand this point.


According to the survey, water purification in this area many kinds of products, brands and more, materials and technologies involved are complex, the lack of professional knowledge of the consumers hard to choose. So how can we buy a home water purifier Heart of it? In the purchase of water purifiers, consumers should consider those factors? Water purifiers top ten brands Ou Pute summed up the points based on years of experience, that consumers consider the following factors in the purchase of a water purifier should: brands, distributors, technology products, water purifier performance indicators related to certification and price. In a nutshell is a ratio, a second election, three to see.


first told you about what is the second election.


First, select the brand: the brand is a business and technology enterprises, the symbol of product quality and credibility of the election is actually choose the brand enterprises, the quality of the election, the credibility of the election;


Second, selected dealer: choose a good auto mall to buy a water purifier will make the interests of consumers get a double guarantee. Because the water purifier installation and maintenance are mostly dealers to complete. Dealer installation and maintenance skill level is very important. Since the production of water purifiers is just a semi-finished products, but also through professional installation, to work properly, install the role of quality assurance in product quality plays a very important.


Second with you about what is three to see.


a look at the product technology: there are certain differences in different products of the same brand of its technology, generally speaking the famous water purifier brand has three levels of water purification products: mature technology products, import of technology products, has a unique added value products;


Second look cartridge arrangement: product activated carbon adsorption treatment area is larger, membrane pore size is smaller. Filter should be fully enclosed, so as to effectively prevent contamination, to prevent generation of algae;


three models and performance indicators to see: Advanced performance can be seen by looking at the general performance. Look energy efficiency, higher energy efficiency, better technical performance, the use of the more energy-efficient. At the same time, different processing capacity of water treatment products, selection is based on household water consumption. If the model is too small, would be like a small horse-drawn carts, the fatigue level of water treatment equipment to large, life will be reduced accordingly.


The other is to look at the countries concerned Certification: The water purifier as household appliances, household appliances must pass the national product safety certification, such as health permits. Consumers do not buy cheaper appliances that do not have national security certification mark of water purification products, otherwise leakage may occur, fire, endangering the personal safety of consumers.


finally told you about what is a ratio.


is a ratio than the price, why should only explain what is one to last, since consumers only compare the five factors in front of the brand in the future than the price makes sense.


In addition, here also like to remind everyone that, in addition to some home water treatment equipment selection principles described above, but also to choose according to their own geographical location. Because different water quality, pollutants contained in the water will vary, requiring different areas of water treatment equipment to work. Take water purifier, consumers in the selection of the best will be able to select those cities for their own local water quality and tailor-made products. Such as water, colloids, suspended solids more serious, many imported products with the blockage and failure will not take long. Therefore, the local manufacturing of the product might be more suitable for some.


and various other household products, home water purifier good product must have good long-term support services in order to become a real good product, such as regular replacement filter, water quality testing and so on. So choose a product not only of good quality, services is and to guarantee the companys long-term sustainability of products and services is essential.



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