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摘要:Have you set up water purification machine shops, but unfortunately there were no sales channels and ideas? Are you ready to go in the field of water purification machines to make life under the pot of gold, but suffer sales model has yet t

   Have you set up water purification machine shops, but unfortunately there were no sales channels and ideas? Are you ready to go in the field of water purification machines to make life under the pot of gold, but suffer sales model has yet to be found? Do you.... So, after reading this article, I believe after reading your enlightened.

   1, dealers

   dealers and the industry is often called "traditional sales", the first use of advertising, issued a notice, meetings, etc., in the country (or local scale ) within the investment, extensive recruiting distributors, dealers certain period (usually a year or two years) after integration, based on dealer performance, ability, loyalty, division of provincial, municipal, county-level dealers, or say one, two, three agents, assigned the exclusive distribution rights or distribution rights, the regions other customers or distributors must purchase and agents from the region can not purchase directly from the manufacturer. Manufacturers to dealer training, including drinking water and health knowledge, product performance characteristics, marketing skills, technical installation and maintenance and so on, the two sides signed an agreement to clear responsibilities, rights and interests, regional agent, agent price, market price, maintenance responsibility and so on. National business form (or local range) of the distribution network. The larger the network, the more dealers, the greater the sales. Large enterprises dealers often have hundreds or even thousands, if every year a thousand dealers selling water purifier, total sales of enterprises should reach hundreds of thousands.

   2, direct.

   Direct selling is coming from abroad younger sales model, and pyramid schemes are outlawed both similarities, but not the same, although this is also engaged in direct selling companies have been repeatedly reported still safe and sound the reason. Extensive sales network, a unique sales model, incentives exciting, passionate training courses, these direct sales and MLM have the same purpose. But there are two differences: MLM point head, direct sales in kind; pyramid of personal, direct sales to stores; restriction of personal freedom MLM training, direct training to volunteer to come and go freely; pyramid schemes to evade taxes, direct taxes Compliance. Therefore, direct water purifier business have not been banned and blocked.

   3, will sell (sales meetings)

   a classic "will sell" mode is: a place by the dealer organization planning, good links with the local neighborhood or property management companies , the health lectures or fraternity in the community, the communityEspecially the elderly retirees invited to a meeting by the dealer or manufacturer invited several experts to teach health knowledge, teaching the relationship between drinking water and health, teaching tap water of harmful substances and hazardous to human health, say the net water principle, gradually into the theme, stressing the need for the use and effectiveness of water purification machines, about the advantages of their own products, features and functions.

   4, net sales (net sales)

   use the Internet to open online store, engage in online sales, new development in recent years, a new marketing model, now on the Internet has many can be found in the sales of water purifiers, and indeed it was also through its online purchase of a water purifier. But overall, net sales in the country is still in its infancy, it water purifier sales in the role and the share, as well as the test of time and proved to be practical. Through the Internet, by foreign orders, there are many examples of cost very little, it is a worthy attempt of export channels.

   5, exhibition

   exhibition is the opportunity to use the exhibition, on the one hand to show their own enterprises and products, looking for partners, looking for distributors; on the other hand also sell some products. But in recent years, sales in the domestic exhibition is not ideal, because now manufacturers more, way more sales, information flow, and also show too much, but also more exhibitors on the show than to visit some of the people, The effect can be imagined. Participate in overseas trade fairs water treatment, such as Amsterdam, Dubai water show, and sometimes can get a lot of orders from abroad, many enterprises in Zhejiang profound understanding.

   6, TV sales

   for some time, in the river, Zhejiang, Shanghai area to see a television companies often promote alkaline ionized water machine, which is not known sales results, but there is some impact on some housewives, retirees. TV sales are quite large and take part of the sales revenue to be TV advertising, of course, have to pay for television advertising company.

   7, advertising sales

   Advertising itself is a means of promotion, the question is how to serve ads? Where is Gordon? Many former water purifier companies generally small scale, low sales, relatively poor, can not afford the high cost of advertising.

   8, external lease

   or three years ago, someone told me about this idea: rent not sell, rent the home water purifier user, installed in the residents of the home, water purifier ownershipThe company still, the company responsible for installation, maintenance, change the filter, etc., rent to the user, such as one yuan a day or two yuan. The closet also has multi-function water purifier or other types of water purifiers, water machine leased units, such as offices, schools, enterprises, to charge them rent. Rental regarded as a novel marketing water purifier model, but does not need to roll out once a small start-up capital, the effect remains to be seen.

   9, export export

   do foreign trade business has a variety of channels. There are foreign companies to list, there are actively looking for foreign trade companies, have found foreign customers via the Internet, there is by Taiwan, Hong Kong changed hands exports more through Canton Fair or other similar exhibitions fairs get to know foreign customers , water treatment and abroad to participate in international trade fairs and received orders.

   10, settled in super

   The water purifier into the hypermarkets, home appliance chain stores, decoration materials supermarkets, department stores is a good thing to sell, of course, help to improve the water purifier industry the overall image and visibility, so that more people know the water purifier, water purifier purchase. Decoration materials supermarkets are an important sales channel water purifier, especially large, formal decoration materials supermarket is to be welcomed.

   11, in cooperation with real estate developers or decoration company

   in cooperation with real estate developers or decoration company to develop, manufacture, promote the use of clean water is a good marketing model. And design institutes and real estate developers association, in the villa, while real estate development, put the home water purification system design, including the design of housing, build a house when the pipe system paved, the water purification equipment installed, a set of 150 m2 real estate, housing prices, then 9,000 yuan per square meter, plus perhaps an increase of 500 yuan per square meter, the user can accept, while the transfer of the water purification system at the time of the owners submitted, so that increases the quality of housing, the price of course, will high; and when houses have developed whole house water purification system, central air conditioning system, it is more a selling point, so even sell the house. So will the real estate developer and manufacturer of water purification machine effect "win-win". And decoration companies, too. In cooperation with real estate developers or decoration company needs some contacts or relationships, things are difficult thing! Once cooperation, both sides have sincerity, good relations, long-term cooperation to achieve win-win situation.

   12, contact enterprises, institutions, offices, schools, military and other fatLee

   Anda Kang Northeast region had to make a nice year-end dealers in the dealer meeting, someone asked him where to sell water purifiers? How the pins? He said he was from Daqing, Daqing Oilfield, and other large enterprises are state-owned system, there are hundreds of thousands of workers, many welfare costs, are there any monthly bonus, quarterly bonus, year-end awards you, what saving award, innovation award, award rationalization proposals, What it costs high temperature, can send water purification machines, as long as the relationship out through, that is hundreds of thousands of the market, you can do a lot of food to eat all year. In addition to the Daqing oil field, other fields it? Railway system? Highway system? Power supply system? These are flush with cash, a unit of endless ah! For a dealer, the local authorities, schools, banks, railways, civil aviation, transport, post and telecommunications, communications, power and water supply as well as other wealthy enterprises, the unit leaders working well (for example, the first to send a go-site installation trial), unit welfare when hair is entirely possible. It might also bring a large!

   13, government procurement, military procurement, enterprises and institutions procurement

   The rapid development of Chinas economy, a lot of taxes, local governments sell land, extra cash, Do not you see, ultra-luxurious government buildings a seat stands up, floor to cover the leadership of health is more important, the leaders of drinking water but also to solve the new office building of government agencies to improve the drinking water system, and be installed water purifiers bar, each room be equipped with a straight drink more than good!

   China Womens Federation and the China Foundation for Poverty Alleviation in the arid western region of China to engage in "Mother Water Kiln", a total of eight western provinces over eighteen million Ge, but the water is dirty, can not drink, you need to net water purification, that is eighteen million water purifier ah, but government money, government procurement, money do not worry, it is not small orders! The next disaster relief with the "on-board water purifier" projects ready to start, these are government procurement projects, to see if you want to do.

   14, joined the chain

   joined the chain everywhere in the street, what it KFC, McDonalds, investment, promote a meeting: people have savings, bank deposit interest is negative, there are buying stocks risk, invest in this (joining water dispenser) stronger than anything else! You put some money (such as 10000), company to help you install a machine in the district where the sale of the ownership of water machine is yours, you participated in the brand water dispenser franchising, you make money every day (also by ratio points), You are responsible for management (sanitation, etc.), the company responsible for the sale of water maintenance machine (change the filter exchange membrane) and maintenance, both sides have benefited. Some companies also help you advertise, sell cards, and that is the premium services. Some regions even this re-employment of laid-off workers as a solution to channel it! Franchise to do four unity: unity name, brand and logo, uniform sales model and sales price, unified purchase channels and product quality, unify their thinking and regulations. Corporation to strengthen the management of the franchise, intensive training, regular checks, sum up experience.

   15, experiential marketing

   experiential marketing approach also has two categories: one is to install water purifier in the store, especially for customers in the future, potential customer trials, pure experience enjoy (net) water taste, experience the fun of pure drinking water. Of course, not only is drinking water, but also to listen to music, massage and so on, so that he (she) every day to experience such a wonderful life, about 1/2 to 2/3s customers will experience after a week of purchase intent, of course, Miss shopping guide publicity, to do the work. The other is to let him (her) home to experience the fun of pure drinking water, to not make money, and make good use of the three days (or a week) later payment; with the bad, three days after the water purifier retreat it wants to come back, most people would choose to buy. After personally taste Purchasing Guide, account manager of marketing publicity and customer experience, most users will brought home water purifier.

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