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摘要:recalled last week, on the eve of Fathers Day, Patio hand in Jingdong start fatherly god of water, make love more net step theme; Fourth Asian Consumer Electronics Show kicked off, TCL, Haier sparkling debut; sharing drinking mode fiery, Na


recalled last week, on the eve of Fathers Day, Patio hand in Jingdong start "fatherly god of water, make love more net step" theme; Fourth Asian Consumer Electronics Show kicked off, TCL, Haier sparkling debut; sharing drinking mode fiery, National health industry enterprise management Association visited Fengyuan century.

   Patio hand in Jingdong 618 starts Fathers Day themed events

June 15, during a time when the global 618-year shopping festival also coincides with the eve of Fathers Day, Jingdong appliances and Patio water purifier brand, in common Jingdong held at the headquarters of the fathers Day theme activities "fatherly god of water, make love more net step".


event, Jingdong Ye Bo, general manager of home appliances division kitchen, vice president Li Wei Qin Yuan Group, one will be collected before and Wu Zun "handwritten misunderstanding" put into the container, paper "misunderstanding "melt in the water container of water into the sewage, water purification Patio by purification devices, it becomes pure safe" fatherly god of water ", which also symbolizes the elimination of misunderstanding between father and child.




micro-assessment: untreated water purifier and water treatment, as Chinas most introverted father, serious, silence, and this also led to a number of children between how much less there are some misunderstandings. Over time, though childrens understanding of his father much, but still there are few children open their hearts to love to say it. Jingdong and Patio 618 during startup of Fathers Day theme activities, like water purifiers into account the purpose of drinking water for people as brave confession of love to his father, eliminate misunderstanding.

   TCL water is shining bright 2018 Consumer Electronics Show in Asia

June 13, Fourth Asian Consumer Electronics Show CES Asia kicked off in Shanghai. As Asias largest Consumer Electronics Show, the annual CES Asia have attracted a large number of manufacturers and the general audience. This year is the Asian Consumer Electronics Show in Shanghai, China held its fourth year, the show has reached an unprecedented scale effect. TCL to bring clean water, drinking water, whole house water purification three series of products to attend the show, filling the brand strength.


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micro-assessment: As the saying goes: "one who has mastered the core technology, grasps the water purification market." It is reported that, in the current market water purification, reverse osmosis technology has a significant advantage, numerous water purifier brands also carry out in-depth technical research in this field of technology. As one of the strength of the brand in the field of water purification, TCL always spare no effort in the development of innovation and technology upgrading reverse osmosis water purifier.

   Haier smart home solutions Asian debut at CES

Fourth CES Asia (Asia Consumer Electronics Show) on June 13 kicked off at the Shanghai New International Expo Center. This year the exhibition set up a separate artificial intelligence (AI) exhibition, Haier "Custom better life" as its theme, showing the "4 + 7 + N" wisdom of the whole scene customizable suite of programs. Based on the wisdom of living room, kitchen wisdom of four major physical space and whole-house air, whole house water purification, etc. 7 Daquan house solutions, from the decoration to the renovation, the user a variety of air, water, food, security, entertainment and other needs of life wisdom a station can be met, and the wisdom to achieve unlimited custom scene.


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micro-assessment: traditional times, the maximum benefit from the hardware, but the era of things relies on ecology. The ecological value of the future will gradually catch up and surpass the value of intelligent hardware itself. Any brand, any resource providers are based on the common goal to create the best user experience, into the ecosystem synergistic customized for a better life. Haier, a leading exploration for ecological, but also a good indicator of the nature of the present era of things.

   Fengyuan century set off a "share" a new model of public drinking water

June 12 afternoon, Mr. Branch, president of the National Association of Health Industry and Enterprise Management water purification industry associations visited Tang Jian Xing led units - Guangdong Fengyuan century, drinking water equipment manufacturing Co., Fengyuan century founder Mr. Liu Jian and all the staff warmly welcomed the president and his party, and the main business and Fengyuan century business model, market distribution, after-sales service are described in detail.




micro-assessment: In this era of shared economic flourishing, in the end what can also share it? Ji Fengyuan based features and an opportunity to share the economic development of the public drinking water, open up a new form of public drinking water - shared water. In addition, small series have a bold idea, to share my fat do?


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