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摘要:Water Knowledge scale can calcium? Or you will get stones? Time: 2019-05-21 15:10:40 water on this little thing, people always have a way or another concern to you before the small series have been rumors had thousands of boiling water and

  Water Knowledge

   scale can calcium? Or you will get stones? Time: 2019-05-21 15:10:40 water on this little thing, people always have a way or another concern to you before the small series have been rumors had "thousands of boiling water" and "water overnight." Recently, Xiao Bian also heard that a number of new claims about the scale. For scale, a lot of people "love-hate relationship." People love to say that the scale of the water with minerals and is rich in calcium, calcium supplements have no money, they rely on the scale. Hate people who say that there is the scale of the water is too "hard", the body easily drunk stones ...... the fact that exactly how? What scale that? It is often said of the scale, in fact, the water soluble calcium, magnesium that after heating becomes difficult to dissolve calcium and magnesium salts, the daily life of the most common is formed on the inner wall or with a long pot pot white substance layer. People should know that water can form scale we refer to as "hard water", the main ingredients are calcium carbonate, magnesium carbonate, calcium sulfate, magnesium sulfate, calcium chloride and magnesium chloride. Scale water with calcium it? Some people may wonder, since scale is there are so many mineral composition, whether you drink high levels of calcium and magnesium ions calcium hard water can do? Can not be denied health standards for drinking within the range of hard water does help the bodys intake of calcium a little bit more, but the realization of "complementary" to say that these can be a little bit more calcium to the body, it would be exaggerated. Chinese Nutrition Society recommends that adults needed an average of 800 milligrams of calcium, if there are special needs populations such as pregnant women, mothers and the elderly, need to be increased to about 1000-2000 mg daily according to doctors orders. According to the survey carried out on the market for sale of mineral water, mineral water, the highest calcium content of only 30-40 mg / liter, if rely on calcium drink, then drink over at least 20 liters of water a day, drink plenty of water to calcium by the statement is totally untenable. To calcium is very simple, we confirm their own calcium deficiency, increase the intake of dietary and nutritional supplements can be. Such as dairy products, milk is an excellent source of calcium, soy products such as tofu, firm tofu is also high in calcium, etc. Oh. Many dark-colored vegetables are also a good source of calcium, "Chinese Dietary Guidelines" recommended daily intake of vegetables 300-500g, half of them dark-colored vegetables. Regular consumption of green leafy vegetables a day can be a lot of calcium intake. If felt severe calcium deficiency, it may be appropriate to add calcium and other nutritional supplements like on the advice of a doctor. That drinking water with the scale of whether the stones? Long-term drinking water with scale will get stones? BigDo not scaring themselves friends home. Stones into the digestive tract stones and urinary stones, a lot of people mistakenly think that eating stones because of high calcium foods or drink a high hardness water. However, according to epidemiological findings, the hardness of water and stone incidence are not necessarily linked, there are many factors leading to stones, their metabolism, and also factors such as climate, diet, genetics and other related. In general, the formation of stones both subjective factors, such as drinking less, sweating, urinating less, eat lots of high oxalic acid content of foods such as spinach; there are objective reasons, such as high temperature, moisture loss and large, with water where the scale is not necessarily linked. If you worry stones at her door, in fact, only their own laws to ensure adequate drinking water can be effective prevention. For example, by the water volume increases, also known as "wash." And because urine has been diluted, and precipitated crystals can also reduce urinary salts. Needs attention is that neither the scale calcium, can not lead to stone, but the scale is wading appliances and sanitary ware faucet "natural enemies", especially the most frequent water for kitchen and bathroom. Take the kitchen is concerned, it is not also have found that when boiling water with tap water, boil water container can not always remain bright clean as new state, over time will bear a layer of white on the surface of the dura mater. Although the network transmission of vinegar to baking soda cleaning recipe can remove these annoying scale, but with a water purifier will scale "strangle" in the cradle is the right way. Boil water to cook with pure water after the RO membrane filtration, both free both hands and letting more Duoliaoyifen health protection. US Bangdeng water purification - One good core number, so you drink good water, healthy drinking water, waste water micro design, double tap water, pure water, raising the film, purifying effect real-time display and other functions set one, allowing you to enjoy the non-general of water. Xiao Bian by some explanation, I wonder if my heart has been successfully solved? In fact, within the limits prescribed health standards, the scale of non-profit body harmless, we do not need too much entangled in this issue, but too much of magnesium and calcium in water does affect the quality of life of everyone Oh. It will not in the water, should also be more particular about the water! Quality of life, clean water from the start!

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