November 2018 water purifimarket continues to mainta growth

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摘要:refrigerator: refrigerator market development trend continued to show weak demand and structural upgrading, Orville cloud network (AVC) Total Channel push the total data show that in November 2018 refrigerator sales 10.9 billion yuan, an in

   refrigerator: refrigerator market development trend continued to show weak demand and structural upgrading, Orville cloud network (AVC) Total Channel push the total data show that in November 2018 refrigerator sales 10.9 billion yuan, an increase of 8.0%, retail sales 3.42 million units, up 2.1%. French and restructuring which is still off products, in addition, French and price climbing higher and higher off the product, upgrade and upgrade the quality of the internal structure of a dual drive configuration, the refrigerator market prices soaring. At the same time the industry competitive pressures intensify, TOP models concentration significantly increased, TOP20 with 15 seats in Haiers achievements come out on top.

   washing machine: Orville cloud network (AVC) Total Channel push the total data showed retail sales washing machine market in November 2018 increased by 5.1%, retail sales grew 3.7%, year on year decline channel line under which relatively 10 May has been expanded retail sales fell 3.8%, retail sales fell by 12.8% year on year. Today, the line has become the norm market demand, sales will continue to decline continue, in order to repair the loss of revenue decline in offline sales channels to bring the industry the proportion of high-end products will further increase, Orville cloud network (AVC) monitoring data show that retail sales in November accounted for high-end products has reached 39.2%, up 9.3 percentage points, and wash bake one large-capacity products accounted upgrade quickly. In the industry trend of rapid high-end polished brand, product quality and consumer market scenario is based on the line a crucial factor.

   Air conditioning: Orville cloud network (AVC) push the total data showed November retail sales of air-conditioning the overall market size of 151.5 billion yuan, down 2.1%, retail sales scale of 3.922 million units, down 0.5 %. Compared electricity providers increase less than expected, the market showed unexpectedly at line retail market was 89.5 billion yuan, up 2.6 percent, retail volume was 1,873,000 units, an increase of 0.9%. From a regional perspective, by the weather cooling heating stimulus, part of the demand market in the south to be released, including Jiangsu, Anhui, Hunan and other provinces increased significantly, up 18.4%, 11.8% and 5.0%, respectively; the market level perspective, the off-season period a growth in second-tier cities is higher than the growth of three or four lines market; from the product structure, the share conversion, energy-saving products to enhance 2.3%, 7.0%, respectively.

   hood: From November hood view sales amountTrend still fell sharply, according to Orville cloud network (avc) monitoring data show that in November hood line sales amounted to 6.2 billion yuan, down 8.4%. The average price of 3508 yuan, an increase of 2.2%. From a technical trend, YTD large wind penetration reached 80.9%, an increase of 6.0%, indicating a clean and healthy is still the first choice for the pursuit of consumers. From the brand structure point of view, the performance under relatively good side too line this month, there are 16 models into the model TOP50 model, the number of models than the boss.

   Dishwasher: market performed well under the dishwasher line in November, is still strong growth in the overall consumer electronics market freeze. According to Ovid cloud network (avc) line push down overall data show, dishwasher sales volume rose 31.2% in November next line, and has shown a steady growth. The average price of 5991 yuan / Taiwan, approaching twice the average price line, indicating that the major consumer groups under the dishwasher line market pay more attention to high-end quality. Siemens brand top20 models perform well under the line, top20 models embedded technology products mainly based.

   water heaters: water heater market in Q4 downturn, pushing the total full-channel data Orville cloud network, in November 2018 electric water heater sales of 38 billion yuan, an increase of 9.7% in a single month, gas water heater sales 3.38 billion yuan, down 9.6%, a water heater sales in November was 30.46 billion, down 7%, gas boiler 1 through November sales of 30.7 billion, down 10.4% overall performance of the market weakness. Monitoring data show the line, electric water heater sales in a single month fell 9.1%, gas water heaters monthly sales fell 6.2%, the market growth is weak there has been a downward trend next line.

   Small appliances: Affected double 11, the size of the next few months the line has been shrinking compared to the previous According to Ovid cloud network (AVC) line push down overall data show that in November 2018 small appliances 7 categories (including pot, magnetic, pressure, beans, material, virgin, water) below the line size of 20.8 billion yuan, down 1.8%. Market under the cooker lines, an increase of higher IH, upgrading of product structure significantly, IH price increase, lifting the structure, boost the overall average price of rice cooker upgrade. Cooking machine market, broken machine is still the main product, continue to maintain significant growth trend, growth in the average price of broken machines, blenders average price decline, the overall upgrading of the structure so that the overall average price upgrade.

   water purifier: November 2018 water purifier market continues to maintain growth by the sales impact will be the main sales channels to strengthen the siphon effect, according to Ovid under the cloud network (AVC) line monitoring data show that 11 January year on year growth rate of 75.6% water purifiers, accelerate market penetration. The other factors affected sales, the average price across the board decline, down 3.9% year on year overall industry average, reached 3984 yuan, the price is expected to last longer. At the same time the distribution model from the list, the current TOP4 brand is still the main market, but the second camp brand frequently force, began to seize the market, increased competition in the water purifier.

   purifiers: November 2018 the market continued to go down under the cleaner lines, by the impact of last years hot market, fell rate increase this year. According to monitoring data under Orville cloud network (AVC) line display, water purifiers November fell 21.4%, but growth of 36.0%, online activities and pulling air quality repeated stimulation of the purifier market pick up slightly to a certain extent. Another purifier industry, the average price rose 5.0%, the industry continues to adjust internal models.

   vacuum cleaner: solid growth in the market in November under vacuum cleaners line. According to Ovid cloud network (AVC) push the total data showed November retail market size of 530 million yuan line under vacuum cleaners, year increase of 24.5%, retail sales scale of 331,000 units, up 25.1% upgrade. Sub-category of robots and pusher share increased 8.0% and 13.2%, respectively, outstanding performance. Price segment from the point of view, most of the models Dyson prices, resulting in high-end accounting (3000) shares dropped 21%, the share transfer to the 2000-3000 price segment market.




   (Source: Orville cloud network, invasion deleted)

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