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摘要:in the vibrato, the little red book, Micro broad V, micro-channel public numbers and other major popular social platform, net red brand Mount fly is often appeared grass products, Mount fly juicer is their explosion models of small househol

   in the vibrato, the little red book, Micro broad V, micro-channel public numbers and other major popular social platform, net red brand "Mount fly" is often appeared "grass products", "Mount fly juicer" is their explosion models of small household appliances.

   Why is this brand from the UK will be explosion of red in China? Mount fly analysis of Chinese road will find that this is inseparable from behind a business in Shunde, Guangdong - Xinbao Electrical Appliances.

   In fact, a new treasure in 2013 began way to start exclusive brand licensing cooperation Mount operators flying brand in China market. 2017, Newport became Mount fly brand in Chinas exclusive agents. By social networking style, new treasure will be localized transformation Mount fly, fly to help Morocco to open the Chinese market.

   On the other hand, after the foundry started and to become the worlds largest OEM companies small appliances, electrical appliances are new treasure with new retail channels to create a network of red brand "Mount fly," began the transformation of its own brand road.

   brand marketing blasting market

   According to statistics released by Euromonitor, in 2018 domestic sales of small kitchen appliances market share in the United States accounting for 30.60%, accounting for 18.40% of Supor, nine positive accounting ratio of 12.30%, up 61.30 percent CR3 industry.

   "the United States nine Su" occupy the market Liucheng small kitchen appliances, and by virtue of first-mover advantage, the formation of a strong barriers to scale. In the leading enterprises strong and stable industry, emerging brands to find their own living space is not an easy task.

   Moldova can fly breakthrough in the market, largely rely on new treasure for social dividend to control electricity supplier.

   Social power is todays entrance more headlines, deft, broadcast, circle of friends, microblogging, electricity providers and traditional flow is not the same, this is a decentralized structure to, and interaction, word of mouth, experience in order to build trust, and finally affect consumer decision-making. Also, since Western-style small appliances it represents a kind of "Western lifestyle", with a strong social attributes, naturally suitable for social communication and digital marketing.

   Mount fly on Weibo, the little red book and other social networking platforms has invested a lot of soft paper materials, through the Interaction of V and KOL, word of mouth, and gradually establish consumer awareness of the product. It also gives a new treasure accumulatedGiven the explosion of social goods play the electricity supplier, in favor of its DF and other brands for brand marketing line.

   Xinbao online marketing by the fact that "product manager system" and "Content Manager" system, relying on these two systems, a clear marketing responsibility and rights mechanisms , capable of forming a reproducible methodology.

   However, marketing alone is not enough, the product meets the needs of potential customers is the core competitiveness of the products. Mount fly play is - were to break through the advantages of avoiding the category of beauty, Supor electric kitchen faucet (rice cookers, induction cooker, etc.).

   to "rub fly accompanied Cup" for example, a series of young consumers portability and versatility of the two major demand for small appliances, and by retro minimalist industrial design, to meet the aesthetic younger consumer groups not stingy in the face of big-name products, rough, retro blue, retro red, retro green color design a high degree of recognition.

   hatched under a friction fly

   Noble has not given up create their own brands.

   Annual Report Xinbao Electric revealed that the company since 2016, started to increase domestic sales of own-brand operators, to develop its own brand business. Currently, Xinbao already has Donlim (DF), MorphyRichards (Mount fly), Song Lan (Gevilan), Barsetto (Figure Yum), Laica (Lycra), a total of six light-ming brand, and gradually to clean like home appliances, baby electrical appliances, a beauty care appliances field extension.

   embarrassing that, despite the friction fly fame, but the company has passed the DF-brand hard domestic market in recent years, the income scale are still hovering below 300 million yuan, by acquisitions resulting coffee machine brands Yum figure also still exploring the commercial area of 鈥嬧€媡he market. The new treasure of its own brand has been unable to achieve a real breakthrough.

   DF brand awareness has long been famous at home and abroad not as competitors, but also all kinds of brand-name competition on prices, and thus caught in an awkward middle ground. The reason, marketing channels and pressure are the two main issues.

   Some analysts pointed out, through multiple distribution channels link under the line appliances, each increase of at least $ 15 for the main cost, gross profit is very low brand itself is not a small cost.

   In addition, in spite of massive force DF electricity supplier channels, has also made some achievements, but because of the cost of the electricity business traffic continues to rise, the need to pay high operating costs. Due to the special properties of small appliances, online market place has been fighting traffic, ahead of the layout of a strong brand has built up high barriers on products and channels, the new brand in order to achieve further breakthroughs difficult.

   overseas marketing and brand marketing walking on two legs

   from my countrys small household electrical appliance enterprises in the industrial chain, production capacity of more scattered distribution, not in the hands of most brands. Many with ODM / OEM export model-based parts factory and service providers, gathered in the Pearl River Delta in Guangdong and other regions.

   As the industrial cluster effect, these manufacturers tend to have a larger production scale and high level of technology, can undertake small household electrical appliance manufacturing from the global production capacity.

   Xinbao Electric is a typical representative of these enterprises. It was a well-known "King of the foundry", served Electrolux, Philips, Panasonic, Siemens and other international brand products are sold worldwide in more than 100 countries and regions, foreign markets has been its main source of revenue.

   However, domestic sales of own-brand gross margin is much higher than the export ODM business. Last year Xinbao domestic gross profit margin was 32.72%, while the export business is only 18.54 percent.

   From the past five years, operating results, due to lower gross profit by business impact for export, new treasure net profit of scale has been small, the same size of the nine positive domestic revenue, net profit of nearly two years We have reached a level of around 700 million yuan, and about the new treasure only 400 million yuan.

   For higher margin domestic business, a new treasure in the annual report stressed the need to firmly and vigorously promote domestic brand marketing, to achieve "domestic and overseas marketing, brand marketing two legged walk. "

   situation is good, compared to 2014-2018 data, the domestic market for new treasure revenue contribution is increasing, new treasure of domestic business is entering a stage of rapid development.

   in the domestic business, Xinbao strength lies in the whole of small appliance industry to control its own brand on the price has certain advantages. In the foundry business, Xinbao may include providing marketing strategies for clients,Design research, product realization, including mold development, certification testing and production technology solutions.

   At present, a new treasure would choose such a new head of retail companies including millet, excellence product name, a lot of fight and Netease strict provide ODM services.

   in cooperation with millet eco-enterprises are mainly water purifiers, electric kettle, electric toothbrushes, ovens, etc., 2016 new treasure OEM millet purifier 20 million units in 2018 to grow to 60 million units. The new treasure and fight a lot of cooperation, launched a brand new plant, from January this year, Xinbao Electric for a new business platform to fight a lot of the addition of seven production lines, one of the important product is a family of small appliances, "Dong Ling brand meat grinder. "

   For these companies, the new treasure is a very professional quality ODM manufacturers, and new treasure in the manufacturing, technology and price advantage has been realized. Together with its own brand in the future can promote the growth of domestic business.


   Although the new treasures been since the formation of six categories covering different brands matrix, but in essence, a new treasure still is a foundry. To quickly break through the domestic business of scale, new treasure must create more "Mount fly" as a brand, to promote the overall development.

   The good news is, founded in 1995, a new treasure in the industrial chain has a rich accumulation, it has opened up the complete supply chain system, the core components of small appliances to make their own independent production, processing capacity, product leading R & D and design capabilities, and production scale large enough to have the production strength. Plus Morocco flying team in the practice of social explosion product electricity supplier, will continue to constitute a new treasure brand new power hatch.

   (Source: billion euros, the invasion deleted)

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