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摘要:water and human health are closely related, and people on the quality of drinking water has also been of great concern. High density of water pollution incidents make people shocking but also urging hot water purifier market, with increasin

   water and human health are closely related, and people on the quality of drinking water has also been of great concern. High density of water pollution incidents make people shocking but also urging hot water purifier market, with increasing demand for people, the number of water purification industry manufacturers also continued to increase, and then a water purifier manufacturers and if there is no technology the strength of the product, it is easy to be out of the market. In this era king of quality, high-quality products, is the only way water purifier manufacturers long-term development.

   a lot of water purifier manufacturers in order to be able to win in the fierce competition in the market to find a way into a variety of promotional boom, but the price has become the only means of most of the manufacturers, and this is usually cheap but it attracted some attention of consumers. But the face of the water purifier industry continues to reshuffle, the market determines the survival of manufacturers. At low prices to gain market this practice has started slowly toward the grave dug their own. Water purifier quality is king, strong "core" dominated era. Prices have been unable to meet the needs of the market, and slowly will be eliminated.




quality is the only way to king water purifier manufacturers long-term development

   at this price to get only a relatively short-term development of the market, but do not make the water purifier manufacturers to rapid development. In the long-term interests, water purifier manufacturers to price to win the market, not only lead the market in disarray break the equilibrium state of the market, it also allows manufacturers struggling to play the price war. With the continued strengthening of water purification technology, production of finished products is also on the increase, Besides, now that many consumers are no longer buying the cheaper account, in their hearts stores are always doing promotions, and ultimately they can benefit the actual harvest and not in line with the expected value. In frequent price war, consumers can be considered a veteran, they are increasingly concerned about product quality and brand. Water purification industry in 2014 after a new round of reshuffle soon, consumers realized this price can only be received in the early part of the benefit, and ultimately consumers do not buy this account, and small and medium enterprises in order to price water purifier access to market changes happen to it, the market will give everyone a satisfactory answer. Therefore, the manufacturers do bigger and stronger from the long-term development, durability, quality is still the only way out.

   water purifier market is occupied by water purifiers top ten brands of brands, medium and small water purifier manufacturers have very little market share in thisIn the brutal struggle for existence can only choose to get sales through price cuts, discounts and other promotional methods. However, a real problem before: the rising cost of increasing production capacity and technological level is very limited, a series of obstacles extensive management and other big drawbacks are so small water purifier manufacturers feel pressure Alexander; and, with the enhance consumer brand awareness, water purifier manufacturers of brand building has become an important agenda, but brand development for a long time, it requires significant capital investment, small water purifier manufacturers simply can not afford; some of the water purifier manufacturers are still trying to fight us the water purifier market, small water purifier manufacturers can only struggle in the cracks, hobbled.

   fierce market competition for the development of water purification industry is becoming increasingly mature, with their own brand strengths manufacturers have formed a complete system from production, promotion and sales to after-sales service support, the market is also to focus brands, these brands of water purifiers in enhancing their competitiveness, business scope expanding, more and more market share. On the one hand, they have been harvested, where dealers and consumers a high level of trust and loyalty, on the other hand, they were able to put a reasonable profit on product design and development, faster product updates, overall sales price to rise steadily Meanwhile, water purifier brand also has a strong marketing network, high resource integration and efficiency. Therefore, water purifier brands still firmly in market share, and continued to play with the law of the jungle story, brand consumption outlook is the decisive factor.

   brand is based on product quality, consumer choice when the water purification products always preferable to consider only quality. Small water purifier manufacturers of products in the market is not high degree of concern, the customers reliability is not high, because the brand could not be accepted by consumers. Although the price war can bring some sales to manufacturers, but in the long run, is not conducive to manufacturers of capital accumulation and cultural sedimentation, not to mention, consumers are now no longer eat this set, water purifier manufacturers only to shape the brand by improving product quality and innovation performance in order to obtain better development.

   water purifier manufacturers should always be considered as a partner agency, so the product quality as the first must grasp the focus, and this is a manifestation of a responsible consumer. Improvement of product quality in favor of subsequent sales, after-sales but also to save a lot of things.

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