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  Water can drink it straight? With this question I calculations http: //www.js.hc360.com2020骞?at 11:31 on May 6 Source: Zhongguancun Online T


   HC net water purifier can drink it straight?

   people who ask this question, you are just returning it?

   Perhaps you are a foreigner just learned the Chinese language, but no matter who, since you sincerely ask, then come to seriously answer this question.

   In some, such as Europe, America, Japan and other developed countries, tap water really can drink straight, or even know the reason why many people can drink straight tap water, because of this picture.


   people know that drinking straight tap water also contributed to this screen

   "Slam Dunk" premiered in Japan in 1993, that is to say, the 90s of the last century, Japan there has been a leading outdoor drinking water.

   then our country do? Water can drink it straight?

   As you general knowledge, like, can not.

   it is because of our water quality is not up to it?

   no. In contrast, my countrys water factory water quality is very high, and the European Union, the United States imposed standards comparable. In other words, water quality, "damaged", not because the factory, but in transport.

   city tap water taken from rivers, lakes or ground water near the country, through the centralized processing and disinfection of the water plant, delivered to each household through the pipeline.

   water plant water purification process schematic


   of our water quality has always been strict requirements, the 2012 implementation of the "drinking water health standards" (GB5749-2006), some even with the standard key indicators of the European Union, the United States comparable to the water quality of the water plant we can be assured, but most water quality problems are out in transit.

   three main sources of water pollution:

   (1) transportation pipeline system contamination

   in our country just to achieve "upstairs downstairs lights call" the era of urban water pipes using copper and cast iron pipe, after a few years there will be severe corrosion phenomena; and later switched to rust-proof galvanized steel effect slightly better, but the effect is only just a little better.


   metal pipe corrosion old district is one of the sources of pollution

   in 2000, Chinas ban on the use of galvanized steel pipe, currently most of the city water pipe network using PPR (polypropylene), this is a non-toxic plastic, corrosion resistant, long-life characteristics. However, there are still some of the old district failed to replace the materials that you may wish to check their own home water pipe, if it is made of metal, then beware.

   (2) district secondary water pollution

   Todays building is more to build higher level of emergence has led to another problem: the lack of water pressure, I believe that every living high-level users are fully understood. Water at the factory will add a certain pressure, in order to convey to the district, the water pressure pipe network provision to end our water can be sent to a height of about 14 meters, but in fact the water pressure can reach most parts of the country about 28-35 meters, but the current story at every turn tens of layers, it will still be less than the pressure situation, then we need a cell "secondary water supply."

   There are two main ways secondary water, the newly-built high voltage REF multi-frequency method basement pump water supply, the water supply time to ensure that the top floor, relatively clean in this way; the old cell is used and some top of the tank (or water pool water supply mode), the top floor of the tank or reservoir construction, water is supplied by gravity, compared with the former, this way of non very easily lead to water pollution, the interior tank portion of the top floor of the cell simply people every minute rhythm vomiting ( specifically your own imagination)


   the roof of the tank prone to contamination

   If you live in high-rise, which is how to confirm their own water supply it? Actually very simple, when you remember the power of a cell of your home is not the water has stopped it? If so, thats basement water pump water supply; water supply if a power outage is still normal, that is, the top of the water tank, you need to pay attention.

   (3) residual chlorine in the end there is no harm?

   "remove chlorine" is the focus of a lot of water purifier business promotion, but tap water acts as a bactericide and chlorine disinfection is there harm? In theory, there is a certain chlorine on the human body harm, but the content of chlorine in tap water and does not constitute a threat. However, this element of the human body no good, of course, the less the better intake.

   See here, most people have been able to confirm whether their own needs clean waterIs a drinking water contaminants that may be present in the main large particles suspended solids, bacteria, organic contaminants and heavy metal elements.

   For these harmful substances, we choose what kind of water purifier to remove it?


   water purifier useful to you? Boss drinking water purifier J330 wash all-around more convenient

   domestic water purifier market heterogeneous product range, quality varies greatly, to consumers caused some problems. Analyzing water purifiers it is useful to look at the strength of its filtering effect.

   water purification filter in accordance with the accuracy of four levels, wherein the hydrophilic membrane ultra-filtration filter using twelve, is greater than 0.01 micron filter bacteria, such as Escherichia coli; squeeze-type activated carbon filter for the three filters can be remove residual chlorine, odor, improve water taste. Hyde and U.S. imports the RO membrane further having a high salt rejection, high dirt holding capacity, depth filtration of heavy metals, pesticides, hormones and other substances. Water purifier useful? When buying water purifiers, be sure to look filtration performance.



boss faucet water purifier J330 dual design

   boss purifier J330 is four filters "camp" representative products, it is used in the United States Hyde imported RO membrane, filtration accuracy of 0.0001 micron, ordinary water purifier filter can not filter out heavy metals, viruses, microbes and other harmful substances, so that their families can easily drink clean water. With it, even if summer is not afraid of cold drinks sick.

   Today pesticide residues in fruits and vegetables has attracted more and more attention, such as long-term eating fruits and vegetables, will increase the burden on the liver, leading to gastrointestinal disease and may even induce body tissue and malignant lesions. In order to reduce the hazards of pesticide residues, after people buy fruits and vegetables will be carefully cleaned and even soak some. Because the pipeline can be ordinary tap water pollution and other reasons, which itself may contain bacteria, hormones, heavy metals and other harmful substances, used to wash fruits and vegetables, "detoxification" effect is difficult to guarantee. In addition, because ordinary water purifiers water flow is slow, many people are getting impatient occasion they hastily cleaned some trouble, which is more to the bacteria, pesticides and other harmful substances opportunity to exploit.


   7L / min flow rate so that clean water as tap water

   and became the owner of the water purifier j330 solve the pain points of the kitchen "Artifact." itPure R & D / net type dual-mode integrated water out of the structure, with two separate water taps to prevent water pollution risks generated by cross-use, comprehensive protection for healthy water. Fruit vegetables washed with water, a large flow 7L / min comparable to the water flow rate is 7 times the normal flow rate of the water purifiers, water purifiers break ordinary small water flow, so each wash rice dishes vegetables have to wait long pain points, that is truly a filter wash, health and convenience of life onto more than one level.

   water purifier useful to you? J330 drinking water purifier boss washing easier versatile

   In addition to water purification fast speed, the speed of this product effluent water are amazing, flow rate of 1L / min., Good fresh water, i.e. the drink was filtered, and then no longer because the water slowly and upset. Coupled with its CTO + UF + RO membrane to bring fine filter, then summer drink cold water straight from the tap, no problem at all.

   Now we can come to an account balance, and

9 single day cost of drinking water filtration system

   boss J330 as follows, with the ease of drinking water and clean water every day, how much to spend ?

   0.38 + 1.38 + 0.55 = 2.31, only two years without replacing the drinking water filters, and water costs less than 2.5 yuan per day.

   less than two five water a day can have a good life,

   this account, you settled yet?


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