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摘要:affected by technical barriers, the development environment and other factors, the scenery behind the booming water purification industry, is the industry status quo cohabitation. from August 1, the State Administration of Quality Supervisi


affected by technical barriers, the development environment and other factors, the scenery behind the booming water purification industry, is the industry status quo cohabitation.


from August 1, the State Administration of Quality Supervision, Inspection and Quarantine and the Standardization Administration of China jointly issued the new national standard two water purifiers - "household and similar water purification devices General requirements" " household and similar water purification core General requirements "started embodiment. But two GB did not have a concussion and proper role in the industry since the implementation of a month. Even insiders said, for fear that the introduction of two national standard will become a dead letter. The source believes that only the implementation of a mandatory national standard, the industry will change the current chaotic situation of cohabitation.


loud voice of two water purifier new national standard and end up silently awkward position, the reason is clear enough standard, there is greater flexibility, which led to the entire water industry is still It is Nishajuxia situation.


The new national standard content display, before a national standard to improve the standard water purification electrical performance, specifically includes the total net amount of water purifiers, functional efficiency, noise, delay rate, regeneration rate, wastewater ratio, recovery rate, and classified according to different technologies. After a national standard for the core is a water purifier, which develop standards covering household water purifiers reverse osmosis membranes, ultrafiltration membranes, PP cotton. Seemingly exhaustive criteria, and regardless of the various terms for consumers how obscure, is the only type of water purifier so that consumers had a foggy.


More seriously, the current water industry business circles, expert community groups, and so there are still a variety of topics and disputes mystery. The reason, however, is their own interests arising from the dispute. But it has been neglected is this: consumers only drink safe and healthy drinking water to this simple request.


flicker-type water purifier market is flooded


With the improvement of modern health conscious consumers as well as deteriorating water environment, water purifier has been more and more attention and consumer adoption. However, due to the lack of specifications and constraints administration, domestic water purifier industry, there have been varied, diverse appellation of water purification products. Due to the lack of standardized and scientific guide the industry, but also makes the consumer into a situation of no choice in the purchase of water purification products.


In addition to two GBType water purifier outer marked on the market as well as play the "concept" brand water purifier nano-film, pure crystal technology, energy water machine. The type of material used in water purifiers also varied, of varying quality, ranging in price from tens of dollars to the million. These water purifiers so that consumers get confused, many consumers can not start in the choice, Ruzhui cloud fog.


At present, the water purifier sales market, many businesses for the sake of product sales, play a variety of health concepts in water purification products to "play" concept, the price disparity between the large, exaggerated product efficacy and other issues are protruding. On a certain brand of water purifiers leaflets, "Aiken appliances" see "the pure crystal super hydrophilic membrane membrane hollow filter membrane, far-infrared mineralization" and so on, exactly what are these techniques? How many can play a role ? sales staff said, use a water filter produced water, while vegetables can effectively remove pesticides, anti-static when the laundry, the water purifier functions hype.


When asked to produce certain brand sales function certificate and the Ministry of Health about the water purifier when it comes to drinking water hygiene and safety products permit this document, the person said no. Sales staff have expressed their own water purification products are the latest technology, the safest, mineralized water, ion-activated water, weak alkaline water and other types of variety, but the sales staff themselves are engaged in comparable between the test data of these products is not clear.


"Aiken appliances" price gap found ,, water purifier water purifier market is very large. "High price, naturally pure water is filtered out, there will be no scale." A salesperson said sub-UF water purifier filters, porous ceramic filter, silver activated carbon, pure crystal filters and other filter material. But mention distinction, most of the sales staff are very general answer, but said that the material is not the same, so the effect of filtering and filtering of the time there is a difference.


on the product description of some of the water purifier, only some instructions comprising filter material and on the water purifier. But the specific filter material content and related functional description is not detailed, but some of the items of information and instructions provided by sales staff also very different.


Ultimately, the water purifier or filter cartridge against the physical purification to achieve functions, manufacturers indicated pure crystal technology, far infrared mineralized, demineralised water and other technical terms, and products called active the concept of water, ionized water, etc., are self-hype, consumers should pay attention to avoid being misled by businesses andBlindly buy.



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