The precarious status of the domestic drinking water

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摘要:At present, my countrys urban water supply is still less than 20% of drinking water health standards. Rural water supply less than 50% of the drinking water standard. It is estimated that the country is still around 400 million people drink

   At present, my countrys urban water supply is still less than 20% of drinking water health standards. Rural water supply less than 50% of the drinking water standard. It is estimated that the country is still around 400 million people drinking water by organic pollution!

   1, the status of rural drinking water

   rural drinking water comes mainly from natural spring water, well water and so on, which is basically what cleanup measures are not taken directly to boil drinking or drinking. According to the survey the health sector and the water sector, the proportion of rural drinking water sanitation in rural areas in line with the guidelines of 66%, and 34% of the population can not reach drinking water guidelines. According to incomplete statistics, my country has 300 million people in rural areas unsafe drinking water, of which 190 million people drinking excessive levels of harmful substances, as daily hygiene, not to mention water.

   in the Rural drinking problems: high fluorine water quality, high arsenic, brackish, pollution and the like.

   fluorine water is mainly distributed in the plains north, northwest, northeast and HHH. Long-term drinking fluorine water, the light forming dental fluorosis, causing severe osteoporosis, bone deformation, or even paralysis, loss of ability to work.

   high arsenic water mainly exists in some areas of Inner Mongolia, Shanxi, Xinjiang, Ningxia and Jilin provinces, the affected population has reached millions of people; long-term excessive drinking arsenic water, causing arsenic poisoning can lead to skin cancer and a variety of internal organs cancer.

   brackish water mainly in the northern and eastern parts of the coastal areas. Brackish water is mainly bitter taste, difficult to direct drinking, drinking lead to gastrointestinal disorders, low immunity and other symptoms.

   With increasing rural pesticide, fertilizer use, contaminated drinking water source in many rural areas, the content of pollutants in water seriously exceeded; as deterioration of water, drinkable water mass rural shallow groundwater and surface water and difficult to protect health, resulting in harm to an epidemic outbreak of infectious diseases.

   2 municipal drinking water situation,

   urban drinking water mainly comes from tap water, purified water.

   Water is a company focused on municipal water supply, in general, the water quality is good or bad decision to focus on water quality water supply, the individual is not an option; pure water refers to meet drinking water health standards water as raw water, reverse osmosis, distillation, electrodialysis, ion exchange and otherAppropriate processing method of removing mineral water, organic components, harmful substances and microorganisms obtained by machining, and does not contain any additives, drinkable water, the purified water actually available in the market include pure water, ultrapure water , distilled water, space, water, etc., it is a professional water purification equipment company working together;

   existing water problems:

   1, with the development of urban industry, urban water by industry pollution, water despite working, but it is difficult to achieve a comprehensive health and safety indicators.

   2. Enter the pipeline long-term lack of necessary maintenance, cleaning assurance, many pipeline was leaking, fouling, corrosion phenomena, a variety of viruses, bacteria

   and other microbial growth, some aqueduct much algae breeding, seriously affecting water quality, resulting in secondary pollution transport.

   3, modern high-rise buildings in the city roof water tank corrosion, deposition of pollutants, despite cleaning and disinfection, still can not help secondary pollution.

   4, most of water plants as main disinfectant chlorine, organics and chlorine during the chlorination role, not only increase the consumption of chlorine disinfection efficiency Effects

   As a result, and generate a variety of harmful chlorinated disinfection by-products, most of which pose a potential threat to human health.

   5, the difference in water algae processing technology, water algae generally negatively charged, high stability, coagulation is difficult to seriously affect the efficiency of water treatment.

   6, my countrys water hygiene and safety standards low.

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