Quiz on water-soluble silicon elements

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摘要:1. (Q) What is a water-soluble silicon element? (Life silicon) (A) a water-soluble silicon element is collected from high-grade silica (the SIO2), high temperature physical extraction 1650 鈩?-2000 鈩?moxibustion burning continued for mor






1. (Q) What is a water-soluble silicon element? (Life silicon)


(A) a water-soluble silicon element is collected from high-grade silica (the SIO2), high temperature physical extraction 1650 鈩?-2000 鈩?moxibustion burning continued for more than 8 hours in a special way recovering vaporized form soluble silicon element content, and the decomposition of harmful components in the engagement, the free molecules are not rapidly cooled amorphous crystals (SIO32藟), 100% was dissolved in water to form an ion-like form. Weathering decomposition in air.


2. (ask) the physical characteristics of the water-soluble silicon elements of what is?


(A) physical property is solubility of the crystalline, colorless green Dian Dian Dian Blue White Dian transparent or translucent amorphous crystals.


3. (Q) a water-soluble chemical properties of elemental silicon what is?


(A) non-radioactive, non-explosive, non-toxic, sterility.


4. (Q) a water-soluble silicon element which has the function?


(A) 1. Superior permeability. Life fine molecular structure of silicon having 0.4 nm, can quickly penetrate cells, highly permeable skin, rapid penetration of intestinal absorption, digestion, metabolism.


2. Powerful bactericidal. Mainly E. coli, Legionella (papyrus-negative bacteria layer), etc., have a strong bactericidal effect instantly.


3. Powerful antiinflammatory force. With a strong inflammatory cell function to prevent the development of skin tissue is damaged can quickly diminish inflammation, trauma such as burns Dian Dian Dian frostbite burns fast pain relief, it will be damaged tissue rapid recovery.


4. superior detergency. With highly purified silicon life, into water containing food containing silicon-silicon based pesticide material can quickly be harmful food chemical residue decomposition purification. The fruit vegetable species Dian Dian Dian chicken meat, duck, etc. are Dian Dian fish cleaning effect purification.


5. Super regenerative force. Necrosis and has a sleep state to activate regeneration tissue, and damaged skin tissue connective tissue recovery, activation, regeneration capacity.


5. (Q) a water-soluble silicon elements safe?


(A) according to the German Dian Dian US and Japan, for drinking water solutionPopulation survey of more than a decade of silicon elements of proof, there has not been caused by abnormal phenomena and human poisoning, and more No case of complaints.


According to Japanese silicon Medical Association published academic papers, water-soluble silicon elements of the doctrine of non-carcinogenic.


Japanese Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare announced the Food Sanitation Law, the water-soluble silicon is the material element is clearly demonstrated the possibility of a healthy human body without harm, and decided to "water-soluble silicon elements" included in the national list of designated non-hazardous materials the twenty-three.


through actual clinical performance after drinking biological experiments on animals and human metabolic processes and water-soluble silicon elements are discharged from the absorption of intestinal organisms from the kidney has been very clear in the body of excess silicon does not accumulate in the body 100% excreted from the kidney.


6. (Q) relationship with the water-soluble silicon elements of silicic acid?


(A) a water-soluble silicon element is extracted from the silicate mineral is a natural mineral elements;..


2 metasilicate is collected from nature Natural Mineral H2SIO3 trace elements contained in the water.


7. (Q) normal human containing about how silicon element?


(A) in normal physical measured about the known silicon element content of about 18g.


8. (Q) How many normal human daily requirement for silicon elements?


(A) normal human body needs a daily intake of about 9-14mg.


9. (Q) normal human daily energy consumption of silicon element is how much?


(A) Normal human daily consumption of elemental silicon is about 10-40mg.


10. (Q) silicon element in the human body where the main branch?


(A) a silicon element main bone segments in the human body blood Dian Dian Dian skin hair, nails Dian Dian connective tissue.


11. (Q) silicon element effect on bone what is?


(A) collagen silicon, silicon required can Dian bone calcium and magnesium, phosphorus and other elements Dian integrate other nutrients, absorption, metabolism. Thereby increasing the force of fibrin bone, bone density is enhanced, so that the lubricating hard bone. And maintain the bodys normal growth, it has a role in the process of bone formation and calcification of bone, bone cells into the mainOne.


12. (Q) a silicon element acting on the blood is?


(A) Synthesis of elemental silicon can enhance the elastic fibers of the vessel wall, particularly intimal layer of stretch, improved blood cells activity. Forming a hardened anti-atherosclerotic plaques.


13. (Q) silicon element effect on the skin what is?


(A) a silicon element present on the main surface and the dermal level of the skin engaging portion. Fully regulate the proliferation and induction of skin fibroblasts, conducive to the synthesis of collagen and elastic fibers, the connective tissue of the skin renewal process, help epidermis, keratinocytes, dermal patches regeneration.


14. (Q) What Aisi Ni silicon drink straight life is?


(A) Aisi Ni Shenzhen promote environmental protection Equipment Co., Ltd. registered brand, life silicon Drinking Machine It is synonymous with, the main function of the product is: the use of city water and other collective water supply water as a carrier, a natural mineral substance after the water purification system through mineralization silicon element generated.


15. (Q) natural mineral water is taken from nature, life Aisi Ni silicon drink straight how can a natural mineral water?


(A) and other city water supply, etc., are all surface water from nature, groundwater, but is man-made, natural water will pour through the continued diversion project to a particular water source, through after precipitation, filtration, sterilization pretreatment, by pipeline, sent to millions of households. Silicon drink straight life is that for oxidized redox natural water treatment method mineralization system generates return to nature quality natural mineral water.


16. (Q) Aisi Ni Life silicon drink straight What is the principle adopted?


(A) is a multi-disciplinary engineering physics, geology and Mineral Resources, biomedicine and other principles. .


1 all parts and materials in contact with water the drink straight, are used in the food and materials made of engineering physics;


are channel 2.1-3 principles of Geology employed with structure;


3.4 is the use of bio-medical principles;


mineral 4.5-7 channel principles are used with structure;


5. 1-7 Road adopt a multi-disciplinary theories and structures. That is, the machineThe core technology.


17. (Q) Aisi Ni Life silicon drink straight water machine with all kinds of circulation on the market, what is the difference?


(A) Aisi Ni Life silicon Drinking Machine has the scientific principles of nature, scientific, rationality and effectiveness. Thus, different scientific principles employed. All Water circulation on the market, can not generate water-soluble silicon element, but can not generate the natural mineral water.


18. (Q) How Aisi Ni Life silicon water to drink?


(A) 1. Physical normal life drinking water concentration should be the concentration of silicon in the 60 or less.


2. Non-normal physical life drinking water concentration should be 60-135 silicon concentration.


19. (Q) How Aisi Ni life silicon domestic water use?


(A) are described in promoting the Shenzhen Environmental Protection Equipment Co., Ltd. or life silicon Drinking Machine of color pages in detail


"Aisi Ni Life silicon drink straight water life Application Reference table".


20. (Q) silicon life drinking water are going to react it? When


(A) is a silicone Es Ni Life functional water when you drink the water begins to silicon, and biochemical reactions in vivo to produce liquid, i.e. a binding substance and another substance, the the entire exchange process to produce healthy reaction occurs. Depending on the constitution and the overall response generated by the site is different, when you are abnormal reaction, please do not worry, continue to drink, when you will be up by robust adaptation of Silicon water.


Depending on the constitution, the entire reaction of health, the reaction time is different, generally at the end of 1-6 days.


21. (Q) Why Aisi Ni life silicon water in a concentration ratio?


(A) because the silicone is free of calcium silicate life (CACO3), can only be used to test the concentration ratio.


22. (Q) What body of water the concentration of silicon life measured?


(A) is used in a concentration of TDS-3 test water.


23. (Q) TDS-3 test pen, measuring the water hardness is not it?


(A) is, but not calcium silicate (CACO3) influence the hardness of the water is generated or life of a silicon body of water, the life of the TDS-3Silicon water measured values 鈥嬧€媔s the value representative of the water concentration, but the concentration of pH PH value discriminator.


24. (Q) What are the life silicon water contains minerals and trace elements?


(A) Main elements: silicon, major elements: calcium, magnesium, sodium, iron and trace elements: potassium, copper, zinc, selenium, strontium, manganese, and lithium.


25. (Q) life so much silicone element is how come? On what basis?


(A) one or more chemical elements is an element in the extraction of natural water retained dissolved silicon;..


2 based on the "Guangxi Quality Supervision and Inspection chamber" G12-001013 Dian GB5749-2006 "drinking water health standards have been" "measures Shenzhen physical testing laboratory", "the Guangdong Provincial food quality supervision and inspection station" / T8538-2008 natural mineral water standard inspection reports WT13127074 Dian Dian GB8537-2008 GB.


26. (Q) silicon Aisi Ni drink straight life and life Aisi Ni Ni Es silicon skin machine Dian life silicon Tea Maker What is the difference, what difference is?


(A) 1. Aisi Ni Life silicon drink straight, mainly drinking life, but can also be in health, fauna and flora reference moderate use.


2. Life silicon Es Ni skin is major skin depth treatment and care use, but not for drinking, because it contains a relatively high silica.


3. Life silicon Es Ni tea machine, tea Dian Dian special steaming tea in tea, and can drink.


4. Distinction straight drink, skin, tea machine, the total silicon element on the basis of the attribute, the element different from the main minerals retained removal elements, the extracted elements, solubility, etc. different, so different in science, rationality and effectiveness in use.


27. (Q) with the exception of life silicon water clean face questions what is the reason? .


(A) 1 is not reached adaptation period;.


2 is the concentration exceeds your skin to adapt to concentration;.


3 is your skin discomfort should water .


28. (Q) silicon with water clean face life how long adjustment period?


(A) according to the different conditions of the skin, to adaptTime is different,


1 adaptation of oily skin usually 1-2 days;..


adaptation of mixed skin 2 is typically 3-5 days;

   [123 .] 3 adaptation of dry skin generally 10-30 days;.


   adaptation of normal skin 4 is generally 5-10 days. (Excluding various skin diseases)


   29. (Q) to adapt to life silicone skin concentration is how much? .


   (A) 1 to adapt the concentration of oily skin in 150mg or less;.


   2 adapted concentration of mixed skin of 100mg or less;


   3 dry skin. adaptation of the following concentration 60mg;.


   4 adapted to the concentration of 30mg or less normal skin; (without skin diseases)


   30. (Q) silicone skin suited life How to do?


   (A) using a water concentration from 10mg gradually began to improve, to adapt to long-term use;


   31. (Q) with their lives silicon bath water can do


   (? a) possible.


   32. (Q) a foam with optimum life silicone days? .


   (A) a normal body 2-3 times per week best foam; 2 depends on abnormal body suit their conditions.


   33. (Q) silicon water temperature life should be how much?


   (A) the temperature should be determined according to their own condition.


   34. (Q) silicon concentration in the water of life should be how much?


   (A) a water concentration of normal body generally 10mg-70mg;.


   2 Water concentration of non-normal body generally 60mg-100mg (including skin disease, visceral diseases).; (not including hypertension, cerebral thrombosis, heart disease)




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