Water purification industry analysis of enterprise and produ

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摘要:development is inseparable from the user, the users pain point is the direction of enterprise product technology upgrades and breakthroughs. According to research related to consumer water purification, water purification products consumers

   development is inseparable from the user, the users pain point is the direction of enterprise product technology upgrades and breakthroughs. According to research related to consumer water purification, water purification products consumers use pain points focused on eight areas related to product performance, appearance and services for water flow 26.0%, respectively, 22.0% for the core can not suggesting poor filtering effect 17.0%, 17.0% for the core high frequency, accounting for 12.0% large space, not timely sale 11.0%, the concentration of water (waste water) 9.0% greater, 7.0% leakage. As can be seen from the survey results, the user more intense for water purification products out of water, water quality and routine maintenance and other aspects of the pain points, enterprises in the product should break out around a large amount of water, real-time water quality monitoring, maintenance reminders, easy to install, space-saving, low-waste and other dimensions than the new research and development.

   In addition to the products, in terms of the overall market, beginning in 2016, the water purification industry slowdown, on the one hand can not avoid the impact of the macroeconomic environment, but the industry itself is more development of the internal constraints: industry service brand of varying quality, some of the problems exposed in the service, such as: varying quality, service and other services can not keep up the short board has become increasingly prominent. This is mainly due to water purification equipment is a semi-finished product, it is not like color TV, refrigerator can be installed on the same a long time, it requires professional installation to use, especially to half a year or a year and so regular replacement of some filter and other spare parts, if not long-term replacement, water purification equipment will no longer be clean and filtered water may cause secondary pollution. So the user experience is king era short board on the service will to a large extent hindered the healthy development of the water industry.

   In addition, according to estimates, since 2012, cumulative sales of home water purifier products has been close to 40 million units, according to the product life cycle to see the filter, replace the maintenance users peak has come, this is professional water purification service platform will provide a favorable opportunity.

   In this market environment, user-centric professional services platform of clean water on homeopathy.

   One of the most iconic two representatives, namely Ho-Ho-taeks excellent service at home, Yijia Waters worry-free service. Worry-free service from one hundred million water purification self use of clean water service system, providing for the country or a specific area of 鈥嬧€媗ogistics brands, manufacturers, distributors, delivery, installation services, consulting and after-salesOverall service outsourcing solutions. Worry-free service to self-oriented, supplemented by cooperation, has built a nationwide service network of sites, which all first and second tier cities and some third-tier cities have focused on self storage and logistics.

   ho excellent service home is an open Internet service O2O platform, designed to provide the missing service system vendors, distributors, resellers, and other network operators to provide customer management, call acceptance, installation, maintenance, warehousing, logistics, maintenance, maintenance and other one-stop service hosting services. The biggest advantage of home-ho excellent service platform is the professional, meticulous and efficient. Hao has reflected in the professional services company engaged in water purification excellent after-sales operations team for 15 years, a sound training system and efficient logistics management system and improve the public. While service area coverage throughout the east, north, south three regions in 30 provinces, more than 500 cities, more than 1,500 counties, more than 5,000 towns, so as to realize full coverage. Exclusive 365X24 around the clock customer service and customer service system seamlessly.

   In summary, the future of 100 billion water purification market segment continues to expand, companies have to compete attracted the brightest, the future of the industry will further enhance the vitality of the market prize, but also means that the market competition the intensity will be further intensified. For the main water purification industry enterprises, has only adhere to innovation, through household water purification products to enhance the quality and added value, to provide consumers with better water purification products and services, to create high-premium brand is the water purification business the future direction of development.

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