Water purification agents to join wh doorway

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摘要:in 2015 as a domestic water purifier relatively hot water appliances gradually into peoples homes, and now it is no exaggeration to say that thousands and thousands of water purifier brand, how the agent most critical. So join water purific

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in 2015 as a domestic water purifier relatively hot water appliances gradually into peoples homes, and now it is no exaggeration to say that "thousands and thousands of water purifier brand, how the agent most critical." So join water purification agents to join what doorway it? Today to give you an analysis.


2015 is the water purification industry heavy ink color of the year, is the water purification industry to achieve blowout of the year. Most of the water purifier agent before the agency brands are very concerned about one brand awareness, product quality and so on, choose a good brand is important, attention to quality is understandable. However, even the best brand agents also have business failure; the average brand also has agents operating successfully. This shows that to be a successful agent is definitely not the brand and quality of the final say. As water industry who said: water purifier agent in the long-term sustainability of development to do business, depending on the agents themselves, because in a market operations, is the real backbone of the agents themselves.

   First, understand their own regional water purifier market dynamics

   in water purification agents, we must first find out the development trend of the industry, this must not be rigidly applied after understanding in their own agency regional market, industry trends and local market because there is a big difference, knowledge of the regional market dynamics where their main requirements: water purification agents want to know about the details of the competition, product, price, promotion, channels, etc. must have a detailed understanding of, and more to study the opponent, understand the market, understand the cross-industry alliance, a group of people to find their own horse in the market, able to introduce their own clients, referrals can be multi-talented person and so on.

   Second, in water purification agents to develop their own sense of independence

   does not have an independent agency usually has the following categories; the first category, choose a good quality when the agent, brand influence large force water purifier brand, and then open a shop, waiting for customers to come to kind of sit back and wait type we usually call agents; as agents to know the brand only trade advantage, and there is no regional market absolute advantage; analogy, Gree air-conditioning industry knows that is the boss, why do not monopolize the market so as water purification agents have to go out is king?.

   joined water purification agents to join what doorway

   Third:? Water purification agentsTo understand the rational allocation of personnel

   water purification agents to be in charge of a water purifier brand in the development of a city, need shopping guide, installation, service and so on, but not all have to understand water purification agents What will do, but to water purification agents who will assign a good coordination of these people, the only way water purification agents in order to better market, I see a lot of all-powerful agent, and even do a lot of in agents, and have actually not how to make money, not to mobilize the good of others, even if your whole body is able to twist a few iron nails. Teamwork Well, naturally do well.

   Fourth, the agent franchisee to be sincere interaction with the manufacturers

   As we know, the backbone of the "Warring States era of clean water," water purifier manufacturers as a development of the industry, they can master more industry trends information, and such information as your agent is necessary to understand; secondly, each manufacturer are constantly sum up their own and competitors strengths and weaknesses, to know the manufacturers main competitors, basically agents also the major competitors in the terminal market, know ourselves only know yourself; again, you can get a more systematic study, because as the water purifier market competition intensified, manufacturers are constantly improve their sales and service system; and finally better understand the manufacturers trends. And why should communicate with agents in different regions? The reason is very simple, each agency has its own set of sales, brainstorming, youll get a lot of tips on end-market sales.

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