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摘要:When the family bathroom renovation, you can choose to bring your bathing experience a single hardware product, or can select the scene of Things intelligent hardware, a new experience of it? Held in November 26, the wisdom of aquatic ecosy


When the family bathroom renovation, you can choose to bring your bathing experience a single hardware product, or can select the scene of Things intelligent hardware, a new experience of it? Held in November 26, "the wisdom of aquatic ecosystems record to win new future" in 2020, Haier whole house water & heating the whole house strategy to start the event, Haier water heater released the latest results, selling "scene", Haier water heater one day sell 60000 set.


In contrast, in the traditional mode of selling only water heaters hardware, hardware sales of only 10,000 units a year, and the hardware of a single product can not meet the needs of users of the bathroom. Why Haier water heaters sold "scene" day to sell 60,000 units? Thanks scene Haier water heaters provide experience, allowing users prefer, make a scene the more sales the better!


event, Haier released the scene to enjoy Hui series electric water heater core components. Hui enjoy one of the series of electric water heaters not only have a net wash water purification function, can realize the scene interconnection, remote hot water reservation. For office workers, on the way home user APP can make an appointment by phone hot water temperature, heating time, such as at home in the evening, Haier water heaters, hot water ready right; for fitness family, you can remotely turn on the water heater while running, home will be able to wash hot water bath. In addition, the water heater can also be interconnected and intelligent Yuba, before bathing for active greenhouses to ensure a warm bath. Of course, the scene is only part of the above-mentioned Haier water heater scene experience



this year, Haier water heaters continue to upgrade scenario experience, wisdom bathroom publishing scene, users can once comfortable bath offers six active service. In addition Before the bath water heater actively prepare hot water, Yuba initiative conservatory, but also includes bathing in soft water active net after bathing initiative sterilization dehumidification, mirror on the wall initiative to give health advice, take the initiative in addition to smell after using the toilet.


Haier water heater in the bathroom at the same time promoting the wisdom of scenes landing, also contributed to the bathroom scene walked around the user. At present, Haier Haier wisdom bathroom except in Chile, 001 home experience center in Shanghai may purchase foreign experience, wisdom bathroom experience center in Taiyuan and other places also have opened. In addition, GROHE, TOTO and other international high-end brands to grab the initiative Ru Haier wisdom bathroom ecosystem, cross-border cooperation with Haier water heaters, the establishment of ecological platform.



by experienceJi arrival, compared to purchasing hardware, allowing users to more scenes "desire to buy." Ms. Gao from Taiyuan, after the experience of the wisdom of the bathroom, they set up their own set of 130 square meters of new homes. During use, the Haier wisdom bathroom will take the initiative to learn a Ms. Gaos habits, ready ahead of hot water, what time to wash, wash with water temperatures many degrees of Ms. Gao do not need to manually adjust the bath towel draped a towel rack, towel rack can take the initiative to towel drying, sterilization, bathroom dehumidification mode automatically switch to automatically shut down after the end of the dehumidifier to keep the bathroom dry, so Ms. Gao a very satisfied.


With the Haier-led wisdom bathroom floor to get an internationally recognized standard, and wisdom bathroom experience center, more and more international brands will be integrated into the bathroom areas, Haier wisdom bathroom scene ecology. Future, Haier wisdom into the bathroom will be more and more families, in order to bring users more wisdom comfortable bathing experience.

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