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摘要:I believe more and more people in life, to gradually improve the purity of the water, because indeed there have been more serious water pollution, especially those more developed industrial area of 鈥嬧媡he city. Mainly because some manu

   I believe more and more people in life, to gradually improve the purity of the water, because indeed there have been more serious water pollution, especially those more developed industrial area of 鈥嬧€媡he city. Mainly because some manufacturers in the production of the time, there is no strict accordance with the provisions to deal with sewage, which would lead to contamination of sewage is discharged out of the river, it will also affect peoples daily use for water. Although the water has been treated for water, but will inevitably cause secondary pollution, which is actually a very horrible thing. A lot of people for water purification, in fact, have a wait and see attitude, because we think that is not its role, not worth it to make a purchase, you can boil tap water. There are people accustomed to using tap water to clean fruits and vegetables, grooming and so on. Water purifier or not to buy? Look at the four-point analysis is not difficult to understand.

   possible contamination

   among urban users want to enjoy the water, in fact, is the need for a lengthy transport process. Users among the urban high-rise mostly box-type water supply, and water tanks and pipes used box basically not clean, it will eventually rusting. If some of these places of great importance for the community is not enough, there will be no cover lid, which entered some animals, eventually leading to severe water pollution. Including some mosquito and rodents body. There are some cells of water, drink up feeling strange taste, but also often scale, in fact, mainly because the water is quite hard, resulting in the water when cooking, do not feel able to provide better enjoy.

   boil water negative impact

   In fact, boil tap water contains chlorine, combined with water and let the taste worse, cooking will naturally be affected. Even better is to use those ingredients, cooking out can not compare the taste and quality of water. Long-term drinking this water, in fact, for the body will have a part of the impact, and therefore buy water purifier is more crucial.


   water purifier

   The main difference is in fact on the principle of action of the filter, the filter itself has some differences, some of ultrafiltration cartridge selection, some choices are reverse osmosis, which are two major differences focused on the ability to filter different, purely in accordance with the degree of purification of view, reverse osmosis is natural to excellent. The construction market among the most water purifiers, in fact,4-5 in accordance with the embodiment of the filter, respectively, using a low to high layers of the filter to the filter. After careful screening, it allows better filtering effect, while that does not allow high filtration precision filter, there have damage within a short time.



   with reverse osmosis why different effects?

   reverse osmosis membrane filtration effect better, but there will be all RO has a different effect the situation, in fact, mainly because of the gap is still different internal structure, some reverse osmosis water purifier chose four filters, while others are five filters. If there is no high demand for water, then, in fact, four have been able to meet. The filter actually has some differences, not only on the difference between the filtering effect, while on the water also has some differences, the cost of the cost is not the same. So these details do have to give more attention. The different manufacturing process time, also contributed to the underlying cause different effects reverse osmosis water purifier arise.




   Although the market many of the same filter name name and sell them, but then if you know the doorways, you will find them in fact, the detail is there a big difference, and therefore the filter effect will make the product presents a different look. And buy it or not depends on their needs and local water quality, as to the choice of the distribution and effects must pay attention to details, and to be able to let you choose a water purifier, when not confused, it will not be hit businesses Some of influence gimmick, the final presentation of the filtering effect can make you satisfied. In fact, the main focus should still concentrate on the filter, only the distribution of a clear filter and effects, the ability to be able to let you better understand water purifier.

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