Water purification industry enterprises should be self-sious

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摘要:With the accelerating process of urbanization, cities have been expanding, while the number of sewage discharge have continued to increase, deterioration of water quality occurs, water contamination, thus affecting the sustainable use of wa

   With the accelerating process of urbanization, cities have been expanding, while the number of sewage discharge have continued to increase, deterioration of water quality occurs, water contamination, thus affecting the sustainable use of water resources.

   points pollution in urban areas, wide, high strength, easy to water pollution, pollution even localized, will gradually expand the scope of pollution due to the fluidity of water. And more and more industrial towns to move into rural areas, environmental awareness has not kept up throughout, indiscriminate discharge of sewage waste water plant, water pollution problem has become more serious in rural areas.

   water pollution problem has aroused the attention of relevant departments. However, everything has two sides, increasing water pollution gave the water purifier market has brought unprecedented opportunities. At present, more people pay attention to the quality of life, combined with the rapid improvement of peoples consumption level and health awareness, water purifier market potential outstanding, brilliant prospects of its development.

   water purifier development in the country less than 30 years, but the market product sales have increased year by year. Especially in recent years, the development of the overall market is explosive, the annual compound growth of more than 60%. Increasing the number of market brand.

   Although the water purifier to meet the needs of people seeking quality of life, but a variety of problems and contradictions under rapid development has cropped up. Due to the rapid development of the market, quite a mixed bag of various brands, consumers do not pay attention a little trap might fall into the business at the time of purchase.

   In addition, although many brands of water purifiers, but with the core technology of the enterprise has few, most enterprises are counterfeit production, lack of core competitiveness of the market, Chinas water purifier market is in smoke everywhere disorderly competition.


   rapid development

   At present, our country forward towards building a moderately prosperous society, peoples definition of healthy living getting higher and higher. According to survey results, Tsinghua University Industry Center for Policy Studies done show that domestic raw city water pass rate is far below 50%. Water pollution caused by growing fears of drinking water, which is in stark contradiction with the demand for health, it is this contradiction stimulate the rapid development of the water purifier market.

   According to related statistics, in 2015 the overall water purifier market capacity of 34 billion yuan, increased by 2% penetration rate again, close to 8%. But onlyIn this years Chinese New Year sales period reached 6.5 billion, accounting for 11 percent of the entire appliance industry, an increase of 45% over the same quarter last year, but the rapid growth of the butterfly effect water purifier is not a short time.

   In the past three years, the water purifier in the explosive stage of development, year after growth of 80%, 70%, 60%, water purifier market in the future is expected before 2020 or in rapid stage of development , the market outlook. In the case of forced replacement of saturation, white and black small appliances, household water purifiers as a necessity has become the consensus of the majority of consumers, and quickly spread.

   and up to 70% penetration rate compared to foreign water purifier, my countrys penetration rate is still low. While abroad for such a high penetration rate whether as a propaganda tool business we have different opinions, but low domestic penetration it is an indisputable fact. Compared to other countries, our country is unusually severe water pollution, it also shows that the water purifier market in our country is still a large amount of body development.

   In addition, water purifier, "Matthew Effect" is also apparent, with the core strength of competitive enterprises, products more and more consumers, by assembling the water purifier has been difficult to meet the ever-changing market demands. In particular, some assembled water purifier brand, under the influence of a number of factors such as after-sales service, and gradually withdraw from the market.

   investment in the product itself, for the healthy development of the industry are positive. Water purifier brand concentration is rising, there are advantages or product brand strength advantage of the manufacturers in the past years, the market share is rapidly gathering.

   However, while digital dazzling but still can not cover up the industry in the rapid development of serious chaos "chronic illness" and that these "illnesses" are hindering the healthy development of my countrys water purification industry quickly.

   chaos serious

   any capital will not give up pursuing the interests, hot water purifier market also makes a number of companies are involved in. So, around the high profits without talking about quality, not product development numerous water purifier manufacturers, a large number of innovative OEM products without flooding the market, the homogenization of the situation is extremely serious.

   and a lot of the same types of products to enter the market is the final result of the price war. So severe price competition has become the most important means of market competition, which in turn further lower quality and competitive prices to meet the needs of a vicious circle,Eroding the common interests of the industry and consumers.

   And because the penetration rate is low and publicity, consumer water purifier does not understand. How even a few thousand million of water purification equipment, with or without treatment standards and other issues, many people are very confused. Zhongshan, Guangdong Viagra may benefit energy saving equipment sales manager Cheng Weiguo said that more types of water purifier, the price is not unified, specific scope and application of the treatment effect is different, do not ask and understand the relevant products carefully before if consumers buy , it is likely to buy their products do not need so wasteful.

   Cheng Weiguo told the "China Sankei Shimbun" reporter, "Some enterprises in order to obtain high profits, blindly exaggerated the effect of the use of water purifier, which in itself brings a negative impact on the industry. Consumers spent but found no money products using the effect of publicity may have on the industry questioned. "

   Insiders said that, beginning in early 2014, with the health care industry gradually standardized, many former marketing agency specializing in health care products and personnel , have to switch into the water purifier market in China set off a sales boom. Particularly in rural and urban fringe, has become a hot area of 鈥嬧€媣arious types of water purifiers marketing campaign. Just as former health products marketing, as in water purifier marketing process, some of the hype in the minority.

   And because the barriers to entry are not high, taking advantage of peoples lack of knowledge of the water purifier, some unscrupulous companies holding a bit of money left psychological wantonly counterfeit production of water purifiers in order to gain high profits . Reporters on the web search for water purifier, not only found many brands, prices ranging from hundreds to thousands, and after use can also achieve the effect of reverse osmosis, ultrafiltration, small molecules, weakly alkaline, etc., people I can not help but be dazzled.

   Cheng Weiguo said that no matter how propaganda function, water purifiers is the main function of filtered tap water, which means "filtering" is one of its most important functions. This means that the core component is a filtration membrane, pore size, the better the cleaning effect, the price difference mainly reflected here. But some unscrupulous businessmen in promoting and introduced deliberately avoided this issue aside, so as to achieve confuse.

   Cheng Weiguo suggested that the current factory tap water can reach the living standards, to meet the peoples daily needs. If you want to improve the quality of life of consumers buy water purifier, as much as possible before buying largeBrand and buy from the regular stores, learn as much about knowledge about water purifier, to avoid being deceived bad business.

   need self-discipline

   wants to have a healthy water purifier market development environment, or from their own start. First of all to put an end to "ism." Many water purifier manufacturers in order to pursue short-term interests purely ism, do not pay attention to personnel training and long-term accumulation of the team, resulting in employees impetuous and unstable, which is not only the loss of water purifier manufacturers, also the loss practitioners.

   Chinese enterprise network industry researcher Wang Sisi in an interview with reporters, said, "blind ism caused the water purification industry homogenization serious, is not conducive to the healthy development of the industry."

   Wang Sisi expressed , many products currently on the market are relatively backward production technology, lack of product innovation capability, and therefore can not meet the needs of a larger market. The industry wants to promote the development, production and technological innovation is essential. And still have to step up publicity efforts on pragmatic in product promotion, put an end to false propaganda. In large part because of the low penetration of water purifiers is that propaganda can not keep up, many people do not understand the water purifier. In particular, some remote rural town, had not even heard of the water purifier.

   Wang Sisi also said that an important part of the development of the service industry also establish and improve. For water purifier enterprises, construction of after-sales service, the development process is a very important part. Because many consumers after the purchase of products, problems or repairs, maintenance, parts replacement and other issues, if there is no good after-sales service, direct Depot, then trouble is not that a long time will affect users. So, to increase the building after-sales service, so that consumers consume more secure, is an important step to promote the development of the industry.

   In addition, the state should introduce water purifier market refinement industry norms. Insiders said that the current production of water purifier industry standard is only a "household and similar uses reverse osmosis water purifier" (QB / T 4144-2010). But the standard is very basic, very suited to the current industrial development, it is difficult to ensure product quality.

   Although the production of pre-licensing, water purifier manufacturers must obtain the approval of local health planning commission, which involves a number of health indicators of drinking water testing and environmental protection, process standardization and other aspects of on-site inspection.But in 2015, the countrys more than 3400 water purifier manufacturers, obtaining the relevant approvals of the manufacturers only about 900.

   Wang Sisi told reporters, want healthy development of the water purifier market, in addition to the introduction of appropriate national legislation, but also maintain their own self-discipline.

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