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摘要:In recent years, with frequent water pollution incidents, peoples attention on increasing water security, water purification industry has entered the fast lane, water purifier penetration rate is gradually increased, but behind the rapid de

   In recent years, with frequent water pollution incidents, peoples attention on increasing water security, water purification industry has entered the fast lane, water purifier penetration rate is gradually increased, but behind the rapid development of the industry still exist many drawbacks, such as low barriers to entry, industry standards low, therefore, effectively control the root cause, creating the sustainable development of water purification industry is particularly important.


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   low barriers to entry

   As the desire for safe water, making a large number of water purifier brand like a blossoming out. According to recently released our water industrys first consumer authoritative guidance document "2015 White Paper on Chinas water industry consumption" data show that, in previous years, the water industry has been at a speed of about 30% growth, approximately 40% of the new business year, and the other about 10% of business failures or career change. Currently on the market, large and small water purifier brand up to more than 5000, but was more than 100 well-known brands.

   As a water purifier market tempting cake, anyone bite on a resulting water purifier brand messy, uneven quality of the device. In July 2014 to November, the State Administration of Quality Supervision Law Enforcement Division organized Shanghai, Jiangsu, Zhejiang, Guangdong, Fujian and other places of quality supervision department of the 33 water purifier manufacturers to carry out law enforcement inspection. Which in addition to six enterprises have ceased production, only spot checks of 14 companies qualified sample, the product failed enterprises reached 13.

   In addition to the merchant low barriers to entry, barriers to entry the following employees is very low, there are many problems practitioners qualifications and professional standards. Many water purifier brand for practitioners and staff on-site service of production lines need to obtain health certificate for employment does not make mandatory. Even some water purification equipment provider staff did not know in this line first physical examination in order to obtain a health certificate on-site service.

   lack of industry standards

   lack of pure water the human body needs minerals, bottled water will colonies exceeded. With the demand for healthy drinking water increases, water purifier market further ushered in a new opportunity for development. In addition to the original specializing in water purification business, most of the traditional home appliances business also seized this market, have joined the water purification industry, domestic water purifier market has entered a brand dispute stage.

   said no rules around, facesFor if a large water purifier market, although the current domestic water purification industry standards has more than 40, but mostly to corporate standards. And each enterprise to develop standards and content requirements are not uniform, not enough authority. In addition, "GB4706.1-2005 Household and similar electrical appliances - Safety" is currently executing, "QB / T4143 household and similar uses ultrafiltration water purifier", "QB / T4144 household and similar uses reverse osmosis water purifier" and "GB / T30306 household and similar treatment of drinking water in the core" four major national standard, only "GB4706.1-2005 household and similar electrical appliances" as mandatory standards, the equivalent for the water purification industry is not mandatory implementation of the standards.

   on a roll moment in the water purification industry; in standard confusion corporate standards, industry standards, national standards, water purification industrys unified standard has as yet not been established.

   penetration is low

   water purifier market in recent years, although there has been a spurt of development, but for most people, not yet aware of the seriousness of water quality problems now, so still a lack of awareness of purchase. According to the "2015 China water industry consumer White Paper" Data show that in 2015 water treatment equipment market continues to maintain a rapid pace of development, from January to August retail sales reached 19.7 billion yuan water treatment equipment. Although water purification products market size and rapid growth, but China household water purification equipment penetration rate is not high. Currently market penetration in Europe and America, Japan and South Korea purifier is 60 to 90%, while China is less than 5%.

   In addition, since the water purifier market was mixed, people do not have the knowledge to buy a water purifier, a lot of people around him have deceived cases, lead to a lot of consumption of water purifiers do not trust, which is so a factor in consumer water purifier prohibitive.

   service can not keep

   Unlike other household products, water purifiers not disposable consumer products. Water purifier in the course of a very important task is to replace the filter, so it makes water purifier sales service much consumer attention. However, due to the rapid development of water purification industry, resulting in a lot of water purifier business service system is not perfect, it is difficult to provide strong, secure service support for users. In addition, the water purifier market fish in troubled waters many companies, these companies do not consider serviceThe problem.

   According to the 2014 China Household Electrical Appliances Association, "Chinas first water treatment products consumer research" shows that 33.7% of users of water purifier business service gives the general, are not satisfied or even very satisfied with the evaluation .

   undeniable water purification industry development in recent years is indeed obvious, but the problem behind the rapid development of the pending resolution of a lot. Although the water purifier market chaos still exists, but the industry is moving towards the standardization of development, low-end OEM, no core technology of water purification brand will gradually be abandoned. Therefore, water purifier enterprises must put away his eyes, and carefully studying technical, practical good products, conscientiously carry out the service before they can place on the future of water purifier market.

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