Rough development has come to an end, water purification imm

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摘要:Water purifier market in 2019 for the first time negative growth, from the point of view of development category, water purifiers top stage encounter, increasing competitive pressures, this year due to the impact of the epidemic, the market

  Water purifier market

in 2019 for the first time negative growth, from the point of view of development category, water purifiers top stage encounter, increasing competitive pressures, this year due to the impact of the epidemic, the market decline was deeper below the line, in the long run look, there is a great market water purifier market expansion opportunities, but in terms of the overall industry has entered a new stage of the competition.


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   from the water purification industry development stage point of view, experienced import phase (non appliances channels + a small number of stores) to open the first popular (with home appliance chain + comprehensive investment), upgrade the main line of water purification products confirmed the structure of reverse osmosis-based products from reverse osmosis, ultrafiltration, nanofiltration, activated carbon and other purification technologies, on this basis, we continue to promote the upgrading flux iterative development path . But under todays competition, online high with low prices prevailing circumstances, to a large flux reverse osmosis-based upgrade the main line has become the industry standard and premium space is further compressed, the main competition in the industry from pushing and sell high He turned to the stock market competition, the development of the industry into the bottleneck, new product development direction of the enterprise to become prime difficult problems to overcome.

   face a more complex market competition, product development in the absence of revolutionary technology appears, we can see the current product development the main line, still carried a large flux, low waste, low volume intelligent, self-respect in advance for the core five. The product mix of performance you need more precise market segmentation and customer anchor.


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   from a lateral point of view, the next user purifier can be roughly divided into three categories: update requirements, new high-line market users, the new user is low tier markets popular demand.

   1, update the user: strong brand recognition, potential high-end user groups

   caused public attention from the public 12 years ago due to water pollution, water purification industry began to be detonated, and the kingpin channel full access to appliances channels from home building materials, from pre-sale and kitchen electrical, building materials and other enterprises with the comprehensive investment category in a completely independent operation of the water purifier market size has been greatly increased, the main consumer markets in 16 years ago the main attention to the health of the water in the high-end consumer groups, mainly in the 17 - 19 years due to competitive market pressures increase, it will sell, etc. will be purchased fully involved in a second-tier market, consumer groups mainly to older age groups. From the life of the machine, etc.Situation speculated that the renewal of the water purifier market demand gradually release, this part of the group of brands that require high precision water purification, consumer spending ability, and therefore the water purifier market is still high-end users.


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   from the product end view, in addition to the current product demand large flux of water purification, waste water is low, for the function of water purification products, intelligent rate, health requirements will be a big upgrade, integrated hot and cold drinks, intelligent faucet, and so on sterile line will gradually become standard products to their needs. With AO Smith, for example, the main push from the beginning of the third quarter of last year, hot and cold drinks high-end product, since the product launch, hot and cold drinks market penetration began to gradually improve, to April this year, its penetration rate has reached 12.5 percent, which represents DR1600HA1 model has been more consecutive weeks among the best-selling list.


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   2, the high-line market new users: there is a certain awareness of fresh water, but the price-sensitive

   in our monitor channels high-line market it can mean a secondary market, because clean water is the beginning of the first volume in a secondary market, so the market decline in 19 years, mainly due to pre-market dividend in the secondary market has been a great release, but the epidemic under the influence of a secondary market "can buy" appears to enhance conversion rates. We analyze the reasons this part of the early group unconverted view: Use bottled water dispenser, small kitchen area, less concerned about the health of the water early, hot water needs (installation Kitchen Po, etc.), water purifiers and more expensive , rent and so on.


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   From these we can see this part of the group of products to meet to have a small volume, heating, low price function, in addition to color value, which is the intelligent part of the group concerned It points. At the same time this part of the main consumer groups, mostly between 25-40 years of age, which is more accustomed to buying online, and therefore more sensitive to price, product performance, color values, etc., in this section we can see millet, United States , Patio and other brands online market outstanding.

   3, low line market new users: cognitive relatively low purification, the product according to local conditions

   Low-line market, because of the relatively low awareness of water purification products, more and more it is to strengthen the publicity of the product identification is relatively weak, there is currently no established from the reverse osmosis-based competition,For companies relatively more opportunities, but the product point of view, we analyze the usage scenario, we need to be aware of the differences in buildings and bungalows, in the main building with a population of relatively lower water purifiers kitchen applicability strong, but mainly in rural bungalows, kitchen under water purifiers applicability is relatively low, the market visits situation, early "mountebank style" will sell most of the products within a short time into the countryside is no longer sold use, intended to open up and rooted for low line market enterprises, in-depth understanding of their water scene, is particularly important to develop the right products, in the sale of products from the current situation, this part of the product is still a gap in the market. Of course, along with promoting rural "Hop Village and Town", in the case of bungalows gradually reduced, but the process still exists a great market.

   According to Orville cloud network (AVC) measured data, only the end of the water purifier 2019 National penetration 16.8%, of which 12.6% penetration urban, rural only 3.9%, water purification equipment nationwide popularization rate of only 27.7%. Water purifier market just completed the first phase of market penetration. In the next stage of secondary popularity, companies need to be positioning for more precise market segmentation, product positioning to be more clear, simple past a clear upgrade the main line in the absence of a revolutionary technological breakthrough, product segmentation will be the next a stage of industry topics.

   Further, in addition to the end of the water purifier market, the whole scene of formula desktop net drink machine, tap water filter, pre-filter, the central water purifier kitchen, whole house water purification equipment and other equipment market much larger capacity for water equipment industry, the overall market is still in a rising channel in the popularity of the huge market potential.

   (Source: water industry brand alliances - public number, invasion deleted)

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