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摘要:glass, enamel cups, ceramic cups, plastic cups, stainless steel mug, cup iron, aluminum cups, paper cups ...... when we go to the mall to buy the cup when the cup will break into various our line of sight, especially those bright colors, un


glass, enamel cups, ceramic cups, plastic cups, stainless steel mug, cup iron, aluminum cups, paper cups ...... when we go to the mall to buy the cup when the cup will break into various our line of sight, especially those bright colors, unique shape of the cup is compelling, picks pick dazzled opinions.


tell you, should be the preferred glass while drinking.


Do not think that just transparent glass good-looking, in all material cup, glass but the most healthy. Glass free of organic chemicals, when people drink a glass or other drinks, chemicals have to worry about being drunk into the stomach, and the glass surface is smooth, easy to clean, so most people are drinking from a glass health, the safest.


Secondly, the experts also promote the use of enamel cup.


Because enamel cup is after thousands of degrees Celsius temperature made of sugar, does not contain harmful substances such as lead, you can be assured.


Plastic cups up hidden everywhere


colorful cups very pleasant, in fact hidden in the huge risk of those bright pigment actually, when the water poured into the cup or acid, high alkaline beverage, toxic heavy metals such as lead these pigments are easily dissolved in the liquid, people drink a liquid with chemicals, it will cause harm to humans.


Plastic often added with a plasticizer, which contains a number of toxic chemicals, hot water or water when installed, toxic chemicals easily diluted with water to the plastic cup, and the internal micro-structure with a plastic many gaps, which hides dirt. Therefore, experts advise, in the purchase of plastic cups, be sure to choose food grade plastic cups in line with national standards of the system.


magnetic cup, cup energy what Zeyang?


In addition, there is a family in the cup relatively large team, is the business advertised "magnetization Cup", "Energy Cup."


at home and abroad, said the medical report did magnetized water on human health benefits, but not all of magnetized water are beneficial to human health. Only negative magnetized water can improve human physiological function, play a role in health care, and the positive magnetized water should not drink.


in the market, we have seen most of the ordinary magnet magnetic cup, regardless of the positive and negative. becauseHere, consumers should choose carefully when magnetized cup identify, purchase single-pole magnetic sheet (negative) magnetic cup made from raw materials.


"Energy Cup" in principle it is possible to improve the bodys functions, play a role in health care. However, many producers on the market, "Energy Cup" of the manufacturers are not currently practical for this feature to verify physiological effects, exaggerated the role of "Energy Cup", and some even said that can cure. Experts advise consumers when purchasing health benefits of "Energy Cup", should recognize the legitimate agency approvals granted, must not blind obedience.


Extension: eight adults without a good wash to clean the cup bottom of the cup is very important


cup we have to use every day, whether you can wash it every day? Where the focus when the cleaning is best to use what cleaners? These seemingly simple question but and health are closely related.


survey, 3849 respondents, wash drinking cups accounted for only 9.6%, 40.2% of people wash cups a day, 29.7% of people wash a few days a cup, as well as 20.5% of people wash the cup frequency lower. Different people different focus clean cup. Where 68 percent of people focus on cleaning the rim mouth contact, 24.1% of people focus on cleaning the inner wall of the cup, as well as 5.6% of people mainly cleaning bottom of the cup, 2.3% of people focus on cleaning the outer wall of the cup. The method of cleaning cups respondents are also different. Briefly rinsed with water 52.8% 23.0% accounted thin scrubbing with detergent or other cleaning of 24.2%.


In this regard, Professor Cai Chun, director of Xijing Hospital, Fourth Military Medical University, recommended preventive care, such as cups each run to instantly clean the best, if it feels too much trouble, it should be cleaned at least once a day, in the evening you can wash before going to sleep, then dry. When cleaning glass, not only to wash the cup, Beibi and bottom of the cup should not be ignored, especially the bottom of the cup, usually infrequently cleaned, may precipitate a lot of bacteria and miscellaneous dirt. Professor Chun Cai remind female friend, lipstick contain not only the chemical composition, and can easily adsorbed harmful substances and pathogens in the air, will harmful substances into the body while drinking, thus remaining lipstick cup must be cleaned. Cleaning cup rinsed briefly with water is not enough, preferably with a brush. Further, since an important component of detergent agents are chemically synthesized, use should be careful to note rinse with water. To clean stained with a lot of greasy dirt or dirt cup of tea, mayIn squeezed toothpaste on the brush, brushed back and forth within the cup. Since both toothpaste detergents, friction agent there are very fine, it is easy to wipe off residual material without damage to the cup.


In response to the question "Why do not regularly wash the cup" of up to 75.5% of the respondents feel that the cup would not have looked not dirty cleaning; 15.6% of people think the cup is too deep, the accumulation tea dirt, coffee stains and other wash also wash clean; there are 8.9% of people think that cleaning cup waste of time, so too lazy to wash. Xijing Hospital, Fourth Military Medical University, Department of Pediatrics Professor Sun Xinfu pointed out, the cup may have a lot of invisible bacteria, especially after the consumption of sugary drinks, fast bacterial growth speed is very alarming. For example, an E. coli after 8 hours under the best conditions can be propagated to 2 million, therefore, if the cleaning is not timely, although the cup may not look dirty, but will be a large quantity of bacteria. For thorough cleaning is not the cup of harm, 67.2% of people know will lead to the growth of bacteria, 10.5% of people know that tea scale hazardous to health, 17% of people do not know, there are only 2.4% of people thought to affect mood, 2.6% of people even think there is no harm.


cup is not clean, the probability of occurrence of intestinal infections and other diseases will be greatly increased. Therefore, you should wash the cup, the better the "disease from the mouth" this important level.


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