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摘要:In this years 618 electricity supplier war, water purification products eye-catching performance, enhance the share of foreign brands, brand concentration is getting high, high-end products has become the users choice. 618 report card, it i

   In this years "618" electricity supplier war, water purification products eye-catching performance, enhance the share of foreign brands, brand concentration is getting high, high-end products has become the users choice. "618" report card, it is a microcosm of the past year, water purifier market brand pattern. As the Chinese water industry continue to unfold integrate acquisitions, foreign brands into the Council, technological upgrading of domestic brands drama, once known as grass-roots industry water purification industry became almost user "demand" sunrise industry, innovation, science and technology black, build keywords such as FMCG brands has become the cornerstone towards a new pattern.

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   micro-pattern changes, opportunities and challenges coexist

   the large number of brands is a typical characteristic of the water industry. In the industry, has been circulating the water purification business over 3000, sales of the brand on the market and range up to thousands of argument. In this regard, general manager of the US water heater department Xu Min Feng pointed out that currently, China water industry, the real product sales and continued profitable enterprises from 300 to 500.

   Although the large number of enterprises, but the water industry brand pattern has been gradually clear. Breakdown up to participate in market competition, enterprises are divided into seven categories: Professional water purifier brands such as Angel, Patio and so on; cross-border influx of home appliance brands, such as the United States, AO Smith, Haier and so on; mainly to direct marketing of brand, such as Amway, perfect and so on; Internet brand nearly two years into office, clouds rice, Bole other treasure; into the water industry from building materials market brands such as UPG, Annette, etc.; focus on the commercial market brand, as ho Chak, Bailey etc; to be marketing, engineering support and other mainly of other brands. National Health Industry Enterprise Management Association water purification industry Tang Peng, Vice General Secretary said that the current market performance of the most eye-catching and professional water purifier brand home appliances brand.

   With the heat rising water industry, this had no significant reputation in the industry become active again. Cloud rice and other Internet brands inbound want to break the industry pattern, such as record sales have reached 20 billion Huajin era began to shrink and other direct marketing brands, Unilever, Sun Rain, open to other large mergers and acquisitions market adjustment strategies by integrating , STONER, ELKAY, ERIE, ATLAS, FineSky, Bluewater and other foreign brands continue into the Chinese market, excellent performance in the commercial area of 鈥嬧€媓o Chak into the domestic markets, not only through the integration of acquisitions to enhance homeWith the strength of the product, but also the rental model into the domestic market, open up new sales model ...... can say, water in the field of brand activity has never been so lively as today.

   In this context, China water purifier market brand pattern changes slightly. "Specifically, it is direct marketing brand market share have fallen sharply, professional home appliance brand and increase market share, although the market share of Internet brand share is not high, but the brisk performance." Secretary-General of China Association of Gu water industry long pass analysis pointed out that "water purifier sales service is very important, a great impact on the user experience, so some do one-shot deal direct marketing brand does not have continuity; the huge Chinese market potential has attracted some powerful brand into the enterprise through the integration of mergers and acquisitions to expand their business, increase the pressure of market competition; a gradual increase in consumer awareness, promote technology and innovation "with the continued construction of major brands, industry concentration has been strengthened. PRC, the data show that the first water industry ten brand market share increased from 80% in 2015 to 83% in 2016, the brand concentration further increased.

   brand becomes the pattern of micro industry to bring more opportunities and challenges. FineSky total brand in Greater China chief operating officer Li Shujun said that the current pattern will continue to diversify the brand a few years four or five line city market channels, marketing, meeting, exhibition marketing there is still space. She said: "This situation, sinking in a large branded channels, consumer industry, in the case of products to deepen understanding, will find that change, there is no core competitive products will gradually away from the market."

   Tang Peng believes that even if the pattern is changing, increasing market share in some categories, but there will be a category which was completely replaced. "Different types of brands to focus on different areas, broken down in all areas of study for the production or sales model is different, and therefore have different emphases professional, can not be completely replaced by other categories. In the development process, there are R & D strength willing to continue to invest in the brand market niche. "Tangpeng Ju said cases, such as the mainstream technology in different fields are the same, the current high mainly because of the voice of the reverse osmosis influential brand, the retail market of home appliances brand more attention, but commercial , not necessarily practical for industrial use.

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   have focused on integration and development

   As demand continues to rise, many companies at home and abroad have joined the Chinese water market competition. On domestic and foreign brandWords, different brands of strategic focus is slightly different. STONER- Stoner (Shanghai) Company CMO Zhongyu Long told the "electrical" reporters, little change in the pattern of the overall brand. "In terms of strategic direction, some foreign brands flagship imported, these companies targeting high-end market; there are some foreign brands have established production line in China, focusing on the history of the brand strategy, product cost-effective, mainly located in the high-end market ; domestic brands and brand marketing strategy focusing on price, these companies pay more attention to the mid-market; other price-competitive strategy of domestic brands, products targeted for the low-end market, "Zhong Yulong said," in the future, China water purifier. the market will be the largest-selling domestic brands, followed by foreign brands (including imported and domestic assembly), other brands will gradually marginalized. "According to Li Shujun said, the current domestic brands on the market, joint venture brands, imported brands market share overall They were accounted for 65%, 30%, 5%.

   In the context of escalating consumption, more concerned about the high-end market, foreign brands began to increase market share. From the past "618" sales of big promotion can glimpse one of two. Orville cloud network (AVC) data show, June 18, 2017, the market share of foreign brands water purifier was 48.9%, compared with 2016 in 2015 increased by 4 percentage points and 6.1 percentage points.

   In addition to brand strategy is different, there are differences between domestic and foreign brands in the product upgrades direction. An industry source said, after domestic brands pay more attention to the appearance of the product design, and intelligent rapid development; in terms of foreign brands, companies focus on product quality, but many companies to adhere to their own product technology a little stubborn, We do not want to be technical adjustments for the Chinese market. "In recent years, domestic and foreign brands began to integration, although they are still their own strengths, but the mainstream brands are the product of a comprehensive upgrade, efforts to study Chinese consumer demand, the introduction of suitable products."

   brand competition

   in the context of the fast-growing market, with a brand incoming Internet genes, due to optimistic about the Chinese market and the influx of foreign brands, mainstream enterprises in order to adapt to the competitive environment of continuous technological upgrading, the water purifier brand strategic upgrade unprecedented intensity.

   Therefore, the turnover ratio of water purifier market brands is quite high. PRC, the data show, 2016, were monitored online and offline water purifier 237 brands, 2015 total disappearance of contrast 32 brands, a total of 42 new entrants brands. In the fierce competition, survival of the fittest is the inevitable trend of development. Some industry analysts said that with the development of the market, part of the production technology immaturity, poor brand strength of enterprises will be eliminated, but with the strength of the industry benchmark brand growth rate will continue to grow.

   from the increasing number of brand point of view, Chinese companies a huge space for the water purifier market is still full of hope. Focus on the high-end market Swedish brand Bluewater very optimistic about the Chinese water market, and root out the Chinese market as part of its strategy, the most important part, but also on May 2, 2017 for the appointment of MattiasWesterberg Bluewater global CEO, in order to accelerate brand development in China and other key markets. MattiasWesterberg In an interview with "electrical" reporter, said: "China is a large market, the brand is full of possibilities Chinese water industry has a huge potential for growth, water purification equipment sales increase of about 30%. the next five years will remain stable and healthy growth. "Therefore, Bluewater not only to bring the full range of imported products to open the Chinese market, also launched a special customized for the Chinese market," instant hot beverage system. "

   Similarly optimistic about the Chinese market because of new entrants into the foreign brands are Germany FineSky. According to Li Shujun introduction, FineSky all water purification products before entering the Chinese market, will after three years of rigorous market research and field testing, the ultimate combination of Chinese water quality and taste of the drinking habits of consumers, research and design suitable for Chinese consumers to use water purification products . She said:. "2018, FineSky core focus is to continue to improve the core competitiveness of products, develop more high-end professional products, China will channel of distribution operations team as a core priority"

   AO Smith, though foreign brands, but there are R & D team and factory in China, all products sold in China are produced close to the Chinese consumer demand. AO Smith Corporation Chairman and CEO Ajita, said: "We are very optimistic about the development of the Chinese market with the increasing income of Chinese consumers, and the need to upgrade, more and more people began to buy water purifier to improve. life productsQuality of products. In the future for a long period of time, good prospects for the Chinese water market. Therefore, we will continue to spare no effort to invest in research and development, and pay more attention to innovation. "

   At the same time, the Internet brand incoming also competitive pressures the industry to further expand the .AWE2017, cloud meters invited Yang Mi become a brand ambassador," the brand manifesto 428 patent re-invent the water purifier, "the launch, started 2017 in the first shot brand upgrade subsequently initiated creative activities microblogging has become a hot topic, more adept at Internet brand marketing cloud meter in such a way the water industry to join the competition. there are the traditional water purification company believes that net incoming cloud meters water market is to "spoiler", but the Internet is full of thinking brand strategy, but also indirectly accelerated the trend of the industry transition from consumer durables to the fast moving consumer goods, so that looks stupid Moe "three-legged" into fashion, free installation water purification products.

   Moreover, the "old" water purifier brand continued to upgrade the brand, through the introduction of high-end products, to establish a brand image. at the "electrical" reporters planning the topic of the month, Angel AX net release water, to achieve high-volume, low noise, space saving three balanced, sustained delivery of the brand tone of high net water experts, according to vice-president Angel hole that introduction, Angel AX series by the US Dow latest development with Angel jointly issued the 800G large flux reverse osmosis filter that dramatically improves the efficiency of large flux of water filter cartridge.

   compared to most of the water purifier brand, Hao Ze way into the household water purification industry, it appears that another way. it is ho Chak person in charge, ho Chak into the domestic market in the commercial market use more mature rental model, ho Chak household products can also be leased, the leasing product by the ho Chak and maintenance free replacement filter, all the installation, service system are shared with commercial products.

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