Reverse osmosis water purifi straight drink good or good

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摘要:Lead: reverse osmosis water purifier straight drink good or good? Some people are very concerned about water purification like to know the answer. Here are just a small series of related content. Currently, the market end drink straight dri


   reverse osmosis water purifier straight drink good or good? Some people are very concerned about water purification like to know the answer. Here are just a small series of related content.




Currently, the market end drink straight drink straight and reverse osmosis water. So in the end what similarities and differences between the two? This is the customer choose the time will cause some problems, I do not know which one is right for you. For some of the concerns of customers, small 2020-06-05 science gave you what.


a difference: filtering accuracy


Structure drink straight reverse osmosis water purification substantially similar, they ultrafiltration membrane, reverse osmosis membranes generally have a front PP cotton, activated carbon, etc. preliminary filter cartridges used, and the final decisive gap in the "film" filtering effect. Filtering accuracy Generally, drink straight approximately 0.01 to 0.1 microns, and a reverse osmosis membrane filtration precision can reach 0.0001 micron, which is like a sieve made of different pore sizes contrast, significantly smaller pore sieve filtration accuracy also higher.


From the filter effect, linear drink can remove rust in water, sediment, some bacteria, colloids, and other organic pollutants, retain most of the minerals in the water; the water purifier is able to reverse osmosis further filter out the microscopic bacteria diameter of more water, viruses, heavy metals, calcium and magnesium ions (scale) and the like, almost pure water outlet. So in terms of water pollution is not serious, straight drink machine because retains beneficial minerals, more in line with demand for healthy drinking water; and for poor water quality, heavy metals and organic pollution is more serious, or more regional scale, trans osmotic water purifiers have better results.


two differences: the water flow and installation requirements


relatively straight drink machine, the reverse osmosis water purification generally require a higher pressure to "push", so the design of the product, trans internal osmotic water purifier normally associated with the supercharging device, when installation is also generally need to connect the power supply. Drink straight condition is mounted on the lower limit, some of the products can be used even without power.


Further, since the difference in filtration accuracy "film", and therefore the practical use of the product, most of the water flow reverse osmosis water purification will be smaller than the machine drink straight confidential. Difficult to have both fish and bears paw, so when we choose a better purification effect on the amount of water the size will not be overly harshbegging. After all, the essence of the purchase of water purification products, in order to obtain a more healthy and safe drinking water. If you can not achieve the desired water effect, a large amount of water and then what is the use of it


three differences:? Wastewater rate


If the merchant told you, the original amount of water entering the water purifier and production the net amount of water the same, you have to be careful. Because of the current water purification technology, whether it is a reverse osmosis water purifier, drinking straight or as long as a "film" to filtration products, it is bound to produce waste in the water purification process. At a lower rate of wastewater drink straight example, when periodically opened mouth rinsing clean the filter, it will produce a certain amount of waste water.


Since the difference in pore size "membrane", and therefore the rate of waste water purification is reverse osmosis is generally higher than drink straight. The early portion of the waste water reverse osmosis water purifier even up to 5: 1, five cups will produce the same volume of wastewater that is generated when the cup of water purification. However, with the increase and improvement of the related art, the current ratio of wastewater has been gradually reduced to 3: 1, 2: 1 or even lower.


In general, drink straight reverse osmosis water and have their own advantages, everyone in the selection of the best water quality is based on its own circumstances, to consult the relevant staff, choose a most suitable for their own of.


These are the water purifier knowledge introduction, after reading, you should know it. In fact, under normal circumstances, the water is still relatively clean and healthy, so do not be home water purifier it is necessary to install the tangled issue. It is important to have some more knowledge of small household drinking water, will not live without water trapped.




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