Rural well water purification machine

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摘要:Lead: rural well water purification machine is what? is that useful? 2020-06-04 small series to introduce. rural well water purification machine is owned shallow wells and deep wells of new water treatment equipment for urban and rural hous


   rural well water purification machine is what? is that useful? 2020-06-04 small series to introduce.




rural well water purification machine is owned shallow wells and deep wells of new water treatment equipment for urban and rural households; after years of research and experiment; to enrich the domestic variety of biological mineral resources, with a fine selection of unique formula has finally come to fruit formation, the well water becomes purified water has been achieved, our company is the worlds first to achieve this goal, while at the same time the device municipal tap water has more close purification results.


is now recognized internationally underground shallow ground water contamination situation is getting worse, fertilizers, pesticides, manure, petrochemical residues, directly harmful to human sewage and chemical residues and toxic smoke them directly in-depth surface layer, rural well water purification machine in the drive through the rain soaked deep soil just hidden in the surface water layer inside. Residents in many countries and regions around the world in the use of shallow wells in water to maintain domestic water, and Chinese residents of shallow wells in the world is a country most. Rural well water purification machine due to the construction of shallow wells up small price, Chinas urban and rural villagers ordinary citizens Poors partial use of cheap shallow household wells, with well water to act as domestic water, groundwater quality containing a large number of harmful the vitamins and minerals.


rural well water purifying machine all stainless steel Seiko build, the outer aesthetic appearance, ease of use, interior layer 10, layer 4 coarse filter, fine filter layer 3, fine filter layer 3, filtered through a filter drinking water meet the 2006 standard, purified water and then after further equipped with imported membrane filter after deep water and bottled water on the market can be compared to the rural well water purification machine remove sediment, colloids, pesticides limestone debris, moss and other microorganisms, remove the scale, remove microscopic bacteria, red worms to remove bacteria and other parasites like worms and all kinds of self so that you never worry about. Rural well water purifying machine filter can be used for a long, well water purifier filter stainless steel housing can be used for 50 years is not bad, not damaged, for your family and life-long service units, see the water does not flow times in use, that is disconnected ball joint connection between the membrane system, to see if the water flow is too small or even no water, i.e. out of the valve closing purification system, while opening the inlet valve and the backwash filter bed purge valve following discharge, to be blowdown valve flow out of the water completely clearWater and then to restore the original state of use (explained in the reference picture specification). Use water supply up to 0.2-0.3 tons of purified water per hour, 0.2 tons ultrafiltration water, water pressure a recommended maximum, a company with a comfortable Cards well water filter purifier, well water because it will never dirty and become muddy can not cook, can not worry about drinking well water purification through rural well water purifying fresh water after purification machine, not only cooking, spoil the broth and cook, but also to direct long-term health drink, or dollar into open water to drink ( hot and cold water are hard to reconcile). Rural well water purifying machine filter easy to install, on the outside and can be placed in the kitchen.


rural well water purification machine can also use a wide range in many areas: a, can be used for home Wells. B, can be used without well but clean and close to the small river water, river water purification available for small 3-5 at home simultaneously. C, can be used in inland waterway vessels and recreational size ship catering and transport trailer fleet and other fields. d, can be better used for urban and rural household water purification.


a large base of rural well water water purification how?


Large water base are generally surface water, deep wells may be a better point, because the situation is different in each region, if the limestone area, deep well water may still be relatively large base, it is generally considered more impermeable layer is surface water. If the conditions allow the family to buy water purification equipment filter on the line, there are now various shopping malls, Taobao large choice than the mall.


household drinking water Tips: How well water purification


purify well water, well water according to the situation in different places, such as fluorine-containing groundwater generally Loess Plateau is too high, Custer landscape groundwater generally calcium is too high (commonly known as NOx), and some ground water containing iron and manganese is too high, local conditions vary greatly, well water purification process in very different ways. In short treatment must be targeted, water quality testing should be carried out beforehand, then targeted purification treatment based on test results. Currently these treatments are relatively mature. In addition to the above outer remove excessive water minerals, usually also of well water turbidity purification, home water purifier is a good choice, the choice of which the physical filtration, the choice of primary filter sand filtration tank, a filter may be selected intermediate PP cotton core , ceramic core filter, filter a deeper choice of ultrafiltration hollow filter, accuracy up to 0.01UM, bacteria and viruses can be filtered out.


Through the above description, you must be the wellWater safety knowledge understand it. If you want to know more small drinking water safety knowledge, we pay more attention to stop it.




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