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摘要:Following the water ten blockbuster release, safe water, water science slogan has been widely accepted, the development of water purifier business once again usher in supporting national policy support. Not long ago, National Water Security

   Following the "water ten" blockbuster release, "safe water, water science" slogan has been widely accepted, the development of water purifier business once again usher in supporting national policy support. Not long ago, "National Water Security Innovation Project Implementation Plan 2015-2020" officially issued, to further clarify the important role of technological innovation in the efficient development and utilization of water resources. It has also contributed greatly to adhere to green energy water purifier business.

   In recent years, increasing demands on the quality of drinking water, explore network transformation in government departments, reduce secondary pollution, while many communities, families also positive action, to install community, home water purification device. There are reports of water purification industry is growing, by 2014, the whole enterprise nearly 4000, the total output value of 300 billion yuan, and is growing at about 30% per year.

   At present, the market share of the largest water purification equipment mainly rely on reverse osmosis membranes to achieve water purification process. Such equipment high water quality, good stability, it has been widely used, but its large concentration of water and stored inconvenient problem, the market was also criticized.

   According to reports, the national standard reverse osmosis water purifier is not less than 30% recovery rate, that is, water purification and concentration of water should not be less than 1:2.3, that output per 1 cup of water, then 2.3 need to drain the cup of concentrated water. While the proportion of reverse osmosis water purification machines and other holdings of the national estimate, the amount of water wasted every day amazing horrible. Market data show that the national home machine to 15 million units, commercial computing machine 500 million units in the use of reverse osmosis water purifier, draining away of about 1 billion tons of water per year. In addition, according to experts, this is not the final one billion tons of water into the sewage system, which is equivalent to the sewage treatment system increased by about 16 burden Beijing Ming Tombs Reservoir water storage each year, the state will pay a great deal cost.

   Today, this problem finally found a crack of the Road. Nine hundred and sixty (Beijing) Technology Co., Ltd., general manager of introduction Fitz, one of the biggest advantages of the companys research and development of "smart sub-quality water purification system" is green "zero" waste, collected concentrated water, purifying it again, so as to achieve the cycle use. If you can waste a year that 1 billion tons of water savings, according to Beijing lowest price ladder prices, people can save nearly 50 billion yuan, will greatly reduce the burden on the sewage treatment system each year.

   In addition, the systemWater may also be a comprehensive solution to the system security by filtration cotton filter, a carbon fiber filter, KDF filter composite, calcium and magnesium ions to the process cartridge and a hydrophilic membrane filter and other large flux combination regimen effectively remove sediment, rust coarse particles, reducing organic compounds, heavy metals, chlorine and other substances, removal of calcium and magnesium ions in water north.

   Of course, the benefits of a "smart sub-quality water purification system" is more than that. The same purification bucket of bottled water (18.9L), "intelligent sub-quality water purification system" is only 0.11 yuan, much lower than the required utilities ordinary RO water purifier, cost advantages prominent. And in the scope of application, in addition to urban, rural and public spaces can be widely used.

   To talk about the root causes of these advantages, naturally inseparable from the "intelligence" in the name. Fitz description, a "smart sub-quality water purification system," reason "intelligent", mainly in five aspects: First, automatic pressure sensing system, a high pressure for the user, to achieve water "zero power consumption"; low water pressure users to achieve "regulated water supply." Second, water quality data can be found at any time. Third, consumable replacement smart tips. Fourth, a key cell phone upgrade Water Quality. Fifth, the realization of intelligent leakage protection.

   above technological innovation, it has been recognized by industry experts. Tsinghua University professor and expert on water supply Zhansheng introduced, according to the relevant provisions of the Ministry of Science, "Interim Measures for the evaluation of pilot scientific and technological achievements", recently called for "Nine in the" State-Research Institute "organized by the Ministry of Science and Tsinghua University, Beijing Science and Technology Park is in charge of business sixty intelligent sub-quality water purification system "technology demonstration, technical experts listened to the report made by the R & D units, review relevant information, watch the demonstration test equipment, after careful inquiry, discussion, and ultimately the formation of the opinions.

   of the opinions that, first, "nine hundred sixty intelligent sub-quality water purification system", using a reverse osmosis membrane or a nanofiltration membrane purification unit core, by a combination of water purification equipment design optimization process, anti osmosis or nanofiltration concentrated water collection or use purification, better way to solve the safety of drinking water and waste water discharge concentration problems. Secondly, "intelligent nine hundred sixty sub-quality water purification system" uses the weak induction, radio signal transmission and intelligent response, with leakage protection and alarm functions, can be APP remote monitoring of the system by phone, smart achieve water purification equipment oriented, innovative. Further, "nine hundred sixty intelligent sub-quality water purification system" with water as the object,It can be used in urban and rural residents, public places and other places to provide product support for the protection of drinking water safety.

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