Water purification industry new nional standard boss recomme

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摘要:November 1, 2009, RO water purifier and water efficiency limit efficiency rating (hereinafter: Standard) national standards formally embodiment. Standards, household and similar reverse osmosis water purification minimum water production ra

   November 1, 2009, "RO water purifier and water efficiency limit efficiency rating" (hereinafter: "Standard") national standards formally embodiment. "Standards", household and similar reverse osmosis water purification minimum water production rate can not be less than 35% (five water efficiency), reverse osmosis water purification unit is lower than this limit value as substandard products, will prohibit the sale.



Reverse osmosis water purification efficiency limit of water level and water efficiency

   In early December 2017, Chinese Academy of household appliances published 2017 the first batch of "standard" reverse osmosis water purifier, water purifier J306 including the boss, including 15 models of water purification products passed the reverse osmosis water purifier new national standard test, set a benchmark for the entire water purification industry, promoting technological upgrading water industry has a leading role.

   can not be optimistic about the quality of drinking water, reverse osmosis water purifier touted

   Chinas total fresh water resources, though they have 2.8 trillion cubic meters, but it is a water-scarce country, and industrial development, making the water continues to be contaminated.

   Due to the different water sources, tap water residents of the home are not the same. Some hard water area, limescale large; some areas affected by illegal industrial emissions, water sources to varying degrees of organic or heavy metal pollution; some areas drinking water pipelines due process of secondary pollution, resulting in excessive microorganisms.

   In this context, many families choose to install household water purifier to improve drinking water quality. Reverse osmosis water purification unit (RO unit) of the filter pore size is extremely small, the filtered water can be viruses, bacteria, heavy metals, soluble solids, organic contamination and metal ions. With these advantages, reverse osmosis water purifier (RO machine) has become the mainstream choice water purifier market.

   In an example J306 boss reverse osmosis water purification unit, which the water purifier using the most advanced ultra-low pressure reverse osmosis technology - U.S. imports an RO membrane, an RO membrane filtration accuracy of such up to 0.0001 microns, 80 millionth hair can be filtered more than 99.9% of bacteria in the water, heavy metals, heavy contaminants, organic substances.



(boss Purifying water purifier J306)

   Water purification efficiency to a new national standard weightPredetermined point

   Currently, due to the different techniques of reverse osmosis water purification treatment, will produce a concentrated portion of the water while obtaining clean drinking water, which is commonly known as "waste." Thus, the low efficiency water purifier water purifier is a waste of water resources.

   as required "standard" (to be issued), the China Household Electrical Appliances studies on a variety of products available in the market to carry out a series of tests. J306 boss when displayed in the test water purifier, water purifier purify this 3 cups of water just 5 cups of water, waste water ratio of 3: 2, to reach a new national standard water purifier water efficiency level 1 indicators, high energy-saving water effect, it is satisfied that the first batch of "standard" recommended products.


(the "standard" water purifier predetermined efficiency rating index)



(boss water purifier J306)

   in addition, the Chinese Academy of household appliances called on companies to strive to improve their technical strength, and strive to improve the efficiency of water purification machines, so that consumers spend more water-efficient water purifier.

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