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摘要:PhD, had been jumping up and down piece hand were classified as alien. There are three types of people in the world: men, women, and doctoral students this somewhat offensive joke, on behalf of the ridicule of doctoral students at some stag

   PhD, had been jumping up and down piece hand were classified as alien. "There are three types of people in the world: men, women, and doctoral students" this somewhat offensive joke, on behalf of the ridicule of doctoral students at some stage people. October 22, 2019, when the "electrical" reporter walked into the beauty of the Academia Sinica first interview doctoral students born in 1987, have to say that the heart or the emergence of subtle fluctuations. Caused fluctuations does not come from the young girl who "doctoral students" label, but when the students choose to go abroad or engaged in education in college, she became a research group first-ever selection of doctoral students into the enterprise.




US group Academia Sinica chief engineer Yang Cuixia

   For such a choice, the US group Academia Sinica chief engineer Yang Cuixia also use three words describe it It is "no regrets." This also allows the "electrical" reporter hearts more curious, what magic was founded in 2014 in the United States and Academia Sinica exactly, not only Division has long been famous pioneer in technology, CMF design competition goddess willing to come in, but also to the young college graduate PhD devote yourself to this cause? We believe that the answer is not simply five years, 30 billion yuan of funds and industry-leading research and development of four research and development system, it is worth digging people out of sight, there are too many wonderful.

   does not go abroad to teach, went to the United States and the Central Research Institute

   Yang Cuixia like to listen to the report, also like to participate in the meeting, is not limited to technical, marketing and strategic about her will to listen, because that would be more understanding of the United States and direction of development of the Group, to guide their own research techniques. However, most of the time no meetings or reports, she will stay in the lab all day, not even to sit in the office on the third floor.

   It seems wasted in the laboratory of boring living among ordinary people, shes bored with the Academia Sinica in the United States after more than four years. Before entering the US group, she has grown used to this way of life. Because sophomore undergraduate at Wuhan University, she frequented the laboratory. 9 years, this professional Shuoboliandu Yang Cuixia involved from the electrolysis of water to the fuel cell anode catalyst, and then to physical chemistry, science and technology research and development to treat the attitude has not changed. 9 years of accumulation, but also to learn Pa Yang Cuixia becoming the first woman in the eyes of their peers.

   Dr. graduation, she was 29 years old,To a lot of work to choose from. Yang Cuixia frankly, like her the professional doctoral students, most of them choose to go abroad after college or a teacher, went into business to do R & D is not much, even very rare. Especially where the research group Yangcui Xia Du Bo, had no choice to enter a PhD enterprises engaged in technology research and development. She was originally just wanted to see, but in the United States of Academia Sinica experience, so she frequently say "no regrets" in the name in an interview. She said some hard work in the enterprise, but the harvest is great knowledge, the speed of growth is particularly fast. After her doctoral Wuhan University, which is Yang Cuixia school girl who, many choose to enter enterprises engaged in research and development, and the United States of Academia Sinica, has become the first choice of many of Benedictine College Shanghai Campus.

   before the line by a dream, in a kind of paradise flower development technologies

   In recent years, research groups to enhance the strength of the United States for all to see, a great tribute to the 2014 establishment of the Central Research Institute, has developed into a to promote scientific and technological strength to enhance the beauty of the world body, while the driving force to enhance the Groups products, but also create a called "dream team" R & D day mission, of course, to enter the threshold is very high here. Yang Cuixia recalled that when the Institute of Materials recruit professional, she is good at physical chemistry, and ultimately himself stand out in a crowd materials professional competitors. The reason is because Yang Cuixia to be prepared to learn more about the beauty of several large business group, and the combination of their professional learning and beauty R & D needs, come prepared to impress the examiner at the time, that is, the former Central Research Dr. Dean Hu Ziqiang.

   "When Hu always ask what I can do in the United States, I very fluently combined with professional knowledge, put forward their own views." For example, she said, "Some components will corrode air conditioning in the use situation, but from the perspective of electrochemical corrosion can do some effective solutions. Although I am not in materials Science, but was fortunate enough to enter the United States of Academia Sinica. "

   over four years of work experience, so Yang Cuixia love on here. She said that before the entry understanding of beauty Academia Sinica is not particularly deep, but today it can be said, "Throughout the appliance industry, there are unmatched beauty group Academia Sinica more suitable for technology research and development platform." Even compared to the United States belong to the group division, Academia Sinica also has unique advantages, not only is the time more comfortable, more conveniences, more adequate resources,More importantly, you can get the needs of different categories from different business unit in all directions. "Whenever a project done, our knowledge this product is available again on a higher level." Yangcui Xia said.

   Turning to the present work, Yangcui Xia said that research and development direction will the demand for division, the Institute will be independent in the general direction of the layout, and do the technical reserves. Each division also create their own R & D department, there are some Dr. talent, but more to address is unexpected technical problems. "And Academia Sinica will provide convenient conditions and abundant resources, lets do the first study of preventive measures." She said.

   at the Academia Sinica, Yang Cuixia their evaluation is "new", to be here come into contact with so many categories, and even do an independent project, which is the other enterprise platforms and can not do and give. Laboratory, for example, the US laboratory Academia Sinica is the best domestic appliance industry, from the perspective of a well-equipped advanced, almost the same with top universities, while Academia Sinica also provides colleges and universities do not have the kinds of products and top engineers in various fields. In Yang Cuixia view, the United States and the Academia Sinica is a paradise for researchers, and engineers are here to grow flowers technologies, promote innovation processes appliance industry.

   Although the appliance industry in 2019 under pressure before the line, by the impact of internal and external environment, businesses are facing growth challenges. Yang Cuixia say that, although they would feel the pressure side of the market, but does not affect the development rhythm of the Academia Sinica. She told reporters in very simple words: "Market volatility does not affect our R & D environment, in terms of buy materials, buy equipment, Academia Sinica, never fear fear hands feet, is also very willing to invest."

   broadcast under wisdom seeds, bear innovations

   If the United States of Academia Sinica sowed the seeds of wisdom, then Yang Cuixia must harvest the fruits of innovation. Before this interview, Yang Cuixia said she just made a statistics, less than five years, made a dozen projects, which in other household electrical appliance enterprises are unimaginable. She recalled that impressed me most is the first time for sterilization project, after all, not their expertise is the first independent project to do, difficult to imagine. However, the United States and the Central Research Institute gave full support and encouragement, Yang Cuixia bold attempt, wearing protective clothing clouds in the confined space of E. coli test modules, product research and development. While listening to a little frightening, butA process is not difficult. The only thing more difficult after Yang Cuixia that is experiencing problems, in addition to leading exchanges and co-workers, but also themselves to literature, to find a solution. But the opposite is also "difficult", the last of these problems are solved.

   talk about their achievements, Yang Cuixia to "electrical" reporter describes an electrochemical device for air filtration. According to her, the electrochemical chemical reactions that occur at the electrodes, in general, is on the water (will be more open). But Yang Cuixia think not necessarily been on the water, build a water channel can solve the problem. She explained that in detail, not necessarily the water channel water macro and micro water channels also have water features. Yang Cuixia research and development of wet electrode also reached the sterilization, in addition to the effect of odor. This module is used in air purifiers, dishwashers and other products have a very good interior sterilization, anti-virus effect, compared to traditional disinfection, odor has many advantages.

   innovative materials along the route, Yang Cuixia in the last couple of years for the high cost of the status quo in addition to formaldehyde air purifier filter should be changed regularly and after saturation caused by falling material developed to lift formaldehyde. Yang Cuixia in the past two years and the team set out to develop new materials, through the purchase of basic materials experiments in the United States of Academia Sinica synthesis of a new catalyst, the effective removal of formaldehyde by the method of catalysis. Yang Cuixia believe that this material corresponds to the "formaldehyde" provides a breeding ground, it itself does not participate in the reaction, is not consumed, is theoretically unlimited duration. "There has been division in our material verification, feedback results are even better than the results of laboratory tests, life expectancy has been done three years does not fail. But that does not mean that energy to market." Yangcui Xia stressed that "we want to after the accelerated equivalent of 10 years, in order to verify the degree of attenuation applied to the product. "

   independent thinking, I want to unprecedented innovation

   in a series of innovative talked about a few of sterilization, also Yang Cuixia He pointed out that the material is a big subject, the central research department in the United States will be divided into functional coatings and materials, and is also involved in a very broad category, such as anti-oil spray paint on the hood, with functional smart sensor materials. Yang Cuixia in terms of the direction of the air purifier, for example, in the removal of PM2.5 gradual decline in demand now, and purification technology to remove the forward direction of the development of indoor pollutants such as formaldehyde, which need to find innovative from the purification materials. "As another example, electric steamer, roastedBoxes and other products after use will produce odor, whether or activated carbon package in addition to the effect of spray deodorant are less than perfect, we will for the product characteristics, such as research and development combined with the use of some materials for high-temperature characteristics inside the oven, in order to effectively address these issues . "She said.

   These favorable conditions for research and development, are inseparable from the support of the United States Central Research Institute of Yang Cuixia particular sincerely:.." Whether the material group or other groups where their colleagues enthusiasm is very high , and this initiative is spontaneous rather than pressure from the performance, environmental efforts have inspired people up is the biggest feature of the Academia Sinica. "As a result, she often think about what they can make" unprecedented "innovation? In addition to a recent study of non-depleted air purifier supplies, she still wanted to make one for water treatment can no reduction of consumables, such as no need water purifier filter replacement. after a lot of literature review and consultation related to many colleagues, even though everyone thinks it unlikely that Yang Cuixia there is a preliminary idea, want this disruptive product out. "there in the demonstration phase. "She said," after all, still a lot of water for household appliances, if they can make a series of solutions for water purification machines, electric ovens, electric water heaters and other fields, the meaning is still very significant. "

   although for technical problems, Yang Cuixia can be patient to find a solution, but hard chemistry experiment is ordinary people difficult to understand. Materials development often requires a lot of chemistry experiments in August 2019 just completed a purification catalyst research development, because the experiment will produce large amounts of by-products to be transferred manually, Yang Cuixia actually unwittingly in an afternoon shift hundreds of kilograms of by-products. such is the case for Yang Cuixia long taken for granted. whether its because the antimicrobial performance and need to reach a large number of bacteria every day, or because in addition to taste research need to reach a large number of bad gas, Yang Cuixia are accustomed to, however, she does not think he is a special case:. "in the United States, everyone has their own pursuit, has I want to fight for the cause. "

   have to say, as the United States and the Academia Sinicas growing reputation in the industry, candidates are increasingly high threshold. In this regard, Yang Cuixia also proposed to his music.brothers recommendations, she said: "first of all, professional knowledge to be solid. Secondly we insist, through continuous learning to find solutions to problems. Finally, there is flexibility, not brain-dead to think about the problem, toLearn and use in order to ultimately make things better. "In addition to these three areas, Yang Cuixia added," In addition to personal factors, the environment is also very important, the United States and the Academia Sinica master clouds, which are the power of example, here must be able to mobilize their own learning enthusiasm and fighting spirit. "

   As for the future, Yang Cuixia hope I can continue to learn and tackling projects, continue to accumulate in the depth and breadth, thus becoming the home appliance industry expert." At this stage, Im still learning. "Yang Cuixia said modestly

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