The need to drink straight outdoor

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摘要:Outdoor Drinking Machine necessity 2019-3-26 16:09:42 just click on the water jet in front of the water column makes it easy to drink clean water, this previously only seen on the streets of European and American countries to scene, and now

  Outdoor Drinking Machine necessity 2019-3-26 16:09:42

just click on the water jet in front of the water column makes it easy to drink clean water, this previously only seen on the streets of European and American countries to scene, and now the figure of public drinking water station frequent appearances in the major cities of our country parks, scenic spots and community life, has become the citys beautiful scenery line.


go out to carry water from the introduction of tap water from bottled water to the current public drinking water, drinking water and cultural evolution is like a mirror, showing the progress of the human form of life but also reflects the contemporary urban civilization and lack of morality. We see that in many cities public drinking water equipment destroyed ceased to be functional, while others became citizens barrels own home and car washing, hand washing, dishwashing place. These phenomena regrettable and helpless. Why already quite mature in the overseas development of public drinking water equipment landing domestic, but why suffer such embarrassment.



From the publics point of view, the main reason can be summarized as follows: do not know how, not use, do not want to use.


do not know how: drinking water equipment appear to most people who are relatively unfamiliar fresh, new things that people need to have a process of acceptance. The government too much emphasis on modernization as the goal, only attach importance to advanced equipment as soon as possible the availability and use in public places in the city, but they ignore the most basic of public advocacy and guidance. Lack of public drinking water equipment necessary to use common sense, do not understand the principle of clean water, drinking water for new ways of acceptance is not high, resulting in public drinking fountains is repeated-loved.


dare to use: when there is a problem in the food safety and safe drinking water often, lack of transparency of drinking water quality standards for public oversight mechanisms and supporting equipment. At the same time water quality indicators are too professional, not professionally trained people simply do not understand. Leading to public distrust of drinking water equipment, especially the home of the elderly and children, for family security issues, more people will not dare to use.


do not want: the lack of appropriate legal measures and regulatory mechanisms, many drinking water equipment to become citizens of washbasins, automotive Taiwan, waste unsupervised; no damage to equipment maintenance, vandalism unattended. Poor sanitation conditions for the publicAversion to produce drinking water equipment, drinking water hindered the popularity of the device.




, I make a few suggestions from the governments point of view for the above reasons.


1. The establishment of a unified national drinking water standard equipment package, and with international practice


water quality standards is a statute enacted by the government, the purpose is to protect human health, ensure normal activities and social living conditions and protect the natural environment of people. The current government regulation of drinking water detection but there are loopholes, lack of national uniform national standards and industry standards. On the one hand should be established as soon as possible a unified national drinking water quality monitoring system with advanced international standards. The "drinking water health standards" and "drinking water test" down to the public drinking water, the water quality of drinking water ensure health and safety. On the other hand according to standard package of drinking water quality inspection system embodiments more than a day. Set networked electronic bulletin board near the screen straight drinking fountains, water quality reports to achieve transparency. Do a check a real-time update and enhance public confidence in the safety of drinking water. Not only that, the official let the water quality indicators become close to the people, let the public understand.


2. The improvement of public drinking water equipment protection laws and regulations, strengthen supervision


drinking water equipment is public property, their health status and public health are closely related. On the one hand should be further clarified and implemented powers and responsibilities of environmental protection and law enforcement. SEPA should be divided into specialized part, responsible for drinking water quality monitoring equipment, equipment monitoring and maintenance. On the other hand should improve the public drinking water equipment protection laws and regulations. Forced to play a legal means of deliberate acts of sabotage equipment were severely punished for behavior caused by drinking water contaminated equipment surrounding health must also be related penalties; encourage additional provisions to encourage the public to supervise the destruction of the phenomenon, the public can participate in the management protection of drinking water and process equipment in the past.


3. drinking water systems to increase information, pilot real name associated with


In one aspect on water quality monitoring report disclosed embodiments transparent, and can be queried to obtain the public via a network, telephone and other means. On the other hand the user can carry out real-name system pilot association, preventing intentional waste. For residents of the community cards can be issued with water real-name system, not only can play a regulatory role in use, but also to protect property safety cell. For parks and other public places canTickets associated with the park. While this approach will bring some inconvenience to the public, but comprehensive benefits, the government can save considerable expenditure, and can gradually lead to improve the publics consciousness.



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