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摘要:September 17, to lead the Chilean net of Things Future as the theme of Things Haier water purifier New listing conference, officially launched in Wuhan. Conference site, the most important things Haier water purifier, and a joint ecological

   September 17, to "lead the Chilean net of Things Future" as the theme of "Things Haier water purifier New listing conference," officially launched in Wuhan. Conference site, the most important things Haier water purifier, and a joint ecological parties to develop open standards Things smart water purifier. Meanwhile, Haier also proposed users long-awaited "3-free promise," Integrity, the era of things users to create healthy new life wisdom with water, provides a new direction for the development of the water industry.

   the most important things water purification machines to create the best user experience

   In recent years, my countrys water industry sales data to maintain growth year after year. Although the market scale, the large number of brands, but uneven quality, poor service experience has restricted the development of the industry. At the same time, there are many pain points users in the use of water purification products in the process. For example, we can not keep abreast of the situation at home drinking water, water quality improvement effect can not perceive; for the filter frequently used, it is unclear when it needs to be replaced and how to replace; if the water purifier problems, difficult to solve quickly linked to the sale, and the blind to find maintenance personnel in the community there is not a professional, hidden ...... unauthorized charges which are seriously affected the user experience of current water purification products.



water purification Liu Jianjun, general manager of Haier: Haier water purifier water industry to create the first ten billion enterprise

   face pain points users, Haier net in the water industrys first launch of an IOT water purification machines, to provide users with the era of things whole house water purification scene experience. Things Haier water purifier "Bo Concept" series, for example, no matter where the user, may at any time by phone APP focus on running state home water purifier, to achieve water quality monitoring, a key repair operations and other functions, at the same time, the use of high-end smart faucet can automatically detect the filter usage time to remind the user whether to replace the filter, to further ensure drinking water quality, but also provides users with a higher value experience.


   Haier water purifier water purifier most important things, to provide users with the era of things whole house water purification scene new experience

   The debut release not only to "Bo concept" as the representative of the Haier kitchen things under water purifier series, Haier water purifier also released a water purifier Casa Imperial things Celestica sets of lines (flat villa sets and livable sets), Haier the wisdom of commercial water purification solutions for the whole house,Household, commercial and other wisdom drinking water needs of different scenarios, the wisdom of the whole scene to launch customized solutions to achieve product innovation to build from the scene of the solution. At the same time, based on the users next era of things water demand, water purifier Haier join hands Gome, Suning, the PRC, HC and other relevant agencies, set up a "water purifier Things to popularize strategic alliance" to promote "net of Things water "popular development of new species in the general population, and create a better experience for the health and safety of clean water purifier user Chinese market.

   industry, the most important "commitment-free 3 of 3" service in good faith trees user reputation

   a full range of water purifiers to meet user needs, to create the best user experience, innovative products and solutions of the scene launched just one of the steps, water purification industry, "service" is particularly important to build the integrity of the service system behind it, dare to openly invite users monitor is even more critical. To this end, Haier water purification solemnly launched the "commitment-free 3 of 3" service, for users to create transparency, visualization, automation of the whole process integrity service experience.

   at any time, any place, Haier things purifier can achieve interoperability human, machine, material. Things To ensure water purifier product experience, Haier water purifier launched the "3 of promise," namely: "to improve water quality transparency, filter life visualization, intelligent service automation." Example water quality improvement to transparency, Haier things purifier commitment may be achieved RO water TDS value out of the machine visible, central water softener softening effect visible, central water removing chlorine and other visual features, water quality at a glance , allowing users to rest assured water.



Haier water purifier to join established with regard ecology "Things popularization of water purifier strategic alliance"

   In addition to publishing "3 of promise" in order to create net water the best user experience, while Haier water purification industry the most important "3-free service", where users buy things Haier series of water purification machines can enjoy: "water purification effect is not visible, the installation within one year free renewal machine "" overdue initiative to remind the filter, the filter is installed free of charge for three years (including RO membrane), "" tardiness in the appointment service, free installation fee within five years "and so on. Once "3 of promise" failed to deliver in accordance with the implementation of the standards, the clean water initiative Haier to provide users with a corresponding "3-free service", through the whole process more strictly regulate the services, creating lifetime customer value.

   In order to ensure that "commitment-free 3 of 3" service effectively landing, Haier set up the Haier water purification service hotline and "Haier water" micro-channel public service entry number two, to accept the supervision of public opinion and the integrity of the user to ensure that users enjoy the consumption fairer, more transparent water purification service experience.

   First Things started to develop smart water purifier standard boost industry upgrading stride

   the moment, China water purifier brand cohabitation, product variety, industry chaos, it is difficult to meet the market development required, the user experience has also been a large degree of control, lack of industry standards problems to be solved.



Haier water purifier lead the first things intelligent water purifier standards

   the conference site, the Professional Committee of China Association for Quality Inspection of water purification equipment under the witness of chairman Dengrui De, Chinese Academy of household appliances Deputy Minister of health and environment test Center commander Wang and other industry experts and ecological resources side, consumer representatives, "things smart water purifier standard launch ceremony," the official was held, Haier net water will lead the first "internet of things smart water purifier standard" developed, relying on intellectual ability Haier home platform in the IOT, big data, natural voice interaction, etc., from the user pain points, water purification effect of traditional water purifier opaque, filter life is not visible, do not take the initiative to service a range of issues, define standardized, boosting the upgrading and development of water purification industry stride.

   Professional Committee of China Association for Quality Inspection of water purification equipment Dengrui De, chairman, in the "Internet of Things water purifier and a better life" forum session suggested that other companies do things water purification machines, are concentrated in one parts, Haier water purification is done around the whole system of things. In other words, Haier water purification equipment is connected not only is life - with water purification machines as a carrier for the user to build up a healthy lifestyle wisdom, this scenario is not a simple function of the hardware stack, but by covering the users life scene, creating a user experience a better life, which for the industry, but also opens up new exploration direction.

   Based on Haier "smart home cloud" strategic layout, Haier water purification by means of "5 + 7 + N" fast landing smart home solutions for users to create personalized, customized wisdom drinking experience. In the era of things, around the user demand for water, water purifier Haiers on the netPositioning not only network, but to achieve a connection is formed based on usage scenarios and subsequent ecological. I believe in promoting Haier clean water, a water-related quality revolution is opening.

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