Shenzhen has built 145 high-quality drinking water conservat

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摘要:Today is World Environment Day, June 3, from Shenzhen Water Group and the Shenzhen Press Group jointly organized the Fourth Water public lecture grand lecture hall at the Shenzhen Press. Eaux explanation from Dr. Q A site to the audience of

   Today is World Environment Day, June 3, from Shenzhen Water Group and the Shenzhen Press Group jointly organized the Fourth Water public lecture grand lecture hall at the Shenzhen Press. Eaux explanation from Dr. Q & A site to the audience of more than 600 people, is exactly how high-quality drinking water "refining" into. The lecture, for the first time demonstrated the Sha Tau Kok water treatment process by VR technology site, so that people marvel at the scene, is also the first choice live in Sha Tau Kok waterworks opened at the venue, is giving way to the venue will be recruited public audience immersive.

   Water Group President Hu Jiadong said that the water held public lectures, aimed to popularize water quality and safety standards by way of professional, scientific, health, drinking water and knowledge for water quality problems of the general public are most concerned about answering questions. As a public utility enterprise, Shenzhen Water Group will continue to enhance the level of protection of urban water supply and drainage, to provide a more professional and efficient water supply and drainage services to modern international Shenzhen innovative city construction.


   new national standard 106 standard

   Dr. Jin Juntao from Eaux, are aspects of the safety of drinking water distribution, high-quality drinking water protection technology, water and other intelligence the expert, he not only graduated from Tsinghua University, doctoral or post-doctoral stations Eaux workstations, his keynote speech to high-quality drinking water as the theme, explains what high-quality drinking water and its birth record.

   According to reports, the Shenzhen Water Group active new construction, renovation water pipe network, construction of multiple quality assurance system, the first to meet the new national standard 106 standard, factory water quality compliance rate averaged 100%, water quality overall qualification For many years the rate of 99.99%.

   At the same time, Lyonnaise des Eaux, give full play to the leading role of technology, to create "food grade" quality management. In order to strengthen the monitoring of water quality changes, the establishment of a multi-parameter raw water quality early warning and monitoring system, water pumping station in the reservoir, the water plant is equipped with RTB water toxicity detection device 24 hours online, through more sensitive to toxic substances zebra fish Determination of toxicity in water as an indicator; establish a three-tier system of water quality testing water quality monitoring stations, plant-level testing and testing of the team, covering the raw water quality warning, automatic online monitoring system for water quality and factory pipe network water quality, including; water quality in China to carry out new national standard 106 full-item test; develop andStrictly implement contingency plans and technical guidelines for all types of water emergencies.

   in the management, Lyonnaise des Eaux has established a sound the whole process, full coverage, multi-level management system, Lyonnaise des Eaux learn from advanced international experience, first in the country to implement water production quality control system (HACCP), referring to the production of food standard process to create the whole process of water quality monitoring system provides far more than the new national standard of drinking water "safe water", "quality water" for the public. Since 2015, Lyonnaise des Eaux water quality testing using the large data, the main source of water supply for local water quality screening and analysis system, explore the establishment of the Shenzhen water supply source water quality risk library, risk indicators include disinfection by-products, organic pesticides, etc., be strengthened monitoring, early warning and strengthen water quality management and control capabilities.


   high-quality drinking water

   Shenzhen City "high-quality drinking water engineering point of order" (SJG16-2017) clearly defined quality drinking: "The raw water water purification through advanced treatment process, after the sterilization process, the user is supplied through the water supply pipe network, to meet the requirements of Shenzhen high-quality drinking water quality goals, to drink tap water. " Shenzhen high-quality drinking water needs to reach 111 water quality indicators stringent than the new national standard 106.

   then is how to produce high-quality drinking water out of the

   鈶?water plant upgrade:? Advanced treatment process by water purification, disinfection

   two depths Process: Ozone - BAC (widely used advanced treatment process); carbon + ultrafiltration membrane (one of the worlds most advanced advanced treatment process)

   Meilin Waterworks, Beacon Hill Waterworks water and Sha Tau Kok in Shenzhen now three advanced treatment water plant, which three have adopted the advanced water treatment technology depth, three water depth comprehensive treatment capacity of 840,000 cubic meters per day.

   There are also more than a dozen water plants have been included in the upgrade plan, a total investment of 2.1 billion, the total water supply capacity of 4.5 million tons / day.

   鈶?network reconstruction: User supplied by water supply pipe network

   The failure of the city water pipe residential area has been banned in countries that use a gray cast iron pipe, galvanized steel and other centralized renovation, allowing users to tap water quality fully meet the "new national standard."

   Key: It is understood that high-quality drinking water home project to be jointly filed by property owners and, upon examination, to determine the implementation of high-quality drinking water home project. The principle is: the user voluntary, government subsidies; government-led, business assistance; overall planning, focus; clear property rights, metering for each household.

   鈶?For Shenzhen high-quality drinking water quality standards, it is safe to drink.


   145 high-quality drinking water district

   Shenzhen Water Group as a public utility enterprise, social responsibility initiative to fruitful work with the government to promote quality accelerate the implementation of home drinking water, to allow more people to benefit as soon as possible. It has built 145 high-quality drinking water community.

   In addition, with the support of Yantian District Government, Lyonnaise des Eaux and vigorously promote "open the tap water is safe to drink," the relevant work, and strive to early Yantian District will fight the high-quality drinking water demonstration area. Eaux step forward Sha Tau Kok District, Yantian Port Area and the size of Meisha Area to open the tap is safe to drink, to speed up the coverage to promote the quality of drinking water home, Yantian District will soon be the first to achieve full regional tap water is safe to drink in the country.

   Since 2013 inception, public lectures to popularize water quality and safety standards by way of professional, scientific, healthy drinking water, drinking water quality and other knowledge, to create an atmosphere of love saving water.

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