Water purifier market prospects and issues exist difficultie

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摘要:With the rapid economic development, people gradually improve the quality of life requirements, the importance of health gradually. water purifier originated in foreign countries, the domestic water purifier market already twenty years. The

   With the rapid economic development, people gradually improve the quality of life requirements, the importance of health gradually.

   water purifier originated in foreign countries, the domestic water purifier market already twenty years. The current status of the water purifier market penetration is less than 7%, the future penetration will reach 70%. That China water purifier market situation and outlook is kind of how it?

   First, the large disparity in the strength of domestic and foreign manufacturers, the lack of core technology manufacturers and more

   and more domestic manufacturers, small overall size, walking a fine line of many, cohabitation, improper means of propaganda, the people and disrupt the market. Many manufacturers no breakthrough in technology, whether it is sold or filtering techniques are similar technically, not solve the real problem of the dealers and users are most worried about. Status of the domestic water purifier market, many manufacturers in order to keep their own interests replacement agents, or even more than one district agency. Because the market does not pay attention, did not cultivate a professional team to guide the work of the following agents. Yahuo policy and policy to make people blocked the following that is helpless and resentment that do not have confidence to go to develop the market.

   Second, the small-scale dealers, the lack of operational capability

   status of the water purifier market, the dealers are a force to be reckoned with. But dealers vitality, stamina enough, impatient for success in the business world, but also afraid to invest too much money and energy, will not go to lessons learned from the sales process, do not know how to utilize. Currently water purifier and most dealers do not have the ability to manipulate the market, manufacturers must always pay attention to enhance the auto market development capabilities. Wo Taike water purifier to establish their own business school, learning exchange dealers from time to time hold, greatly aroused the enthusiasm, but also fully reflects the companys integrated business philosophy.

   Third, the rapid increase end-user awareness, but mostly for consumption mindless consumption

   In the current high-speed network information developed today, the seriousness and urgency of water pollution has spread quickly to us everyone. However, due to local water is not clear, filtered water machine principle and do not understand the material, status of the water purifier market consumers appear only expensive, or blindly believe that water is the same machine, only buy low-end prices. The level of consumer differentiation serious.

   Water purifier market prospects: water purifier + water = healthy World Baokang water purifier specializes in the industry for many yearsExperts said: At present, water is affected by three aspects:

   1, water quality.

   2, water plant technology.

   3, and during transport by the second contamination upon storage.

   tap water contains chlorine, rust, bacteria, heavy metals and colloid and other harmful substances, serious harm to human health, and therefore no one dared tap water is safe to drink, most still boiling drink, so clean water market prospects for the objective demand. In order to solve the problem of drinking water, a scientific perspective must sampling of domestic water quality, in order to develop in line with the local water purifier. Real-time monitoring of water quality in each region to adjust the water purifier product development.

   are still less than 10% in developed countries according to 70% penetration rate of water purifier, water purifier installed our country, we can see, the water purifier market potential is very large. Only select a product cost suitable own manufacturers, in order to market prospects water purifier, to meet consumer demand, dominate the market. Bottled water purifier will replace the current form of peripheral products for the competition for water purification industry is bottled water. Water purification industry competition status quo is not in the same industry, but bottled water. However, careful people will find that the water purifier and bottled water regardless of the cost or health point of view, is a very appropriate choice.

   status of the water purifier market annual growth rate is more than 40%, water purifier market prospects, and gradually into the villages and towns of the urbanization of rural areas have even begun. Water purifier market forecast the next three to five years the country will reach the scale of hundreds of billions water purifier. To grasp the water purifier market prospects, certainly you have to go in the market introduction phase, when the outbreak of the first demand has not yet grasp the opportunity, that last is certainly the king of the industry.

   (Source: China Water Purifier Network)

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