Phosphorus-containing detergent is a source of pollution of

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摘要:Detergent containing phosphorus pollution of the river is the source of it: Tim net water purification Views: 1039 Published: 2016-8-1 16:18:51 river flowing through the city, it appears phosphorus exceeded water quality, surface water qual

  Detergent containing phosphorus pollution of the river is the source of it: Tim net water purification Views: 1039 Published: 2016-8-1 16:18:51 river flowing through the city, it appears phosphorus exceeded water quality, surface water quality is not causing segment compliance. Excessive phosphorus in two aspects, one is industrial waste water or urban sewage treatment plants caused by excessive phosphorus river, one sewage discharge millions of households in mixed phosphorus detergent phosphorus caused by excessive. The former is easy investigation, while the latter is not easy to statistics, water purification equipment Tim net water purification think need to pay attention. With my countrys rapid urban construction, the city opened a new real estate springing up. Many buyers in the decoration, habitually put the washing machine on the balcony, because the balcony drying clothes more convenient. But if urban residents regard the washing machine on the balcony, it will be discharged wastewater containing large amounts of detergent. While the lower water connection balconies, is usually designed directly into the rainwater pipe. If a large number of residents using detergent, then these wastewater containing phosphorus washing powder can not enter the city sewage treatment plant, but directly into the water body. Therefore, the current phosphorus laundry wastewater may be caused by one of the important sources of water pollution. Phosphorus-containing detergent containing sodium tripolyphosphate, sodium silicate, surface active agents, fluorescent whitening agents and other substances, is a strong chemical synthetic detergent cleaning ability. It is not only caused by phosphorus pollution to the environment, affect human health to a certain extent. When phosphorus detergent phosphorus discharged into rivers and lakes, phosphorus content in water increases, eutrophication of water bodies, leading to all kinds of crazy algae propagation. After the death of aquatic organisms such corruption, will release a large amount of toxic odorous gases such as methane, hydrogen sulfide, ammonia, water to turbidity stink; anoxic water, so that the water fish, shrimp, shellfish and other aquatic organisms of all deaths; and variants of rivers and lakes into stagnant water, severely affect the ecological environment around them. Phosphorus pollution has a serious impact on Taihu Lake, West Lake, Hangzhou, Kunming Dianchi Lake and other lakes. In TAIHU, lake phosphorus deposited 600,000 tons, which was washed with 160 thousand tons sewage and waste water from nearby residents pourable. Medical research shows that long-term use of high-phosphorus detergent, washing powder among the phosphorus will directly affect the bodys absorption of calcium, causes the body to induce calcium deficiency or rickets in children; if not the residual phosphorus rinse the laundry, clothes among there will be a residual phosphorous of stimulating effect on the skin; Also, the basicPhosphorus-containing strong detergent easily damage the fabric, especially cotton and the like. In view of the water pollution caused by phosphorus washing powder, should take measures to prohibit or reduce the use of phosphorus-containing detergent as soon as possible. To this end, there are three suggestions. First, strengthen legislation. There are Peoples Congress legislative power at the national or local level, the development of relevant laws and regulations of the sewage in the rivers flowing through the city or the city of lakes, banned or restricted phosphorus washing powder, to minimize water caused sewage Pollution. Second, increase the propaganda. The public about the harmful phosphorus washing powder, to understand the river of sewage water pollution it produces may cause, consciously resist the use of phosphorus-containing detergent. Third, the construction sector should be clear requirements in approving urban residential construction projects, to discharge sewage balcony connected to the sewage pipe, the lower the sewage to enter the city sewage treatment plant discharge standards.

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