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摘要:May 10, the highly anticipated first Chinese independent brand Fair (hereinafter referred to as Product Fair) opened at the Shanghai Exhibition Center. CPC Central Committee, Vice Premier Hu Chunhua attended the opening ceremony and announc

   May 10, the highly anticipated first Chinese independent brand Fair (hereinafter referred to as "Product Fair") opened at the Shanghai Exhibition Center. CPC Central Committee, Vice Premier Hu Chunhua attended the opening ceremony and announced the opening of Expo products. According to the number of countries participating brands and selection conditions require, including a selection of Anhui Province were Rongshida, including 14 well-known brands and independent innovation enterprises 3 furniture with development potential participants, showcasing Anhui brand-building results.



Chinas first independent brand Expo was officially opened

The First Deputy Prime Minister Hu Chunhua announced the opening of Expo products

   strong brand, the strong country. This defective Fair is one of the main activities this year, "Chinese brand Day", the theme of "Chinese brands in the world shared" by the Central Propaganda Department, the National Development and Reform Commission, Ministry of Industry, the Ministry of agriculture and rural areas, the Ministry of Commerce, the State Administration of market supervision, the state of knowledge property Office, Shanghai Municipal peoples government. This is Chinas own brand development achievements of a showcase, 68 central enterprises, local governments and intermediary organizations, more than 600 well-known brands, more than 100 innovative SMEs in full convergence of the Huangpu River, show open and inclusive attitude, build cooperation and win-win relationship, were pushing the brand-building power.

   In recent years, Anhui brand-building results continue to highlight the leading role the brand continues to expand. Rongshida, including a large number of competitive quality, including, high brand recognition Anhui enterprise, through accelerated embrace the Internet, big data and artificial intelligence, has become the province and the countrys industrial development "leader", effectively promoted the economic Anhui social sustainable and healthy development. As deputy director of Anhui Provincial Bureau of Quality Supervision Emperor Wang puts it: Rongshida quality-based, brand-oriented, formed its own core competitiveness.

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, deputy director of Anhui Provincial Bureau of Quality Supervision Gao Wang told reporters

   goods Bo, Anhui Pavilion "brand province, Anhui charm" as the theme, the countrys large enterprises double Chong demonstration base - Hefei Rongshida double hit showrooms at the head of the Anhui Pavilion, through physical display, on-site explanations, interactive experiences, video player, etc., to promote a deep national cultural heritage of the old brand, it has demonstrated a 65-year-old business in the new era of harvest rich fruits, large enterprises share a unique "double hit" successful experience in highTechnology cool style has attracted the attention of many viewers, blooming with intelligent charm can not resist, so Anhui Museum shine throughout the exhibition center.


is located in Anhui Pavilion Rongshida Hall

   a symbol of Chinese culture and brand strength, especially the old national brand. NPC vice chairman of the China Youth Entrepreneurs Association, Federation Vice President of Anhui Province, Rongshida Electronic Appliance Group Chairman Pan Baochun pointed out in an interview with reporters, Rongshida products in the Expo not only brings a full smart home house system solutions, but also we have taken firm steps honored to participate in international competition.

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Rongshida old media to interview Pan Baochun brand for Reconstruction and Development

   had come to inspect Group, Rongshida quite understand the Anhui Provincial Party Committee, Deputy Governor Deng Xiangyang Rongshida extremely appreciated. At the time led the museum tour, hear Rongshida will maximize the leading role of big brands, the revival of old, Anhui grand plan to revitalize manufacturing, but also issued a "very good" repeatedly praise.

   deputy director, accompanied by the National Development and Reform Commission Lin read when repair patrol Museum, Deng Xiangyang, deputy governor Introducing the Rongshida, stressed Rongshida is a typical representative of the national old brand revival, has been highly recognized by Lin Nian Xiu, deputy director of the line.

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When the patrol leader Pavilion

   Back in 2017 the first "Chinese brand Day", the day, the national brand Rongshida glory was selected by the CCTV Financial Joint National Development and Reform Commission, the State Industry and Commerce Administration, State Administration of Quality Supervision and other ministries selected the first batch of "CCTV Chinese brand list." As one of the business representatives Anhui, Rongshida invited to attend the first product expo, cheer for the Chinese brand, to further enhance the brand influence of the old surface and penetration, highlighting the Rongshida this nation "old" important brands in China status and irreplaceable role.

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Rongshida exhibit, located in the West Hall second floor Anhui Museum

   It is reported that this defective Fair will continue until the 12th. Endeavor Rongshida new era, we will continue to be high-spirited attitude, at the Shanghai Exhibition Center, West Hall second floor of the Museum of Anhui waiting for you, and in the coming days, as the Chinese national brand revitalization plug in more powerful wings! Learn Victor purifier brand details, please click on 鍝佸啝

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