Water purification agents need to avoid the errors which ent

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摘要:the current water purification industry can be described as wind and water, water purification agents franchisees become one of the home appliance industry, most investment value of the project, but the opportunity is corresponding to the f

   the current water purification industry can be described as wind and water, water purification agents franchisees become one of the home appliance industry, most investment value of the project, but the opportunity is corresponding to the fierce market competition, how to continue in the competition maintain high profits to achieve business success? actually very simple, as long as water purification agents to avoid the "The four myths", cleverly avoid market risks to achieve business to get rich!

   At the beginning of 2016, we recollection of rapid development in 2015, just one years time, water purifier sales growth rate of 45 percent, far more than other home appliances, water purifier to do business in 2015 an agency who have earned a lot of money in this scenery market prospects, we quietly ushered in the new year 2016. Any investment venture is risky, no matter how good the prospects of investment projects there will be business failure, failure is always painful, and the choice desperate gambler psychology of entrepreneurs is dangerous, because many entrepreneurs face the market huge temptation to cast all of his possessions without thinking, of course, the success of the harvest pours, if failed, but it is wealth and efforts go down the drain! Water purification agents franchisees need to avoid misunderstanding what success? In order for water purification agents to make money, has repeatedly won top ten brands of water purifiers, water purifiers Shenzhen Jin Shi Yu combine their 22 years of experience in water purifier market for the agents should be avoided summed up the "four myths", water purifiers help investors achieve business success, winning wealth in life!

   1, to avoid falling into the distribution area as large as possible misunderstanding

   Many water purification agents has just started, eager to position itself in the distributor, with no regard to their economic strength and operational capability , that expanded the distribution area, sales also big chance, in fact, the actual effect is not the case. If the distribution area beyond his ability to control the scope of a long time down will feel powerless, but also easily lead to waste of limited resources, so that the efficiency is reduced, difficult to achieve the target manufacturers issued, it is difficult to obtain strong support of manufacturers, then with promote the market operation of the factory, you will operate out of half-baked market segmentation, end up doing the wedding dress for others results.

   2, avoid focusing regardless of channel operations

   Some water purification agents are accustomed to multi-faceted flowering, hope exhaustive, but little attention, rather it would end up counterproductive. There are three main reasons: First, capital reservesInadequate resulting in a shortage of liquidity; Second, determine the characteristics of the product mix certain channels operating costs are too high, not worth the candle; the third is social public relations capacity water purifier dealers have their own strengths, the operation of certain channels, and social resources is not enough.

   3, to avoid the operation of the market in none other excesses

   water purification agents tend to draw live distributors, they will get their profits low, and even flat out into the flat, only to earn factory rebates. Seemingly would allow distributors to cooperate with you feel very beneficial, willing labeled long-term relationship, but over time, it will allow distributors to develop the habit of bargaining, and let this vicious cycle continues. Once the agents will not agree to blackmail price, or even disrupt the price.

   4, to avoid the uneven distribution of network surveillance

   water purification agents either in the early stages of building a network, or post-maintenance phase, not surveillance capability as strong as possible, but the more stable the better. Especially in the early stages of distribution, where each point separately fall is critical, and that requires water purification agents have the bigger picture, we need to establish a solid cooperative relationship with each point of sale. Control network not from strong binding, but from a balanced distribution outlets, matching products, distribution of profits, service in place or not. Downstream network is very simple, who profits, whos product is easy to sell, whos good customer relations, and who will be able to continue to go on.

   water purification agents franchisees how to make money, how to achieve success and operation of the market? Water purifier market is huge, and complicated, but also the hidden danger of high profits, chasing behind one million of wealth is a highly competitive environment, it should permit a "one good turn deserves another," Who better avoid misunderstanding water purification industry, who can in the fierce market environment with ease and achieve business success!

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