Water purifier rental uncovthe mysty of which face problems

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摘要:Since the fire bike sharing, sharing of water purifiers direct craze swept over the north and south, a small yellow car rental, shared charging treasure, etc., do not hesitate to rub the heat sharing economy. But many people are still not f

   Since the fire bike sharing, sharing of water purifiers direct craze swept over the north and south, a small yellow car rental, shared charging treasure, etc., do not hesitate to rub the heat sharing economy. But many people are still not fully understood household water purification products in the end of the mass, which has emerged a water purifier rental and shared water purifier? Does make some people very difficult to understand, that this small series untie water purifier rental veil


   a:! what is a water purifier rental

   so-called water purifier rental is the original form of the purchase of water purification machines into a lease, the lease is in accordance with the general years charged, low barriers to entry than the water purifier rental will buy water purification machines, the service will be better.

   Although the water purifier on the market function to solve this problem, but we all know that in order to buy back water purifier whether in the repair or maintenance needs are wasting a lot of time, energy, money, relative water purifier rental model, the high visibility of domestic as equipment rental services, such as: everyone hire equipment rental services platform provided by the water purifier rental, many of them do not charge a deposit, only periodically collect the appropriate rent. Breaking the traditional sales and traditional rental model, so that consumers do not need to worry about a one-time buyout, not timely replacement of consumables and cause secondary pollution, but also reduce the cost of enterprise, investment units for the first time, but do not worry be no good leasing business fraud. Third-party platform security, rental services more secure

   Two:! Benefits

   water purification products in the domestic leasing market drinking water, bottled water and water purifier market has been lease there is a fierce competition. But the existence of water purifier advantages of bottled water not match. Like everyone hire offers rental of water purification machines, water is the current system is to drink, there will be no traditional pollution problems of ordinary drinking water quality or equipment, bucket. The survey data and valid than the lease term commercial use of a conventional water purifier bottled water savings of more than 30%.

   actually referred to the water purifier rental can save more than 30% of the cost, then we are to illustrate how it safe method and saving method, an average familys daily water consumption is better than 25%, but most family only noticed the improvement is better than 2% of drinking water (bottled water), which according to the survey: the average water consumption per household per month is 5 tons. The average unit price of bottled purified water for the city: 15 yuan / barrel, the countryside:10 yuan / barrel. Then:

   The total amount of water inlet into the body is: 5 脳 (2% + 25%) = 1.35 (t) = 1350 (l)

   with 18.9 liters of bottled water calculated: 1350 梅 18.9鈮?1 (barrel)

   monthly fee: city: 71 脳 15 = 1065 (RMB), rural: 71 脳 10 = 710 (RMB)

   the annual cost: city: 1065 脳 12 = 12780 (yuan) in rural areas: 710 脳 12 = 8520 (yuan)

   10-year cost of it ......

   20-year cost? ? it ......

   after we finish this economic operator account, you will find: your water a year to install a water purifier 1-2 sets of more concern is:! after your annual the cost little to almost negligible! water according to the above analysis, the use of integrated water purifier rental cost of water per barrel (18.9 liters) of 0.45 yuan, and, with the increase in water consumption, the cost will be decreases.

   three: water purifier rental needs its own to replace the filter it

   water purifier rental service provided by the service include filter replacement, without the need to replace the filter itself, just a phone call or a text message clean water rental business will be available at home.

   IV: water purifier "waste water" how to handle

   If you choose a water purifier of the RO membrane is permeable to water purification technology is waste water produced, but the amount of waste water is not large, non-tenants can use these to keep a gardening say, a wash clothes. We promote the rational use of water resources again.

   The above is a water purifier rental Glossary and some simple science, if you want to join the circle, then you must first take a look at this posture rose up ah.

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