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摘要:In recent years, water purifier market with double-digit growth in the rapid development, according to monitoring data to Ovid cloud network, water purifier market size in 2018 year on year growth rate of about 18%, so water purifiers are h


In recent years, water purifier market with double-digit growth in the rapid development, according to monitoring data to Ovid cloud network, water purifier market size in 2018 year on year growth rate of about 18%, so water purifiers are hailed as the appliance industry a "gold" industry, the traditional home appliances as health appliances has become one of the family must have a lot of consumers, many discerning investors have also entered the industry; and to have entered the water purification industry agents to join it, at the time of sale should be fully prepared to do what pre-work, in order to enhance shop sales agents to join it?

First, understand the population structure shop around

   [ 123] to do anything should be prepared, and to understand the structure of the crowd surrounding shops is the case, this is the first need to be fully ready before the sales do well; activity is the most effective means to increase store sales, then do prior to sales activity, it is a good shop need to assess radiation on the surrounding population, and under the influence of ancillary services, the statistics surrounding shops 1 km 2 km or population structure, distribution within 10 kilometers targeted marketing strategy activities, such as said community marketing activities: the major population portrait of cells within two kilometers surrounding mainly in the elderly, and has a certain purchasing power and have high demands on the health and quality of service, joined agents can use a combination of lateral type of marketing strategy, namely with another specializing in health products business agents to join or cooperate, such as: buy a water purifier to send the elderly calcium milk activities, free to send water purification installation charge a fee activities.


Second, understand their own products, and the products do a good job classification


   know their product, which is the most important pre-sales work, even if you sell the product is a single , should also understand the product performance, customers can handle it when asked, especially for customized products, which products do, what not to do, color, appearance, whether it can change according to customer wishes, these have to understand one Seiji Chu; after good understanding of the work product, but also do a good job of product classification, the benefits of doing so is to quickly recommend suitable products to the customer, the customer may choose more, they themselves would not decide, then you sales staff need to give professional advice.


Third, able to skillfully to offer customers


   said here mainly customized products, style, different colors, originalMaterials with high middle and low points, so for pre-sales, the offer is not a simple matter, must know the shop price of the product structure, to offer customers a relatively accurate when customers need to customize, not vague, because the price is customers are most concerned about points.


Fourth, the master of similar products competing product information


   It seems not necessary, but in the actual competing products sales, many customers will take the other home products and your home ratio, then how convincing the customer to say, of course, is to understand some of the pros and cons of similar products, as some of the more professional, so that customers understand that is important to shop around, but also to understand the pros and cons of buy products for own cost-effective product is the right choice.


Fifth, to grasp customer reception jargon


   Its like telemarketing terms will have a special call as a sales highly arbitrary, but also need to know the basic interaction with others some of the terminology and techniques; customers prefer highly specialized sellers; such as through professional quiz terminology to identify and address key client concerns, which is to build trust with customers through professional, then surgery, a good marketing staff will spend 80% of the time to ask questions, just spend 20% of their time to explain the product and answer questions.


Sixth, do product sales training


   Finally, after-sales service is also very important, water purifiers and other after-sales service is more complex than traditional appliances, water purifiers also because sales related to the installation, maintenance, replacement filters and other services; good after-sales service, will allow customers to have a "exclusive" feeling, continue to refer to the customers usage and experience, and actively solve problems, and strive to gain customer word of mouth; With customer word of mouth, you can ask customers about other customers, customers from your products began to have a certain level of trust will be, it will be easier on sales.


is a Korean music marketing water purifier core competitive advantage, where so concise the pre-work broken down into six steps, which is very happy with the Korean water purifier years of successful marketing experience in actual combat great relationship, a lot of water purifier manufacturers have advocated their own marketing capabilities, marketing support how cattle, but once the actual marketing of the limitations and bottlenecks of time out on the highlights, such as a certain brand of marketing real book, certain brands to improve four sales tactics, etc., That really are not in the sense of actual cases as a support, and Han Yue unique combination of lateral type of marketing strategy, which is the industrys first such use of brand marketing strategy, which we call "cross-border marketing mix" this requires that the brand has a strong social relationships can be achieved, such as "buy water purifier to send the elderly calcium milk powder activities" in the example above, this is only the Korean music marketing strategy among ice iceberg.


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