The development of international exchanges of the second wat

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摘要:The development of international exchanges of the second water purification industry water industry big brother will chat about what clicks: 1521 Date: 2015-10-19 October 12 by the China net water industry experts network organized by the A

  The development of international exchanges of the second water purification industry water industry "big brother" will chat about what clicks: 1521 Date: 2015-10-19

   October 12 by the China net water industry experts network organized by the American water quality Association (WQA), Hainan liters of water purification Technology Industrial Company Limited, "the second international water industry development strategy meeting" held in Beijing. (Circle of friends has long been scraper)

   degree field of warm, rising posture height can imagine!

   Then, water purification industry "big brother" the symposium have talked what? They talk all you can get to?

   did not know! Do not worry, you Bubu 鈫撯啌鈫?

   The exchange will be "upgraded mentioned standard, promote exchanges and common development" as its theme, through lectures, forums, etc. will be discussed later, building sets policy interpretation, technical seminars, international exchanges, and joint cooperation for an integrated platform. Collection of domestic and foreign professors water treatment industry, the regional water purification Association, American Water Resources Association and other parties experts see the big screen 鈫撯啌鈫?

   Chinas water industry experts network of experts, professor at Tsinghua University School of environment Zhansheng said in his speech in the General Assembly, the Chinese water industry is developing rapidly in recent years, domestic and international water industry is also increasingly close exchanges and cooperation. 2015 is the Chinese year of the water purifier business growth, the Chinese water industry experts and industry network will also grow together with, the purpose of the foundation adhering to the "professional authority 途 途 途 focus public trust", actively carry out various services for water purification development of the industry to contribute their strength. We also hope that the Chinese water market to step into a healthy and rapid development track, safe drinking water for more people.

   Michael Robert long ELKEN company manager: "The US water purifier market development status quo" only 1% of US households tap water is used to drink, others are water, the US market shower filter, faucet filter very large proportion, mainly forChlorine and small impurities.

   According to the famous American water expert, nutritionist Dr. Martin 鈥?Fox pointed out harmful substances in water only about 36% of ingested from the mouth, is about 64% by washing, bathing etc. are absorbed through the skin.

   This is exactly Liters enterprises has been emphasized not only pay attention to the drinking water, but also concerned about water, because the whole house clean water should be implemented. Liters of water purification product is the biggest feature is the safety, the large amount of water, durable, automatic sewage can simultaneously solve the drinking water, water purification problems. The core components of its product --PVC alloy capillary ultrafiltration membrane is composed of liters company completely self-developed the worlds first PVC alloy membrane technology. During the

   The conference, Deputy General Manager Mr. Chen Ching-liter delivered a brilliant speech, detailing the characteristics liters ultrafiltration membrane and is widely used in water treatment, and from the point of view of the cutting edge of technology together with the future development trend of in-depth discussions with the presence of water purification colleagues.

   this meeting, general manager of home appliances division Orville cloud network Guomei De, general manager of small home appliances business Jingdong Mall Wuke Ning, Amway (China) Commodity Co., Ltd. Product research and development senior manager Wang Feng, Suzhou was filtered off Cape senior Gu Shirong, Delta CEO Xu Zhao fire, Jiangsu chairman Xu Linong Qin Kang, general manager of the US electrical grid HE Yue, Hangzhou Branch of Baxter senior researcher Jiang Shuping, director Cao Tianpeng Suzhou only think was, east Xi Branch General manager Kim Kyung finished film, Zhao Jing Beijing business unit manager filter equipment clean water sources are present at this meeting and to continue to bring wonderful speech for the participants.

   During the meeting also held a "China Water Purifier Industry Forum", WQA execution Ken G Kabira vice president, NSF Director of Business Development, Greater China Cloud continent, AO Smith net Chen Qi, general manager of aquatic products division, cloud meters, chairman Chen Xiaoping, vice-president Angel Shen Jun, general manager of Dong Xi Branch film Kyung Kim finished and several special guests, around the development trend, "the Chinese water market from a different perspective "were discussed.

   Finally, the experts E Miller researcher at the Chinese water industry launched a network of experts in concluding remarks, growing network of experts in this years trip, always adhering to the professional network of experts , focused, authoritative, Public trust principles and purposes, go on this road water purification firm and steadfast.

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