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摘要:At present, my countrys water purifier market at an early stage of development, the future market space will be more than one hundred billion. The face of the rapidly growing market space, Patio enterprise while maintaining stability, stren

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At present, my countrys water purifier market at an early stage of development, the future market space will be more than one hundred billion. The face of the rapidly growing market space, Patio enterprise while maintaining stability, strengthen quality supervision will not be slack to ensure product quality and reliability levels, effective quality management.

   market size by Xun

   considering the status of surface water quality in China, in line with "Surface Water Environmental Quality Standard" 鈪? 鈪?class standard accounts for only 32.2% (Reach statistics), in line with 鈪?class standard of 28.9 per cent, is IV, V class standard of 38.9%, if the 鈪?class standards as pollution statistics, the length of the river is contaminated Chinese have 67.8%, accounting for about two-thirds the length of the river monitoring, visible Chinese surface water pollution is very serious.

   Statistics show that nearly 10 years of high incidence of water pollution, unsafe sources of drinking water a population of about 1.4 million people involved. Water pollution so that ordinary residents of the need for safe drinking water is becoming more intense, home improvement water purifier it is very necessary.

   Now, with the improvement of living standards, water purification products have gradually entered the home. According to statistics, the utilization rate of Beijing, Shanghai and Guangzhou city water purification products has reached 15%, China water purifier market overall utilization rate of about 3% to 5%, but with the United States and Europe reached 70% -90% utilization rate compared to our water purifier utilization is still low. Thus, in the awareness of the importance of purifying water today, our water purifier market at an early stage of development, the future of the huge market space.

   global business growth consulting firm Frost & Sullivan released a report also claimed that China water purifier market size over the next six years, the average annual compound growth rate will reach 23.1%, the scale of Chinas water purification equipment in 2017 reached 125.1 billion yuan.

   report estimates released believes that the next 15 years the water purification industry compound annual growth rate will reach 16.8%, the entire water purification industry will create hundreds of billions annually a big market in the future.

   reinforce the quality of basic

   Patio to the principle of customer focus is to implement into daily business activities, and a proactive attitude, research customer needs, customer service, over the years critical acclaim. Patio establish and improve the quality management system, firmly establish the customerOriented concept, customer satisfaction will run through the quality management activities.

   As early as 2007, Patio Take the National Standardization Technical Committee household electrical water purifiers, identity system standardization working group units involved and developed a "drinking water treatment in the core household and similar purposes "and" household and similar use drinking water treatment devices, "the two standards, then it is led purifier companies work together to actively promote the implementation of the national standard for the consumer to create a good shopping environment.

   nowadays, although the size of the market is expanding, but the data show that the current water purifier market, most consumers on product quality and after-sales service of the complaint. In this regard, Patio water purifier the one hand, pay close attention to quality, the requirements of each paragraph Patio water purification products have undergone rigorous quality testing to ensure quality safe; on the other hand, to create consumer satisfaction of all distinctions water purification services.

   Patio water purification technology research and development staff, said, Patio adhere to the "quality designed specifically for China" concept at the same time, it is also the introduction of foreign advanced management experience and cutting-edge technology used Patio, Chinese and Western and then adapt to the international market development model is paying off.

   Patio global leading production equipment, to master a number of core water purification technology. Quality control personnel also said the Patio also worked out a set of strict quality and safety inspection system, each of the water purifier market goes through a rigorous testing program to ensure that consumers buy the rest assured that with the peace of mind.

   Qinyuan water purifier quality inspection department heads frankly, hard work for many years in the water industry, Patio know the importance of product quality brand image, reputation, need to do this in strict accordance with the standardization of quality control personnel product testing standards work, flawed perfection, not to the maximum possible quality products into the market.

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