Water purification industry reshuffle continues staged ferre

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摘要:September 2017, AQSIQ issued a briefing on the 2017 water purifier product quality supervision and spot checks of the special on its official website, as well as publicity of the 2017 National water purifier product quality supervision and

   September 2017, AQSIQ issued a "briefing on the 2017 water purifier product quality supervision and spot checks of the special" on its official website, as well as publicity of the "2017 National water purifier product quality supervision and special checks a list of products and their manufacturers "and" water purifier product quality supervision and spot checks checks failed twice in the list of enterprises. "



   checks showed that the main quality problems currently commercially available water purification products are:

   (a) does not meet the overall health and safety standards . Mainly because some manufacturers use substandard hygiene and safety materials and parts in contact with water, rinse water purifier critical information on time, lack of water and other product manual.

   (b) the total net amount of water does not meet standards. The main reason is some manufacturers use low quality water filters, the total net amount of water results in a nominal range of business, water quality of the water purifier, and removal of pollutants (heavy metals, organic matter and microorganisms and the like) is not compliance.

   (c) an external power cord and cord do not meet standards. The main reason is the power cord cross-sectional area of 鈥嬧€媠ome manufacturers to use up to standard requirements. Use of a prolonged overload will cause the heating body line, cracking insulation aging, the occurrence of leakage and other accidents.

   (iv) the current input power and does not meet standards. The main reason is the imaginary part of the production enterprise standard products rated power. If consumers use the power outlet capacity is too small outlet capacity can not meet the requirements, it will cause fever overload.

   鈽?country pumping, the water purifier pass rate

   I learned that in the last three years of state checks, the water purification industry product quality pass rate does not exceed 70% . Looking at the entire water purification industry, plus a large number of spot checks have not been incorporated into the system, not just the number of regular factory water purifier manufacturers to craftsmanship, the pass rate of 70% is still "decent" data. This pass rate of less than seventy percent of the water industry reflects the problem: an emphasis on product quality, the user does not pay attention to the interests of the industry, what means continuing to win the trust of users, it may require the user to what will be included in household necessities [123? ]

   this suggests that water purification products manufacturing industry as a whole is not high, still have a long way to go, needTo further enhance the level of manufacturing and process; the entire current water purification industry is still in a growth stage and barbarian, not a lot of attention to product quality speculators still tyranny, industry reshuffle continues to be staged; the importance of product quality for enterprises lack of knowledge, for more consumer confidence is not high water purifier company and products.

   鈽?exist upstream parts of the water purifier market issues

   According to the International Institute data show that the blue nest: the first half of 2017, the entire water purifier market desalination membrane module shipments 25,450,000 branch, of which domestic sales accounted for 68%, exports accounted for 32%; overall home booster market shipments 10.89 million, of which 9.55 million in sales within the export volume of 1.34 million; overall shipments activated charcoal components the amount of 67 million. Compared with the third-party market data companys retail sales of water purifiers, water purification industry accessories put the amount much higher than the water purifier retail market data.

   from the upstream parts water purifier market sales point of view, the huge potential water purifier market. However, the upstream parts market there are also many problems: a large number of companies on the quality of raw materials upstream lack of supervision and inspection, and then feed directly on the assembly line, can not control the quality of the parts but can not guarantee the quality of the machine; in addition, production and consistency standardization is poor, many products do not filter model, serial number, manufacturer and other identification, especially when there is no reference to replace the filter. These companies only their own convenience, in total disregard of consumer safety.

   鈽?presence of water purifier manufacturers issue

   First, many manufacturers are aware of the water purifier water purifier to join the market prospects are broad, huge commercial space, are hoping to learn a piece, fishing a ticket, make a fortune. But no matter what national standards, product safety and interests of users, only their eyes can not make money, the number of goods sold. For industry and individuals, it is "unconscionable things."

   Second, a large number of water purifier manufacturers product quality consciousness, there is no corporate social responsibility and role. For a long time through fraud, flicker, speculation and other means, flicker market businesses and consumers, the lack of basic business ethics.

   Third, for a long time, domestic water purification industry there is an "unhealthy tendencies", many companies are looking forward to rely on "swindling" market operation, through a large number of "marketing meeting, exhibition marketing" Fudge business cooperation, through intimidation style,Type of fraud, flicker-style means to attract consumers to buy, even the situation, "Greshams Law" once appeared.

   through the current situation, we can see the "water purifier why the delay can not be completely detonated in the consumer market," the crux of the problem. We are not responsible for the market and users, the biggest crux of the water purifier business.

   The author is not water industry "experts", but after prolonged exposure to the industry, still found a lot of negative phenomena. For example, abuse, insult, slander other brands of behavior; homogenization of products vicious competition; have their own technology and brand enterprises have been violations; price competition and other acts seriously hurt the industrys benign and healthy development.

   I believe that the water purifier companies should sink in the heart come to think - to enhance the quality of the product, carry forward the "spirit of ingenuity", innovative, consumer spending to solve the problem ...... pain points companies should not only seek immediate interests, but we should pay attention to product quality and after-sales service, allows users of water purifier more of a trust, in order to make the industry healthy development.

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