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摘要:Once you use the water purifier do not change the filter? Author: Tim net water purification Views: 277 Published: 2018-11-6 16:27:51 unsafe tap water, bottled water do not fly, in recent years, household water purifiers began to enter Chin

  Once you use the water purifier "do not change the filter"? Author: Tim net water purification Views: 277 Published: 2018-11-6 16:27:51 unsafe tap water, bottled water do not fly, in recent years, household water purifiers began to enter Chinese families, more and more consumption favored. In Europe and other developed countries, home water purifier penetration rate is already very high, a better understanding of users of the products, while in China, the penetration rate is low water purifiers, water purification equipment, consumers do not know much of this new era, and now water purifier brand is barbaric growth through the golden period of development, market chaos are frequent, leading to Chinese families are often at a loss on the water purifier choice. Then, water purifier brands and products on the market an array, the user how to choose a water purifier just fly? Now, Xiao Bian give you tips to buy water purifiers under the explanation, we truly help to drink healthy water. First, find out the individual needs, choose the right product in the current home water purifier market, the mainstream water purification technology from ultrafiltration and RO reverse osmosis membrane two kinds. RO membrane and reverse osmosis membrane water purifier two kinds of different principles different? Purified on precision, accuracy ultrafiltration filter water purifier usually 0.01 m, and the reverse osmosis membrane RO filtration precision of up to 0.0001 microns , the difference is large. Different filtration accuracy out of different quality: RO reverse osmosis membrane filtration high precision, may remove a very small molecular contamination from water, the water output is almost "pure"; while water remains in the ultrafiltration Some of the beneficial minerals, water output almost "mineral water." Experts suggest that users can choose the right water filter according to local water quality and the actual needs of the individual. For example, in excessive heavy metals, water more rigid area may be selected reverse osmosis membrane water purification; water zone in the preferred area can be selected UF water purifier. And on the current overall market situation, RO reverse osmosis technology is the mainstream, most families select a reverse osmosis membrane water purifier. Second, the aim filter quality, to ensure the purification purifier principle is to filter water purifier strength, and filtration is accomplished through the filter, so the filter can be described as the heart and soul where water purifiers, either ultrafiltration membrane or RO water purifier reverse osmosis membrane water purifier, choose a good filter quality, high performance products is the last word. Third, keep their eyes open, do not believe that "never need to replace the filter" the water purifier filterAs a core component of the water purifier, its purification effect depends not only on the quality of the cartridge, but also whether the relevant filter be replaced. When consumers choose water purifier, do not believe that "life does not change the filter" products, long-term change the filter will not only affect the purification effect of the product is more likely to cause secondary pollution, bring health risks. When purchasing a water purifier, select user-friendly design of products, filter replace them simple, and many can be peace of mind. Fourth, choose between large brands, from worries Currently, many water purifier brands on the Chinese market, product quality is uneven, but the average consumer to professional and technical and difficult to fully understand and contrast, therefore, recommended to buy water purifier lock-renowned brand, can effectively avoid buying counterfeit, three non-product, and after-sales service guarantee.

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