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摘要:In recent years, water pollution is a growing problem, bring great distress to peoples health, but also urging hot water purifier market. Water purifier market is growing rapidly, stakeholders expect our household water purification equipme

   In recent years, water pollution is a growing problem, bring great distress to peoples health, but also urging hot water purifier market. Water purifier market is growing rapidly, stakeholders expect our household water purification equipment will be an annual 45% growth rate. Under the high-speed growth, the market was mixed, although the standard frequent, water purifier market is still not properly standardized, which makes water purifiers electric shock exists a lot of electricity supplier quality problems.


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Water appliances standard frequent market reaction pale purifier online shopping kept hidden (picture from the network)

   Water appliances standard frequent but little reaction [123 ]

   Since 2010, the market has grown rapidly, profits in this era of paper-thin, water appliances 40% -60% of the high profit margins to attract a lot of eyeballs. In order to further standardize the market, in April 2010, "Household and similar general requirements for drinking water treatment device" and "household and similar references in the core water treatment General requirements" issued two national standards. April 2011, my country has formally implemented the drink straight, household and similar uses ultrafiltration water purification machines, household and similar uses reverse osmosis water purifier three aquatic standards. In addition to the unified standard specifies the basic situation of these three products terminology, classification and model name, etc., but also for the first time on the quality of drinking straight water purifier and the requirements made specific provisions test methods, inspection rules.

   It stands to reason, water appliance standards continue to improve, the production license is also more stringent, the market should be calm, so that consumers can rest assured purchase. However, it is not. Shortly after the release on the new standard, there are people in the industry rebellion: "Although the technology unity, but in the quality of products but can not guarantee a unified reliability ...... Some companies produced films may not up to standard on water filtration, using a different film companies, although the same technology, but the quality of the final product is really different. "water appliances season this year flat sales, from the market point of view the implementation of these standards to consumers in a positive impact is not large. Bring new "hidden"

   a new way of selling

   In recent years, due to the development of the network, online shopping is becoming a way of life for young people, home network share also fire up. Statistics show that at present the country home appliances online mall has more than 1000. In 2010 Chinas online shopping market deal size reached 492.6 billion yuan, an increase of 98.4% in 2013 online shopping transaction size will exceed 2 trillion yuan. Where the home network share in 2010 full-year sales growth rate of 100 percent, nearly 800 billion yuan. In the field of traditional consumer electronics sales increasingly competitive situation, home appliances online shop is becoming a production company, under a sales channel of the blue ocean. In early 2011, formally launched Taobao electrical store, but also to open online sales of home appliances market.

   electricity supplier through a network of wind, water purifier also started online sales, and the effect is obvious, some businesses rely on online sales of water purifiers year will be able to get more than ten million profit. However, while Internet sales will not normative water appliances market also expanded several times, because the consumer can not see the physical commodity, therefore, a huge online shopping risks.

   in the brand, network channels "OEM" is serious. Insiders said that as the sale of "imported water purifier" lucrative, OEM enterprise to a few hundred dollars into the goods, then quickly became a few thousand dollars worth of "imported goods", there are even a few times a tenfold profit ; wearing a "foreign appearance", known as the "world famous"; carries "amulet", have legal status; attract large number of customers, no wonder the business people are enthusiastic. In recent years, both the so-called "responsible units in China" or the development of its dealer network, all of them have earned windfall profits, they are on the "import water purifier," the flood played a role in fueling.

   At the same time, in terms of water purifiers for filter element is the core product, the price difference difference is mainly reflected in the filter. Many water filter cartridge manufacturers tend to use a metal shell, the consumer is difficult to see the inside of the cartridge case. And some of the black heart of businesses, consumers often use lack of knowledge of other users to get used to deceive consumers filter, water purifiers to many users a huge security risk drinking.

   maintenance is also troubled by the problem of consumers, the focus of the first half of 2011 consumption of water appliances field complaints focused on the service above, consumers generally reflect the need to strengthen the brand after-sales service. Especially in terms of online shopping, product quality manufacturers of different qualifications vary widely criticized by the main reason for consumers.

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