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摘要:7 ministries issued appliance recycling, consumer program: carry out home rental business http: //www.js.hc360.com2020骞?at 11:28 on May 18 Source: A remarkable new T T HC purification Network in May 15, the national Development and Reform

  7 ministries issued appliance recycling, consumer program: carry out home rental business http: //www.js.hc360.com2020骞?at 11:28 on May 18 Source: A remarkable new T


   HC purification Network in May 15, the national Development and Reform Commission, Ministry of Industry, Ministry of Finance, Ministry of ecology environment, the Ministry of Housing, the Ministry of Commerce, market supervision bureau and other departments issued referred to "the implementation of programs for improving waste home appliances recycling system to promote home appliances to update consumption", with around 3 years time, to further improve the industry standards, policy system, basically built an orderly, smooth operation, coordinated and efficient waste home appliances recycling system.

   perfecting the recycling system, the city should set up a transit point for the transport of waste home appliances recycling; build Internet application services platform; support for large home appliances production, sales, recycling companies and business platform to carry out waste home appliances recycling. To promote the consumption of home appliances update, to carry out urban and rural consumer appliances TM to update activities; to guide consumers to be replaced over the useful life of the old security appliances; appliances explore new consumption patterns, carry out home rental business.

   support enterprise platform to carry out waste home appliances recycling

   In recent years, throughout all of the waste electrical and electronic products for planning. With the implementation of policies around the garbage, construction waste home appliances recycling system and waste separation, utilization and other policies and systems also need organic convergence.

   program shows that the use of the Internet information technology, building online and offline integration of urban functions and professional services combined, cities, streets, communities, families with used household appliances recycling through the network. City as a unit, enterprises as the mainstay, with garbage, bulky waste, etc., to optimize waste home appliances recycling network, set up Internet application service platform.

   cities to be a reasonable set of transport used household appliances recycling transfer station, in accordance with the appropriate facilities to give urban public infrastructure planning, land use and funding. Community support, organizational support for the property market entities to carry out safe use of reminders, home maintenance, recycling and other reservation services, and gradually push into the "smart city" service system.

   support large household appliance manufacturing, sales, recycling companies and business platform, using the delivery, installation, maintenance and other channels, the development of reverse logistics, carry out waste home appliances recycling. Promote domestic sorting, processing key technology and equipment research and development production and large-scale applications to encourage waste household appliances enterprises to increase technologyRenovation investment, technical upgrading and updating equipment, information technology capacity building to strengthen and improve the mechanization, automation and intelligence level.

   In addition, to strengthen supervision of discarded appliances, and promote the collection, storage, transport links, processing, and information management, can be found traceable. Of waste household appliances enterprises regularly carry out checks and inspection, investigation and punishment of illegal business processing, fraud cheat up, environmental standards and other acts.

   The Beijing News reporter noted that in recent years, many companies after incoming consumer electronics market. 58 city, walk around, busy fish and other comprehensive platform after the second-hand market services covered appliances, Suning, Gome, and after some manufacturers more and more attention to cultivating appliance market. 2018, Suning Tescos sale platform "Suning to help passengers" joint Internet business recovery "Hey recovery", ten million signing of a strategic agreement for electrical recycling after Beijing home appliance market.

   Previously, the United States to 105 million yuan strategic stake in TCL hatch is home A round of financing; Sichuan Changhong Group E also set up recycling network, focused on providing home appliances, mobile phones and other digital products safe and environmentally friendly recycling disposal services, recycling range of waste including TVs, air conditioners, computers and so on.

   strengthen the safe use of propaganda, carry out home rental business

   In recent years, the growth rate of decline in consumer appliances, a lot of business performance than ever before. Coupled with the impact of the epidemic, many household electrical appliance enterprises have encountered difficulties of revenue, now, to promote the consumption of home appliances updated more important.

   mentioned program, organized trade activities. Full play to the role of market mechanism to encourage home appliance production and sales enterprises and electronic business platform, etc., through the organization "to celebrate the anniversary of the" "Shopping Festival" and other activities as well as home appliances updates concessions, to carry out urban and rural household appliances TM to update consumer activities in support of the industry Association play an active role in the organization, the government provides the necessary platform for docking services.

   In recent years, many domestic appliances unit price category also fell, color TV, air conditioning and other categories of frequent price wars. Recently, many household electrical appliance enterprises keep up with trends, participate live with goods, coupled with the introduction of dual goods online shopping festival, domestic appliances unit price in the low overall product category. The major electricity supplier platform is also actively involved none other consumer appliances.

   program shows that encourage enterprises to accelerate product innovation and iteration, optimize product function models, carry out customization services, improve the level of supply appliances. Guide consumers to speed up the upgrading of consumer appliances, use the network, intelligent, greenColor products, where conditions permit can be for consumers to purchase energy-saving appliances appropriate subsidies. According to the rule of law, market-oriented principles, the development of second-hand goods transactions. And guide consumers to use and update appliances, timely elimination of high energy consumption, poor security appliances in accordance with the safe life.

   Currently, smart appliances, smart home in the ascendant, has become the trend of the industry, household electrical appliance enterprises have also Internet and technology companies in artificial intelligence, voice recognition, control systems and other aspects of cooperation interoperability, intelligent TV, the social trend of strengthening, air conditioning, refrigerator, washing products more environmentally friendly. Customization and other high-end consumer appliances have begun to appear.

   program to encourage home appliance manufacturers and electronic business platform, real estate, rental and other enterprises to strengthen cooperation for the new graduate students, workers and other consumer groups, as well as staff temporary housing large business needs to carry out its consumer characteristics and consumption capacity in line with appliance rental business, and create a new industry appliance rental favorable environment for development, to better meet the housing needs of the consumer to upgrade the rental staff.

   The Beijing News reporter noted, as previously shared economic and other popular, many companies launch 3C digital products leasing business. Some appliance leasing platform provides rental home appliance products, the tenant needs to pay 70% of commodity price as a deposit, select the one-year, three-year, five-year maturities ranging such as lease time, if it is a few months short-term lease rent will be relatively higher. Some platforms also launched a similar "rents purchasing" full rent after a few years, the product as a consumer to buy.


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