To solve the problem of unsafdrinking water 3755 million peo

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摘要:13 am, Hunan Province, to meet the party nineteenth great seventeenth news conference held in Changsha, the provincial Water Resources Department, party secretary, director Zhanxiao An introduction eighteen achievements in development of wa

   13 am, Hunan Province, to meet the party nineteenth great seventeenth news conference held in Changsha, the provincial Water Resources Department, party secretary, director Zhanxiao An introduction eighteen achievements in development of water reform since the Great Hunan Party and answer a reporters question.

   the past five years, the province flood control, water supply, water security capabilities significantly enhanced to provide a strong guarantee for the stable and rapid development of the provinces economic and social benefit more than the masses, to benefit a wide range. Xiangjiang protection and management of successful experience to the "four rivers and one lake" to expand, initially established at the provincial, city and county rural five long river system; a total investment of Water Resources completed a total of 117.6 billion yuan in five years, high investment in innovation; a total of five years invest 12.9 billion yuan to solve the problem of unsafe drinking water in rural population 25.2 million ......

   reported that this is the last meet of Hunan Province Party nineteenth series press conference.

   protect the safety of

   to enhance the provinces disaster prevention and mitigation

   the past five years, the construction of water conservancy facilities in Hunan full speed, a large number of flood control, water supply, irrigation, ecological projects have been completed and put into use, the provinces water conservancy continuously strengthened their foundation, disaster prevention and mitigation growing. In terms of major water conservancy projects, there have been a number of key properties, controlling water conservancy projects have started construction, which included 172 countries, there are 13 major water conservancy project library. Among them, Cen Tianhe reservoir expansion project, officially started in November 2013, by the end of 2016 has been impoundment, ending the history of the Xiangjiang River no backbone control projects become further management and protection of the Xiangjiang River leading engineering, this is a watershed flood control , regional economic development and lay a solid foundation.

   in the governance of the Four Rivers in the province continue to focus on the Xiang, Zi, Yuan Li River tributaries dike construction, promote 23 major tributaries, 330 medium and small rivers and 35 urban flood control project, the completion of major tributary of the project 277, 274 medium and small rivers project, reinforcement of dangerous reservoirs 8174, the four rivers in flood control capacity is greatly improved.

   improve peoples livelihood

   million people in 3755 to solve the problem of drinking water

   this year, Hunan Water Department has always been closely linked to peoples needs, to enhance the security level of urban and rural water supply.

   Zhanxiao An introduction, five years, invested a total of 12.9 billion yuan to build various types of 947 rural water supply project5, solve the problem of unsafe drinking water for 25.2 million rural population, is 1.97 times the previous five years, the province has had solved the problem of unsafe drinking water 3755 million people, the rural water supply coverage increased from 43 percent in 2012 to 2016 76.6% Year.

   At the same time, Daxing farmland water conservancy construction. Invest 10.2 billion yuan to complete the 156 small farmers water key counties (counties), 328 repair and maintenance projects, water-saving transformation of large-scale irrigation at 20, 44 medium-sized irrigation area, renovation of large irrigation and drainage pumping station at 27, the fifth consecutive year of implementation. " five small water conservancy "building initiatives, new and rehabilitation of irrigation area of 鈥嬧€?04 acres, 689 acres of improved irrigation area, irrigation water utilization coefficient increased from 0.472 to 2016 2012 0.505 years, the annual production capacity of 433 million kilograms of grain.

   improve the ecological

   Xiangjiang river cleaner, greener on both sides

   "adhere to the Guanghui is the gold and silver mines philosophy." Zhanxiao An said that this year, I provincial and actively practice the concept of ecology, ecological flood control throughout the whole process of water conservancy work, "four rivers and one lake" continued to improve the ecological environment, water conservancy ecological province continues to consolidate.

   According to reports, the province strengthen the red line of water resources constraints. The establishment of provincial, municipal and county levels of water resources management "three red lines" index system control, quota management, water management functional areas, the sewage outfall management, water efficiency significantly improved the provinces strict water quality continued to improve water basin. Province yuan GDP water consumption decreased from 204 cubic meters "Eleventh Five-Year" at the end of the current 123 cubic meters.

   At the same time, vigorously promote the "One key projects." Zhanxiao An introduction, the province continued to advance through the protection and management of Xiangjiang River, Xiangjiang River ecological quality steadily improved, water quality continued to improve. It is understood that todays mother river - the Xiangjiang River, the water clearer, 2016, river basin water quality compliance rate of functional areas 93%; the river is more smooth, dry tributaries to promote the construction of dikes, 130 medium and small rivers governance, sand mining basin boat reduced from 1049-672, enhance the capacity of the river navigable; both sides greener, control soil erosion area of 鈥嬧€?55 square kilometers, re-green the mine more than 1500 hectares, the new afforestation area of 鈥嬧€?39.5 hectares, the forest coverage rate reached 54.5%, wetlands protection rate increased to 69.24%.

   It is understood that the provinceSpeed 鈥嬧€媢p the completion of a number of high standards and quality of water ecological engineering, visible in Changsha, Changde, Chenzhou City, "mountains, water, people, city" Blending the moving scene everywhere, so that the public "see the mountain, look too see the water, remember nostalgia "has gradually become a reality.

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