Water purifier store sales foustrategies to improve pformanc

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摘要:Mid-September and October passed promotional and other holidays, bis coming promote XI. Wave after wave of influx of water purifier sales followed, but in such intensive promotional tide, water purification agents or some emotion not sell t

   Mid-September and October passed promotional and other holidays, bis coming promote XI. Wave after wave of influx of water purifier sales followed, but in such intensive promotional tide, water purification agents or some emotion not sell their products. The reason for this situation, in large part because promotions are not, in fact, store promotions are needed wisdom, not simply discount the price will be able to improve performance.




water purifier store sales four strategies to improve performance

   by a small series of major water purifier brand promotions survey found that promotional homogeneous It is one of the most serious problems led to promotion to become tasteless. Sweepstakes, special offers and buy gifts store today are three main forms of promotion, often a lot of sales staff regard the focus on the content and form of innovation activity, but ignored what to do promotional ultimate goal in the end yes. Water purifiers to do promotions, only purposeful, the next promotional work to be orderly, but also have the effect of reference. Here the author summarizes the basic steps of promotional activities:

   First, notice the customer activities and the time

   promotions, discount programs after 15-20 days to determine the best sustained propaganda, let pre-solicitation of customers fully understand Offers hand shop to see understand product performance, centralized transaction after waiting time is turned on. Customers in determining the purchase before the heart is a more decision-making process, the dealer can only accelerate this process but can not save a step which, in the early events to allow customers to fully comparable, so that when the day of the event will be faster turnover.


   must convene activities open to all personnel involved in the promotion of communication will be held on the activities of offers and detailed product shopping guide caliber and training on a clear division of labor and personnel. To simulate the customer site consultation exercise. In addition the store to create a strong atmosphere of activities, of special water purification products directly marked with a price explosion stickers, and post offers and events prompt card limit buy time in the store, allowing customers into the store, it is integrated into the activities of atmosphere, to speed up turnover of rhythm.

   Second, the extension of the customer in-store through the activities of stay

   Is there some promotional activities to attract customers longer time the store stay in it? Almost no one store through promotional activities to do this ,throughDealer who is more to extend the stay of customers through the store product display, store atmosphere and shopping guide service. If by promotional activities to attract customers stay in the shop, then such promotions are also great activities like product experience.

   water purifier dealers want customers to extend their stay in the store, customers can add some experiential activities in the shop, such as customers personally do filtration experiments, chlorine experiment, PH experiment. A customer in the experiment, it will be next to other visitors come to visit, etc. A customer this done, perhaps the next customer and cook. In this way the customers trust arises.

   Third, manufacturing customers to buy a sense of urgency led to turnover

   promotion time not too long, according to statistics, the flow of people into the store on weekends mainly in the afternoon 14: 00-17: 30, time set short conducive to a sense of urgency to stay focused on the customer in the store giving customers one kind of strong sales, making it easier to facilitate transactions. If the activity time is set too long customers sparse over, each customer when stores are only one or two or no customers would be difficult to form a strong sales atmosphere. When more than one store customer, the customer will be a kind of sense of urgency, coupled with the Purchasing Guide, but the reception scene. Do not give too much advice and customer thinking too much time with the description of its activities after a strike while preferential facilitate transactions, customers think the more difficult it otherwise, the following list.

   Fourth, how to allow customers to buy more

   want to allow customers to buy more, we must do water purifier store sales when customers do not necessarily have to buy the product to the largest profit sharing rate, but none other related products must be large enough. For example, if a customer to buy a water purifier, then the customers to buy can give substantial discounts or sent directly to none other pre-filter on the pre-filter; if the brand is a joint venture mode to do activities, then a single the product is not the biggest profit sharing rate, the greater the more the product portfolio sets the profit sharing rate, the only way to ensure that customers buy the more portfolio in this league, the more do not want to turn to other brands, because the more to the back activity greater efforts.

   In addition to dealers outside of none other efforts to control the activities of, how to guide customers to consume high-end or high-priced products, a skill also store promotions. Most promotional activities directed at customers to buy is to buy cheap, low-consumption people canThe same group also understand the truth of what you pay for. So do guide customers to experience high-end products, is a high-price marketing approach to customers, such as free use of high-end products, to send payments and to buy high-end products related products, value-added services are a good way to send.

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