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摘要:Everything is in flux, water purifier is no exception. Ten years ago, 99.9% of people do not know why the domestic water purifier matter, but do not know the family needs daily water purification, then, home mainly to drink tap water, enter

   Everything is in flux, water purifier is no exception. Ten years ago, 99.9% of people do not know why the domestic water purifier matter, but do not know the family needs daily water purification, then, home mainly to drink tap water, enterprises and institutions is the choice of drinking fountains and more bottled water, bottled water is just as similar thirst-quenching beverage products sold in the market. Water purifier has only just began to sprout in the country.

   early in most of the domestic water purifier manufacturers are relatively small, especially in Jiangsu and Zhejiang provinces more simple water purifier and accessories manufacturers, known as the workshop-style production. But for ordinary people speaking, who could not speak to what is water purifier, water purifier not know what brand, just in the industry, ultrafiltration water purifier based. Reverse osmosis-based water purifier at that time very few, it may be limited to the supply and technical reasons, reverse osmosis membranes, higher costs, slower to enter it. It can be said, then, of enlightening people, so that people know to understand water purifier, foster market is the focus of the entire water industry, water purification itself as to the performance and the role of industry professionals are not concerned, therefore, at that time, not material qualified, filter bottle burst, damaged parts, filters and other things water quality failure is a common occurrence. At the same time, in the bottled water market, a huge impact on the drinking water market "debate" is about to erupt.

   After several years of development, the domestic water purifier manufacturers to do more and more, but the lack of independent R & D team and core technology in general, basically the main assembly, domestic water purifier market is gradually differentiated into two factions, that is based in Guangdong faction ultrafiltration and reverse osmosis-based Zhejiang faction, factions Features obvious: ultrafiltration Guangdong-based faction is the production of stainless steel water purifiers, water flow, water treatment micron accuracy of one percent, claimed that only purified water retaining the beneficial minerals in the water, the first choice for home water purification, as well as with the support of a large central water purifier, whole house water purification, formed a relatively complete water purification products. The reverse osmosis-based faction Zhejiang mainly produces plastic material of pure water, low water flow, a higher proportion of waste water, water treatment millionth of a micron precision, claiming that the United States is used in aerospace technology, high filtration precision, water pure, you can drink straight.

   Thus, in order to compete for customers, the two factions continue to jointly educate the public on the one hand, inform water pollution, water purification needs, on the one hand to attack each other with each other to ultrafiltration-based filtering vendors attackReverse osmosis based filtration of pure water manufacturers of water and nutrients to all filtered out of the body is not good, made small amount of water, too much waste. Reverse osmosis filtration-based manufacturer mainly UF filtration to attack the manufacturers of low precision water purifier filter can not completely remove the harmful substances in water, not drinking directly, and so on.

   At that time, in the bottled water market, the bottled water giants are attacking each other to this end, to Nongfu Spring declared no longer produce pure water as pure water and mineral water dispute triggered on wire, put a few domestic large home bottled water manufacturer Wahaha, Master Kong, Yi Bao, Robust, etc. all led into the room. For a time, a "water" ripple, between businesses, academics, standards development committees, legal experts, etc., have been active or passive involvement, but in the end there is no clear qualitative, which reflects the purification of drinking water Chinas development status.

   before 2007, domestic water purifier manufacturers are dazed, water purification agents are also at a loss, because they still can not break a concept, namely: clean water is clean water, pure water is pure water, water purification and water blending hard in the market is the two armies confront each other, each others enemies, so that two separate clean water and pure water, slander attack each other, a serious impediment to the development of the entire water purification industry. Before that, the production of ultrafiltration machines do not do reverse osmosis water, reverse osmosis water production is not the production of ultrafiltration machine. After

   in 2007, it all began to change, because the experts what kind of water can not be qualitatively good bad water, all the good and bad are all preconditions. Therefore, in this case, water purifier filtration technology has been a certain degree of popularity, coupled with the continuous emergence of serious water pollution incidents and reports of cancer villages, so that ordinary people are beginning to realize the seriousness of water pollution, water quality purification concerns have become more sophisticated, the market has entered a new stage of education, promotion and marketing of the manufacturers shift the focus of the product of filtration technology, filter effects, and a variety of presentation methods, pre- and post-filter and so endless. Various manufacturers of quality products began to ascend into a stable stage of development.



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   with the change of peoples attitudes and consumption levels increase, water purification market, sustainable development, water purification factory more and more, in addition to the existing water purification factory to cultivateNew entrants split off, never to see the business opportunities related to the field of new entrants, some of the traditional bottled water production plant and some traditional large appliance manufacturers have also begun to exert field of water purification, Angel, Midea, Haier, Gree, nine Yang, etc. have launched their own brand of water purifier, and even some traditional black manufacturers have come a share, such as Konka, Changhong and so on, the more the solar industry into the strong sun rain water industry, water purification products entered into a new stage of comprehensive competition.

   ideal is full, the reality is very skinny. Although the water industry after ten years of development, according to incomplete statistics, large and small manufacturers have three or four thousand, water purifier market also continued to grow, but the market penetration but it has not improved significantly, according to Chinas water network statistics , Chinese water purifier penetration rate is currently less than 5%, that is to say 10 years later, the user water purification products for the entire market, is still very little, in fact, during which countless water purifier manufacturers to enter and die, brilliant and bleak. Especially in the absence of sufficient effective market development, a number of competitors, single-sales model, product homogeneity serious conditions, channel and competitive prices, and rising labor costs and raw material prices, let the current water industry practitioners have a species close suffocation, confused and helpless feeling. In the supply-side reforms, Internet + new situation, under conditions of rapid growth of big data, cloud computing, sensors, networking and other series of new technologies, lower water purification products in social transformation, product transition, the transition of the new normal consumption the heading, it is a problem facing all water purifiers and practitioners must consider.

   in 2017 in the country known as "the first year of Things", its application has been deep into all aspects of peoples lives, such as bike sharing, car sharing, sharing an umbrella, VR / AR glasses, new retail stores, cashless payment, etc., held in 2017 (seventh) at the annual meeting of Chinas Internet industry, China information industry net chairman said:. "Internet media is originally brought innovation, the achievements of the new media era and later into the Internet increasingly in the consumer sector, the achievements of the era of consumer-based applications and the Internet. now, with big data, cloud computing, networking and further development of mobile Internet, the Internet industry began to enter the Internet era, the wisdom of the ages is coming. the most wisdom of the ages the important point is to solve the problem connected, therefore, with the advance of age of wisdom, the networking industry has great development, 2017 will be the real things togetherNet first year. "

   In water purification products industry, at present most of the manufacturers or agents is limited by the" innovators dilemma ", still struggling hovering in the traditional water purification products and sales model, but the technology never stop, innovators have been in the subversion of the traditional product and market rules, establish their own era now, innovation is taking place, things intelligent water purifier has come

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