New urbanization accelerate the wer purificion industry new

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摘要:2017 Since opening, the term new urbanization continued into public view. From the beginning organized the Forum on Chinas new urbanization, March Government Work Report made by Prime Minister Li Keqiang, as well as the recent introduction

   2017 Since opening, the term "new urbanization" continued into public view. From the beginning organized the "Forum on Chinas new urbanization," March "Government Work Report" made by Prime Minister Li Keqiang, as well as the recent introduction of the new district planning male security, "new town" is constantly reiterated, stressed that the country has become one of 2017 priorities. It is reported that new urbanization stressed people-oriented, in which employment is an important part. Some observers said that if the new urbanization urban population to ensure successful employment, income and economic growth and basic synchronization, can effectively stimulate market demand and promote Chinese economy to move forward.


   and for the rapid growth rate in recent years has always been the protection of the water industry, the more will be leveraging my countrys new urbanization to achieve a new leap forward. Research shows that one hundred billion water industry to achieve scale in just seven years, the growth rate far exceeds the refrigerator, washing machine and other household appliances, now, how to use the new wave of urbanization construction, industry, a new round of take-off, has become many enterprises are facing new issues of clean water.

   product innovation, continuous output quality products

   is the product of the first manufacturers of water purification Road facade, accurately grasp the trend of consumption, so that consumers can look for "window dressing" to inspire more demand. Both in the first and second tier cities and rural markets, with the upgrading of living standards and consumption become the main force of 80,90 Relay, young, personality, intelligence has become the hottest current consumer trends. Therefore, water companies must expand the innovation of technology, products and so on around the younger consumer demand.

   In terms of innovation, China water purification leader - Patio described as fast. Patio relevant person in charge, thanks to nineteen years of innovation and insistence on whether to introduce new technology or product, Patio can be handy. It is understood, Patio in the technical field of intelligent products, ultrafiltration, reverse osmosis, large flux, have already made a lot of money results, double double membrane water, modular filter, such as all-inclusive design is quite brisk, in line with the tastes of the younger generation. Related product on the market, immediately favorable for consumers.

   water purification products still have considerable market potential, innovation is essential for younger consumers tend to water purification products. The Patio based on consumer demand, adhere to innovation, to ensure product quality, product and continue to give new vitality to gain recognition of successful marketIt is worth the Friends of reference.



   Service embodied, accurately hit the user pain point

   having a water purifier "Three products, seven service" in nature, to a certain extent service even more importance to the product itself. At this point, water purifiers and air conditioning slight similarities, namely the need for professionals on-site installation, otherwise the product is placed at home piece of scrap metal. Although the market there have been a number of water purification products user-installable, but due to non-standardized, non-professional operation often leads to water leakage and other issues affecting subsequent use. Therefore, the installation remains complete professional home.

   at a lower degree of urbanization of the area, on-site installation is not difficult, but in the follow-up services, very few manufacturers timely follow-up. Water purifier is not "a loaded Yong Yi", filter replacement, if not timely maintenance of the body, water purifier will also become "water is." The new urbanization process, the factors that improve infrastructure, economic development and promoting water purifier manufacturers settled the point of service, thereby improving the service conditions of water purification products.

   According to insiders Patio, Patio in time to capture new urbanization advance signal sent, are now actively promoting the construction work of after-sales service network of the line, to create high-efficiency, high level of service team, and so that services provided by the concrete work, has achieved encouraging results.

   Also worth mentioning is the Patio CSM also established a standard of customer management systems, to detailed records of user information; complete call center, customer service team of over 100 people 365 days year-round, reply or answer user consultation. In the current situation there is no better way to solve the problem of after-sales service, to do the service manual is in brand communication, and create efficiency.



   diversify, taking the low-level consumer market

   water industry has a remarkable feature that can be achieved home building materials, kitchen market, the traditional 3C, local department stores, supermarket chains, and other electronic business platform covering almost all channels, can achieve direct sales, it will sell, community promotion, network, and other products free of charge to seize the end almost all the way marketing. Further promote the new urbanization, the construction of the channel the water industry and marketing significance.

   to promote the new urbanization, can effectively promote rural roads, logistics, network and other infrastructureFacilities, regardless of sales channels, what kind of marketing, you can reach the consumer side. The water purifier manufacturers need to do that, according to its own brand positioning, select the appropriate channel and marketing. For the water industry, this will be an excellent opportunity to attack the following four-tier cities market.

   "Patio believes that consumers in all regions should enjoy the benefits brought about by the development, but also economic survival, safety and health is." Patio relevant leaders expressed to promote the new urbanization in the country and the people are all beneficial rather than harmful, especially for the water industry. Take the new town east wind, water industry will be able to achieve a new round of take-off.

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