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摘要:Water purifier knowledge: home water purifier is also divided into four categories this publishing site: www.watersz.com Published: 2018-11-23 To be honest, now the water quality is getting worse, and I said this sentence the reason is not

  Water purifier knowledge: home water purifier is also divided into four categories this publishing site: www.watersz.com Published: 2018-11-23 To be honest, now the water quality is getting worse, and I said this sentence the reason is not to blame if the water plant is not as, in fact, sometimes can not blame them. Deterioration of water quality reasons are many, first of all fundamentally, is to take water tap water is polluted, and the water plant is difficult to have the contaminated water thoroughly clean; secondly water pipe in so many years of water transport the process, already aging rust, rust inside the water and impurities to cause secondary pollution; and finally some cells lack in the management of the intensity of the secondary water supply tank, some of the leaves also caused to small animals to the water in the pool three pollution. let people drink healthy, hygienic water, this is a great project, changing the water plant alone, really hard. So, more people will be more willing to choose in their own homes installed water purifiers, water purification to send over again before use. For water purifier, a lot of people only know that it has a water purification function. The type of water purifier, most people know more than just the kitchen that net tap. In fact, household "water purifier" is divided into four categories, if not listen to insiders introduction, I really do not know! 1, the pre-filter of this class is the most simple water purifier, a minimal effect type water purification device, it plainly, it is just one filter. In general, this thing installed on water mains tap water front home, it can only be a rough filter out impurities in tap water inside the large particles and rust, can not achieve a high standard of water purification requirements. Although it useless, but it is also better than nothing, if where you live, tap water and impurities precipitated more, then, install a pre-filter is necessary. Moreover, after water pre-filter, the impact on other water purification equipment will be relatively small, and so was disguised increase the life of the rest of the water purifier! 2, terminal-based purification of this type of water purifier most widely usage, many families are filled with such water purifier. Family fitted with this type of water purifier, basically filtered out of the water can be drunk directly, and it is all water purifier category, the highest degree of purification of a class of water purifiers. Typically, such water purifiers are installed in the kitchen, there is a previously mentioned, specifically the pure water faucet, water flowing out from that which isAfter filtration of the water. Such water purifier mainly comprises four parts, they are filter, are PP cotton, carbon rod, the RO membranes, activated carbon. The four filter can filter impurities in tap water, chlorine, bacteria, viruses, and heavy metals is a drinking-water standard of pure water! 3, water-side water purifier water purifier like this is a very simple filter on the faucet tops, it has a certain filtering capabilities, but the results may not be so significant, the role is not so big. But some of the better brands, this water-side water purifier is still very good. However, if your home tap water is released directly to the sediment, then install the water purifier is also not much use. However, water quality in general families, and put on this, not only economic but also filter impurities, or very practical. 4, whole house water purification water purifiers like this is actually the above three kinds of water purifiers do a consolidation, but also pay more behind the water purifier filter layer of a few, to ensure that tap water after it is clean and sanitary . And this water purifiers, water to ensure a place in any home use will not have a scale, it can extend the life of a good home water appliances. Water purifier purifying effect of this is not to say, but very few people buy, mainly because its too expensive, but an accident maintenance is too much trouble. So in the choice of whole house water purification class, to choose the right sale, or have in the future you by! After listening to the insiders introduction, I became aware of a small water purifier there are so many, it seems that I am ignorant! How about the city we live in water? Where you used to use water purifiers do? Faced with this environment, water resources now, I feel install a water purifier at home, to ensure water security of his family, it is still very necessary.

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