Water purifier brand how to buy, read thiso know

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摘要:With the increasingly serious water pollution problems, as well as the improvement of peoples living standards, we have realized the importance of household water purifiers, and are very willing to install a home water purifier, comprehensi


With the increasingly serious water pollution problems, as well as the improvement of peoples living standards, we have realized the importance of household water purifiers, and are very willing to install a home water purifier, comprehensive care of family health drinking water However, we in the purchase, the face of thousands of brand, I really do not know what brand water purifier, then the following small series just take a look at when buying a water purifier, we will encounter What are the difficulties.



The first difficulty: confused in the end for the kind of home water purifier


Now the water purifier market propaganda have said:? Activation water, energy water, alkaline water, mineralized water, small molecules such as water, water purifier feel more magical, yet in the end for what kind of home water purifier it? most consumers still vacantly gooey.


of said currently used mainly in home water purifier ultrafiltration, pure water and soft water, the former two of these three machines is able to play a very good filtering effect; the main soft water solve hard water areas, can not play a filtering effect, the Korean music class water purifier product quality, improve after-sales service, access to the water purification industry wide acclaim. True gold fears fire, water purifiers to join the majority of investors can be field trips to the factory, a factory test the strength of true and false. Han Yue current product line includes: household water, kitchen water purifier, pipeline machines, straight energy drink machines, whole house water purifier, central water purifier, commercial water, water fountain, water softeners, vending water, tap water purifiers, air purifiers. Korean music is a water purifier water purifier industry was QES management system certification enterprises.


The second difficulty:? What kind of product is qualified it


in purchasing products, said this himself NSF certification, the house said he was water purifier top ten brands, what is best in the world, Chinas top ten best ......, regional and everyone backing is not small, I really do not know what the product is qualified, is quality-assured.



Han Yue water purifier is one of the State Ministry of Health approved, and specializes in water purifier and air purifier product development, production, sales and service of high-tech enterprises . The company quality management system in accordance with international standards of planning and construction, planning a total area of 鈥嬧€媜ver 100 square meters, in the testing center is equipped with various types of equipment more than 200 sets, Including the test bench, leak tightness, water quality testing, and other detection equipment. "With years of focused and adhere to technology accumulation, Shenzhen Han Yue advanced quality inspection center has become a management system, a comprehensive testing business, with a considerable number of modern testing laboratory equipment and professional personnel, to be completed product performance research, new product development, regular testing, effectively promoted the development of new products upgrade, quality guarantee stability.


the third difficulty : What is the price of a good selection


the price of water purification products on the market from several hundred to several million, a large gap between the market are generally more expensive imported brands, domestic brands are generally much cheaper price, the majors?. price to buy imported brands it took the general price to buy domestic brands, the consumer is a headache.


Han Yue water purifier response "Shenzhen East strategy" enterprise is leaps and bounds, and has invested heavily in R & D, we have developed a " sharing water "," water machine aristocracy "," leading clean water "and nearly 20 types of new products suitable for Chinas water quality water purification products


the fourth problem: water purifier filter life in the end how about?



filter is the main component of the water purifier, and also determines the cost of follow-up, some businesses in order to improve their selling point, free to extend the life of the filter and even promote their permanent disorderly filter replacement, really so?


Do not listen to such publicity for the brand consumers too, because when the filter needs to be replaced without replacing, might make at home . the water purifier is turned into dirty water, according to industry experts, the water purifier cartridge replacement is required, and its lifetime is mainly determined by two factors: First, the water quality; second, the familys water consumption .

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