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摘要:Some appliance manufacturers is destined to end in failure in transition http: //www.js.hc360.com2020骞?at 09:20 on May 22 Source: Circle of appliances: Week Jane T T HC purification network transformation for appliance manufacturers to ch

  Some appliance manufacturers is destined to end in failure in transition http: //www.js.hc360.com2020骞?at 09:20 on May 22 Source: Circle of appliances: Week Jane T


   HC purification network transformation for appliance manufacturers to choose that is not difficult. The hardest is, in the transition process, manufacturers are faced with the collision of old and new ideas, conflicts old and new games are played, "retreat into the three," the situation is prone, will ultimately end in failure.

   the past two years, some of the authors friends in the township dealers, also embrace Jingdong, Lynx and other electronic business platform, become their franchisee in the local town market, some dealers on track to harvest size and profits ; but some dealers are constantly complaining, accusing electronic business platform exploitation and oppression, burning bridges.

   The situation is not the case. After the circle of communication appliances found, and some township dealers "naively" believed that as long as the electronic business platform to become franchisees, they embark on a new track "increase in volume and profit up". But ignored, even become Jingdong, Lynx franchisees, and ultimately rely on their own ship terminal differentiation marketing, promotional detonate ability. Think Jingdong, Lynx and other electronic business platform as its own stores drainage, in fact very difficult.

   Todays China market for all manufacturers of home appliances, has long been no opportunity to point in the past that can "earn lie lying win". There is the face of their own in which the market and the environment, actively looking for new business opportunities, seize every user communication, a field of promotional shipments. Or rely on the past 10 years, 20 years, the kind of "good products, good platform, faster marketing, promotion and more" in order to achieve reliable shipping.

   Right now, transformational change, for the Chinese market, many appliance manufacturers, not new, nor difficult. In fact, home appliances circle noted that the current number of appliance manufacturers transformation of the road has been gone for 10 years, but has not yet made a breakthrough, nor into the "increase in volume and profits up," the new track. The core reason is that execution is a problem.

   In this regard, there are household electrical appliance enterprises complain and explain, "We have completed the transition in front of 99% of the preparation and accumulation, though has gone through a lot of detours, but just wait one percent of detonation, so have to wait first-class. " However, home appliances circle seems that some appliance manufacturers, the outcome is bound to be transformational change and so do not come, the outcome is certainly failed to farce ended.

   CausesNot complicated. That is, the transformation of a large number of traditional consumer electronics vendors, is not a failure as a prerequisite to no risk for the border, looking to a new growth engine and track development as the goal; the face of some of the Internet was born in the next wave of change era business, new retail businesses, and new entrepreneurs to challenge the leading authority collapsed as a prerequisite to the development of risk control at the border into the fastest, to explore new markets play business model as the goal.

   fear of failure of people, often the most likely to harvest failure; people without fear of failure, is often harvested growth and transformation in failure. Let appliances circle the most profound memories, the same two types of electricity providers face this new thing, many of the traditional household electrical appliance enterprises prevailing attitude is: look, think, assess the risks, if there is no risk, you can try a. Even if nothing was wrong too. Because the main force is still online platform electricity supplier, and the line store;

   new army for the industry, the electricity supplier must be considered second-class a chance to change lanes to overtake because of the high threshold of platform-type electric provider, drainage huge cost, but "Pareto effect" obviously, is the Red Sea market turmoil; likewise, not to mention the line of stores, large companies have withdrawn in chain stores and other channels KA, a sea of 鈥嬧€媌lood and flame. For the two types of risk that may exist in the electricity business, of course not matter, as long as risk control, and can be incorporated into the cost then you can "throw off the arm" Come dry.

   told a circle of home appliances in the home appliance industry did 20 years of business, "the face of these young opponents, many times I was in a trance, in the end is the era abandoned us, or do we stay away era." The awkward reality is that sellers in the last year vibrato platform, but also to enjoy the dividends of vibrato platforms, such as input-output ratio can reach 1: 2 or even 1: 4. Now, this platform dividend vibrato are gone, input-output ratio becomes 1: 0.8, even in the future will be 1: 0.5. Changes

   market environment has far exceeded the response capacity of many appliance manufacturers and cognitive systems. For example, many appliance business marketing plan or an annual basis, a quarterly assessment. The platform electricity suppliers marketing plan is based on quarterly basis, a monthly for the assessment; but second-class power business marketing plan is based on monthly units in days for assessment. Because, a lot of changes in the consumer market, often in hours, minutes, can be said to be fast changing.

   In this case, the conventional homeElectric companies, is not a lack of capacity, is limited, the team not to force, but from top to bottom, from development to marketing, service, thinking the whole team has been relatively solid. The so-called "welcome change" determination, courage there, but in the implementation process, and often appeared aliasing distortion: because too many need to balance the interests of all parties, the trade-off too care about the moment regarding.


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